Diablo: Reign of Terror Teased by Blizzard Gear Store

Cat out of the bag? Another clever bit of marketing like the Diablo light switch teaser? Complete and utter mistake? In any case, fans are intrigued by a new Diablo: Reign of Terror teaser posted on – of all places – Blizzard’s own storefront.

diablo: reign of terror teaser

The BlizzCon section of the Blizzard Gear merch store has a number of exclusive items for Virtual Ticket holders, which is pretty par for the course. What’s new is that there are a number of new items – t-shirts and a poster specifically – that bear Diablo: Reign of Terror branding.

This new game shovels more coal into the Diablo 4 rumor engine, with other speculation spawned by job listings made by Blizzard over the past couple of years.

With three weeks to go before the start of BlizzCon and Diablo getting first billing during the opening keynotes, something entirely new set in the Diablo universe is looking even more likely than ever. Of course, what sort of new thing is up to the imagination.

Our Thoughts

if you hear what sounds like the rumbling of thousands of hooves, that’s the speculation running rampant. “Reign of Terror” doesn’t give us a huge clue, but the mind most definitely wanders. What kind of new Diablo thing would you want to see?

Source: Blizzard Gear Store via ResetEra

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Diablo Reveals “Multiple” Projects are in the Works

Things on the Diablo front have been a bit quiet, barring the arrival of the ARPG’s 14th season. Apparently, seasons aren’t the only things being pushed out by the devs, as a new video has hinted at multiple new Diablo projects that are being worked on.

new diablo projects

The word comes from community manager Brandy “Nevalistis” Camel in a brief video posted on the game’s Twitter account. The announcement is a bit mum on details, but it does make some pretty sweeping promises about the future of the Diablo franchise.

“The forges here at Blizzard are burning hot,” teases Camel. “We have multiple Diablo projects in the works. Some of them are going to take longer than others, but we may have some things to show you later this year.”

In the meantime, Season 14 of Diablo is well underway with the Season of Greed, which has started off the first of many themed seasons for the game. If you somehow missed out on just what this season has brought to the game, then you can refresh yourself here.

Until we all get more word, you can watch the video embed below.

Our Thoughts

Well then! It’s good to know that additional Diablo titles are in the works. It’d be nice to get a little more than word of hot forges, but at this point we and other fans of the series hungry for something new will take whatever bit of information we can get. In any case, color us intrigued.

Source: Twitter

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Pokemon GO Teases Potential Generation 4 Arrivals

To the more casual observer, it’s a pretty innocuous reveal; a Pokemon GO second anniversary keyart image with a little social media question asking players about their most memorable experiences with the game. To fans of the app and the series, however, the image looks like it’s teasing Pokemon GO Gen 4 arrivals are on the way.

pokemon go gen 4

click image to expand

Did you pick them out? Scattered across different locations in the artwork above are the three starter Pokemon from the Sinnoh region of the series’ fiction Piplup, Chimchar and Turtwig. The three creatures in question are the first time they’ve been seen in anything associated with the game.

All said, this little clue drop is the only allusion to what’s next for the mobile game. Players are still able to capture a summer-themed Pikachu to mark the second year of Pokemon GO until the end of the month.

There’s also a special Global Challenge that starts on July 14th. If all challenges are met on that day, players will unlock free Raid Passes and use them to raid Gyms in the area, where Zapdos will be available for a three-hour period worldwide on July 21st.

Our Thoughts

Judging by some of the reactions by fans, this new tease is a pretty exciting development. We’re certain to hear more about the next arrivals to Pokemon GO within the next few weeks…or even days, as Pokemon GO Fest is very nearly here and that certainly would be the perfect venue for some major reveals. Assuming, of course, there are no major technical issues.

Sources: Twitter, official site

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Overwatch Possibly Teases Hero 28

Well, we were pretty right in that the wall from the previous tease was full of red herrings. Overwatch Hero 28 might have been teased by the game’s Twitter account with a surprising arrival.

That looping short video is what we’ve got this time around, as the wall from the prior reveal seems to indicate that the next piece of Overwatch content isn’t a map but just a backdrop for the game’s next hero, who is apparently capable of turning into a giant metal ball and rolling around the map.

