Pokémon and Temtem: Are They The Same Thing?

Pokémon has become a timeless franchise over the past two decades, between video games, card games, anime, media, and toys. It’s transcended and become nearly god-tier, being the highest-grossing media franchise in the world. With such street cred, it’s no wonder that some game developers want to mimic that success. They want to bring a nostalgic vibe to their games over the years. While no one really has the potential to reach Pokémon’s level of success, none have made a better attempt than Temtem. Temtem is a recently-released MMORPG that developer Crema hopes hits all the right chords of fans of the Pokémon franchise. 

This is not a review. This game is an indie game in Early Access and ripping into the seams of it this early would be unfair and unjust for such a cool and unique title. This is, instead, a comparison. They’ve really made their name with an elevator pitch saying “It’s a Pokémon MMO”. So, let’s treat it as such. Let’s put Temtem as it currently is (and what it has the potential to be) against the biggest, most well-known franchise in the world. Let’s sit down and critique it as a real compare and contrast. Don’t worry; they do some things really right, even with the game being brand new on Early Access.

Blatant Pokémon Inspirations

I can honestly say that Temtem, for everything it claims to be, really does give a look and feel of classic Pokémon titles. We’re not talking about the modern games that give a little more hand-holding, the-entire-game-is-a-tutorial feel. We’re talking about the first few generations of Pokémon here. You know the ones I mean, with those meaty challenges. The hard-as-nails, ruthless battles from twenty years ago still ring in my head. They don’t hide their inspirations in Pokémon and, in fact, lean into them so hard that (if it were real life) I’d call it a shoulder check.

Ok, let’s put it plain and simple. The game honestly starts out with the player in their bedroom, talking to their mother, then having to meet up at the local Professor’s lab. There, they see their rival (who is totally a jerk) and get their first creature to start their journey.  If you’ve played any classic Pokémon game, this sounds really familiar. Although the premise of the tutorial is a copy and paste scenario, some incredibly important details do change. 

you chose the temtem houchic in the professor's lab

For instance, fans of the Pokémon games are generally treated to the early rock-paper-scissors of Fire, Water, and Grass. While Fire, Water, and Nature (a combination of Grass and Bug) do exist in the game, the starters offer three different choices instead: Melee (their version of Fighting), Mental (their version of Psychic), and Crystal (a new one that seems to be a little bit of Steel, Ice, and Dark combined into one).

Hit The Pokémon Nail on the Head

Instead of your “friend”-slash-rival, Max, taking another Temtem (you know, like that jerk Blue), you’re told he already had obtained one, which happens to be the rare “Digital” type, Oree. Oree has no direct analog to Pokémon but is clearly a nod to the 90s Pokémon rival series, Digimon. You battle him and really just don’t have a lot of chance at winning this fight. It doesn’t matter because the Professor gives you a second Tem, Tuwai, either way afterward.

They did learn from the modern games a tad bit and implement them in some minor details. For instance, a Temporium can be found in each town (with half centers in less populated areas). Temporiums are basically derived from modern Pokémon Centers. You can heal your Tem team, utilize the storage boxes, and buy supplies. Old Pokémon games kept the Pokémon Center and Pokémart separate. I’m glad they opted to combine them here for convenience.

One thing that Temtem does nearly identical to Pokémon is their Dojos, which work exactly like Gyms. It starts with a puzzle and Dojo tamers (the Temtem word used for “trainers”). This ends in a fight with the Dojo master (you know, the Gym leader). It’s pretty cut and dry, just like Gyms. The difference is that Pokémon Gyms all follow a theme, often basing their gym and puzzles on the specific type, such as Water or Grass. Temtem doesn’t have any notable Dojo themes that are immediately obvious (and if they are, they’re easy to miss). 

The Temtems (or Tems For Short)

The great thing about Pokémon is the feeling that an entire team of designers sat down and really hashed out unique and iconic creatures. Looking at most Pokémon, players can easily memorize them and they notoriously stick out. This is where the modern formula for Pokémon and Temtem diverge a bit, as Crem is a much smaller indie developer.

tempedia showing houchic

Temtem has a similar mentality to old school Pokémon, which at times was just a real animal with a color splash and a new name (I’m looking at you, Rattata and Pidgey). Most Temtem don’t feel like they could hold the same iconic candle as, let’s say, Pikachu, Eevee, or even recent additions like Sobble. But, with later Pokémon like Toucannon (literally just an angry toucan) and Ducklett (a blue cartoon duck), many of the Temtem could fit right into the picture without anyone really batting an eye. 

Some of the Tems were created by well known Fakemon artists, such as 50 Shades of Heliolisk’s adorable Platypet and its evolutionary line. Some were not, which shows the immaturity of the game yet, with plenty of room to grow. To be perfectly fair, Pokémon has had 20 years to come up with nearly 1000 creatures and Temtem is still working itself out of Kickstarter and Early Access.

