Discover Slavic Folklore with Upcoming Card-Based RPG Black Book

A dark and grisly new card-based RPG from Russian game developers Morteshka is soon to arrive via Kickstarter and Steam on 5th May 2020. It is a story of Slavic folklore depicted in a hauntingly beautiful hand-drawn style by a team who grew up with such tales. This darkly mystical adventure challenges the player, lovelorn protagonist Vasilisa, to uncover the seven seals of the demonic Black Book. 

Through strategic deck-building and turn-based combat, specific card combinations will unleash unique and devastating spells in a world inhabited by demons, elementals, giant wolves and talking pets. Multiple layers will influence the outcomes of your battles: your own strategy, companion characters, and demon recruits, whose purported ‘assistance’ may belie more sinister intentions. Utilise your powers of persuasion to enlist them, but proceed with caution.

Fantasy fans familiar with such titles as The Witcher should find solace in Black Book’s evocative and immersive narrative complete with side-quests, riddles, and an in-game encyclopedia of Russian lore, written with the help of expert anthropologists. 

Should you wish to try your hand at this title before investing on Kickstarter, the free standalone Black Book: Prologue will also release on 5th May via Steam, gaining you access to the title’s first chapter. 

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