Prevailing speculation seems to be that this next hero will be Hammond, the missing Experiment 28 from the Horizon Lunar Colony. Supporting this theory is an update to the in-game map of the same name that now lets players into Hammond’s room for the first time, which houses within some blueprints for a spheroid escape pod.

Additionally, an advertisement poster from inside the Junkertown map makes reference to a mech called Wrecking Ball, declaring it the champion of a mech gladiatorial event of some sort. Whether this means this roly-poly new hero is this Wrecking Ball, or if Hammond spent some time fighting in this pit using a modified escape pod as a suit of armor is up for all sorts of speculation.

Our Thoughts

Sources: Twitter, Rock, Paper, Shotgun

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Bethesda Reveals (Potentially) Online Multiplayer Title Fallout 76

It started with a tease on the Bethesda Twitch channel with a broadcast of a bobblehead. Now, we’ve gotten the first initial details of what’s coming with a Fallout 76 teaser and word that this apparently is an online game.

fallout 76 teaser

All that has been offered on official channels so far has been a teaser trailer which we’ve embedded below and word that more firm information will be provided during Bethesda’s E3 Showcase, which will be held Sunday, June 10th at 6:30pm PST.

Additional scuttlebutt reported from Kotaku has mentioned that Fallout 76 will be “an online game of some sort”, with development being split between Bethesda’s Maryland and Austin offices. It’s important to note that Bethesda Austin is the same studio that was working on the hero shooter Battlecry before it was canned.

Kotaku’s news editor has continued to try to temper expectations about Fallout 76, reiterating that the new game isn’t a part of the core single-player RPGs that fans might be expecting. “I’m seeing some skepticism on Reddit and Twitch about my reporting that Fallout: 76 is an online game — because they don’t want to believe it,” reads his tweet. “Again, if you spend weeks getting hyped for a single-player RPG, you will be disappointed. Just looking out for you guys!”

That all said, we’re still going to consider this rumor instead of hard fact for now until June. And now, the promised embedded video.

Our Thoughts

So okay, on the one hand: oh cool another battle royale shooter probably. On the other, the wastelands of the Fallout universe are definitely the right place for this type of game, and the building tools of Fallout 4 could make for some Fortnite-style shenanigans. Unless, of course, they’re going the Destiny 2-style co-op shooter route? In either case, there’s certainly lots of possibilities here.

Sources: Kotaku, Twitter, YouTube

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Sea of Thieves Shares a Hungering Deep Teaser

So just what awaits the intrepid pirates of Sea of Thieves in the Hungering Deep update? We’re not sure. Probably something deep and hungry, at least. Or some form of sea monster-focused something or other, if the most recent teaser trailer is anything to go by.

hungering deep update

The trailer in question puts us at the fireside of a certain scallywag whose seen some stuff with his one good eye. He goes on to tell the tale of immense seaborne creatures that were worshiped by past cultures as gods…creatures that have potentially making ships from across the waves disappear.

The trailer itself is mostly lore-focused, but there are a couple of hints one can glean off of watching it. The first (and most obvious thanks to the 2018 roadmap) is that this update could introduce new undersea monsters and more involved fights against said critters. Secondly, part of the trailer showed illustrations playing music in order to grant themselves safe passage, which could be an allusion to some added layer of gameplay being brought to the game’s musical instruments.

In any case, players can look forward to hungry deep things on May 29th according to the official Xbox Twitter. Take in the trailer below for yourself and ponder the possibilities.

Our Thoughts

Reason stands that big creature fighting on the open seas would be something that would happen in Sea of Thieves. Of course, what these fights look like, the kinds of rewards we can expect, and what else is arriving with the update will be the most important information for players, so we expect those details sometime soon.

Sources: YouTube, Twitter

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Class Teasers Shared by Bless Online

You’re either going to find this news enticing or downright aggravating, if the comments section this news is sourced from is any indicator. Several short Bless Online class teasers have been posted on both Steam and the game’s website. And when we say “short teaser”, we really mean it.

bless online class teasers

The teases in question include brief descriptions of all five of the MMO’s base classes, a bit of character art, and in the case of three of them a little animated wallpaper video. Beyond that, information on the game’s classes or release date is still thin beyond its planned May early access launch.

