Overwatch Begins Teasing Something New

If there’s one thing that Overwatch loves to do, it’s dangle carrots in front of their fans. An eye-squintingly vague Overwatch content tease was shared on the game’s official Twitter account, lighting up speculation that runs the gamut from a new hero to a new map.

overwatch content tease

The teaser in question is a looping short video of a simple wall of what looks like some back alley coated in graffiti and posters framed with the words “Calm before the storm”. The wall in question looks to be full of red herrings, including references to the Horizon Lunar Colony, messaging for and against Omnic rights, and a picture of Lucio.

Reaction to the tease has been, unsurprisingly, erratic. Assumptions from a new hero reveal hiding behind images of monkeys in space suits to a new map have been posited on the game’s subreddit, while one has even gone so far as to jokingly suppose that this is a reference to a Heroes of the Storm skin. Which would, admittedly, be remarkably underwhelming.

We suspect future teases will be incoming and so will be joining many others in eyeballing the shooter’s social media pages.

Our Thoughts

If we were betting folks, which we’re not because we need money to buy food and don’t have disposable income for gambling, we’d say it’s probably going to be a new map. The focus on the imagery on the wall is perhaps a bit too on the nose and so maybe we’ll be seeing another part of Overwatch’s London. Or maybe even a new PvE event relating to the Omnic crisis. Who knows?

Source: Twitter

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Overwatch Begins to Tease a Potential New Hero

Here we go once again! The potentially long and bumpy ride to the reveal of the 27th Overwatch hero has begun, starting off with a tweet of a fictional debriefing from one of the game’s existing heroes that might offer a clue on who’s next…or at least can let one’s gears turn.

27th overwatch hero

The tweet provides a quick look at a write-up from Ana Amari in reference to Operation: White Dome. In the report, Ana recounts an ambush that she and her team survived after deployment to deal with omnic resistance in the outskirts of Istanbul, Turkey. The report offers several names, including Reinhardt, Torbjorn, and one PFC Emre Sarioglu.

The sleuthy fans of Overwatch are on the case after this teaser, with at least one person assuming that the ambush in question hints at the next Uprising event. The same fan also believes that “White Dome” could refer to a mosque in Istanbul, that Torbjorn suffered his arm and eye injuries during the ambush in question, and that Sarioglu, a native of Turkey, will be the next hero – quite possibly a tank, inspired by the heroism of Reinhardt which saw the strike team through the attack.

Naturally, none of this has been officially tied down yet, but hey, it’s fun to kind of ponder things, wouldn’t you agree?

Our Thoughts

A named individual certainly seems a little too on-the-nose…but then again, considering the rest of the report was discussing what happened to Reinhardt and Torbjorn specifically, it also doesn’t quite seem like a red herring. We’re just going to have to sit and wait and wonder…or talk among ourselves with our own best theories in the comments below, of course.

Sources: Twitter, Overwatch subreddit

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The Elder Scrolls Online Teases Some Dragon-y Content

Alright, there’s not a whole lot to go on here. Because, yanno, that’s what teases do. That said, a recent tweet from The Elder Scrolls Online account is strongly suggesting a potentially dragon-centric ESO update that will be announced sometime later in the week.

eso update

The tweet in question features the above picture and remarks that a new year is bringing new content, followed by a dragon emoji. The tweet also mentions to follow the game closely for “exciting news and details” to be announced this week.

Some of the more eagle-eyed lorehounds appear to have connected the image as a statue of the Daedric Prince Peryite, who often takes the form of a dragon when appearing to mortals. Others are suggesting that the image means the continent of Akavir – AKA the Dragon-Land – will be the focus.

Our Thoughts

So the first question that springs to mind is the scope of this tease; whether this is heralding a basic DLC update of some form or is a nod to a new expansion-sized update. In any case, we’ll most certainly be among those watching the MMO’s social accounts for further details as they’re unveiled. We’d also love to see your take on this tease in the comments below!

Source: Twitter

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