Possible E3 2018 Teasers Come from Anthem and John Smedley

We’re a couple of weeks away from this year’s E3, which means it’s pretty much high time for some E3 2018 teasers to come out of game devs and companies. Hot onthe heels of the Fallout 76 teaser are some intriguingly vague tweets out of both Anthem and John Smedley.

e3 2018 teasers

The first teaser we’ll be touching on is from the Anthem Game Twitter account, which suddenly decided to come to life today after being completely silent between now and June of last year. All we’re getting right now is a decoding message, though, so we can only keep eyes on things for now.

A somewhat more overt teaser was also shared today by developer John Smedley, who simply sent out a single sentence tweet that reads “It’s a beautiful day to make a shooter!” Whether this will be part of an E3 reveal or will be otherwise just shared at a later point independently is not immediately clear.

In both cases, we’ll be sure to keep you posted if there are new details.

Our Thoughts

It’s a safe bet that E3 reveals are planned here in both cases, particularly out of the Anthem camp. We’re only working on rumors and jumped-to conclusions, of course, but it’s all intriguing to consider for the time being until we can report some more concrete information.

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