For those who are curious, the classes are as follows: the axe-swinging DPS-minded Berserker; the arrow-launching Ranger; the elemental-weaving Mage; the old standby sword-and-board Guardian; and the heals-and-shields Paladin. You can take in the flavor descriptions of these classes here.

Our Thoughts

Hm….well, we would have definitely appreciated more concrete details on how each of the classes in question play, but perhaps this tease is also a lead-up to those reveals. After all, we’re pretty close to the month of May and the Bless Online team is definitely going to want to keep interest in this MMO up. Where do you stand on these teases? Do they make you want to learn more, or would you rather have seen more detailed information?

Source: Steam

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Overwatch Uprising Teaser Posted on Twitter

The Overwatch Twitter has decided now’s a good time as any to kick the beehive of Overwatch fan hype. A new teaser video posted by the game’s account has posted a new Overwatch Uprising teaser, granting a new date for the PvE-based co-op mission’s return.

The above embedded video is all we’re going to get right now, while the associated tweet confirms that the event itself – or the “mission files” to borrow its parlance – will kick off on Tuesday, April 10th.

Almost immediately, folks have begun scrutinizing every last pixel of the tease for clues about what might be different this time around. For instance, the folks at BlizzardWatch have examined one part of said video where the text on-screen flickers, which changes the mission file number from 382 to 274. This leads to the suspicion that the Null Sector mission that featured in the last Uprising event will be from a different perspective, or will be entirely new.

In any case, we’re expecting returning skins and emotes along with additional details at some point soon.

Our Thoughts

And here we go once more! Overwatch fans appear to be pretty eager for more co-op PvE modes. Provided, of course, those they team with aren’t just the worst players in the history of everything FPS. Which case, we suggest you mute your microphone and just add those players to your avoid list. It’s just better for your blood pressure.

Sources: Twitter, BlizzardWatch

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Funcom Launches a Teaser Site for a New Game

The devs at Funcom are up to something. As is their want, a new Funcom game teaser site has been launched into the wild of the internet, providing at least a cursory glance at the possible setting of the new title…and not a whole lot else.

funcom game teaser site

The image above is from a website simply called “Countdown 2 Zero”. On the site is a picture of a ragtag bar of some sort, along with silhouettes of four characters: Pripp, Selma, Dux and Bormin. The bar itself also has its own segment, with only the words “Booze helps when coming back from the Zone, but it does not last…” as a clue.

The few details we can gather from the imagery seems to suggest a sort of Victorian-age working class dieselpunk setting, judging by the few discernible pieces of clothing worn by the four characters. There’s also some form of viral post-apocalyptic thing going on, as an icon on the website’s tab carries a biohazard symbol.

At first blush, there’s potential that this new game will be based on the Mutant Chronicles IP – one of the IPs that Funcom collected as part of a partnership they entered in to this past December.

The countdown on the website ticks down to four days and some change, referencing the reveal date of Wednesday, February 28th at approximately 9am EST.

Our Thoughts

Okay, so…Victorian dress with named characters putting up their feet after dealing with some form of awful biohazardous something or other in a place called The Zone. Certainly sounds like an interesting video game setting at least, but we’ll have to way for about a week before we really get to be excited. In the meantime, you’re welcome to join our speculation on this game in the comments below.

Source: teaser site via Facebook

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Sea of Thieves Announcement Teased for The Game Awards

This coming Thursday, December 7th will be The Game Awards, where a variety of games from several genres and platforms will be celebrated and about as many games are expected to make announcements and reveals. Apparently, we can also count some sort of Sea of Thieves announcement among them.

sea of thieves announcement

It’s not much to go by – that’s why it’s called a tease – but a recent tweet suggests that fans of the game should tune in to the show as it would be “in your best pirate interests” and promising that fans “won’t be disapointed”.

Sea of Thieves itself is not up for any of the awards on offer, but several other online and multiplayer games are, including PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Destiny 2, Overwatch, Dota 2, and Warframe.

The Game Awards – and whatever reveals may come – will broadcast live starting at 5:30PM PST/8:30PM EST. Information on the titles up for awards and the various categories can be found on the event’s official website.

Our Thoughts

So our minds immediately lean towards a few possibilities: either a date for the start of the game’s final alpha test, a release date for the full game itself, or perhaps both. In any case, we’re definitely intrigued to learn more about what’s next for Sea of Thieves.

Source: Twitter

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