Sword Coast Legends Prepares for Maintenance Mode

A combined tweet and forum posting has announced an impending Sword Coast Legends maintenance mode date as the multiplayer pen-and-paper-like RPG has run its course with its publisher. As a result, the game will also be offering a deep discount for those who are yet to buy in.

sword coast legends maintenance mode

From now until the end of the month, Sword Coast Legends will be on sale at different discounted rates depending on where you purchase from, including 67% off on Steam and 75% off at GameStop. Purchase of the game will also include the Rage of Demons DLC for free.

According to the official site which advertises the 67% discount, that brings the cost of a standard copy down to $4.95, a digital deluxe edition to $6.60, and the digital deluxe campaign edition with five copies of the game to $21.10.

According to the game’s Twitter, Sword Coast Legends’ servers will remain online “for the forseeable future”, granting players the ability to play online with each other in the RPG. After December 31st, the game will no longer be available to purchase.

Full details along with specifics on discounts and what retailers are offering them are on the Sword Coast Legends forums.

Our Thoughts

Our best wishes go out to the developers who have been affected by the decision to halt the publishing of Sword Coast Legends. There aren’t a lot of games like this one out there in the multiplayer space and hopefully this final sale will bring at least one final push of renewed interest to the title.

Source: Twitter

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