Right For Your Right To Battle

As mentioned earlier, this game wears its classic Pokémon feel on its sleeve. But, it totally changes the game and how tactics work within actual Temtem battles. The battles are still turn-based like Pokémon but focus on Stamina instead of how many times a move can be used. For instance, in Pokémon, a specific move could have 5 or 35 times it can be used without filling back up (in a Pokémon Center or via specific items). 

However, in Temtem, Stamina is based entirely on an individual fight. Each technique (their term for “attack”) has a number next to it, which uses up a Tem’s personal stamina. As they level up, they get more stamina. But, it’s a slow progression (especially early on). When it depletes, your Tems can’t attack until they rest up or use special items to gain Stamina back. In fact, if you go over your allotted Stamina, it overexerts itself, damaging the Temtem and forcing it to rest the next turn. This makes tactical decisions heavier, especially when hard-hitting moves can demolish a Temtem’s stamina in a single blow. Stamina refills after each battle, though. So, use that to your advantage!

Pokémon-like, But Still Different Enough

Type advantages, weaknesses, and resistances do make a return in this game from its inspiration. One thing that Temtem does super well here is being upfront about the advantages and disadvantages both in and out of battle.


walking around in temtem

Early on in the game, they offer some pretty good resources in the Accademia (a school you attend to learn about being a Tem Tamer). This is to help new players understand they’re not in the Pokémon world anymore and to learn all of the new weaknesses and strengths. In battles, the UI informs you that something will be effective, super effective, or less effective with colors. Once a move has been done, you may even see a little 2x, 4x, 1/2x, or 1/4x above the defending Tem.

Battles are done as two vs two (2v2) most of the time, similar to the Double Battles within Pokémon. This allows strategy in the normal game. But, it really amps up the strategy when it comes to co-op. I’ll talk more on co-op later when I talk about the multiplayer aspects of the game.

One thing that didn’t carry over from modern Pokémon games is the minor quality of life conveniences like pressing a single-button to throw a Pokéball/ TemCard in battle. You have to go hunting for the particular item in your inventory. It brings back the slow slog memories of old Pokémon games, breaking the pacing of battles.

Stats Play a Big Part

Temtem has nearly duplicated the stat system that Pokémon has popularized, with Speed, Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense, as well as HP. In addition, Temtem added Stamina too (as mentioned earlier), which is affected by leveling up and other means.

Instead of the EV and IV stat systems of Pokémon, they’re instead called Single Value (SV) for base stats and Training Value (TV) for trainable stats, which go from 1 to 50 and 1 to 500, respectively. Training can bring TV up to 1000 each. This is treated, for better or worse, exactly like Pokémon.

Pokémon Breeders Will Be Happy

Breeding in Pokémon is an international pastime. Players will spend dozens to hundreds of hours perfecting their competitive teams with perfect stats, specific abilities, egg moves, shiny options, and more. Temtem takes that another step in their breeding process. 

Five things can be inherited here: Fertility, Techniques, Single Values, Traits, and Luma. Luma is just Temtem’s version of “Shiny”, which is an incredibly rare chance that you’ll get a special color version of a particular Tem. In fact, it’s a much lower chance than Pokémon’s Shinies. So, good luck with the Luma hunt!

talking to professor kostantinos

Instead of dealing with egg groups where a Wailord and a Skitty can breed with each other, the compatibility boils down to typing, opposite sex, and fertility. Yea, I said fertility. The fertility of a particular Temtem can be found in the Tempedia with a little flower icon and will be affected by the number of times the Tem has been bred, resulting in the offspring to inherit the lowest fertility of the parents. A Fertility Essence can be used to raise the stat, but it’s an extra step in the usual process. Type plays a part with compatibility, meaning Tamers need to make sure they share at least one Type, as well as be opposite genders. The eggs can learn Egg Techniques from their parents just like Pokémon, but items can be used to ensure stats are inherited as well.

Don’t Forget About Items!

Pokémon fans will be familiar with the basis of many of the items available in Temtem, with some slight tweaks. Balms work just like Potions, except they heal 25 HP instead of 20. Scent works just like the classic Repel. Instead of using an Escape Rope in Pokémon, one may throw a Smoke Bomb down to get out of a building or cave. Since Tems are not kept in spherical Pokéballs, they’re instead kept in flat electronic cards, aptly named TemCards. Those are kept a nice stack, known as a TemDeck, which can only consist of 6 cards. This all might feel pretty familiar to most fans of Pokémon, if not with some light inspiration from the Digimon and Yu-Gi-Oh! Franchises as well.

In addition to riffs on the classics, many items will help with Stamina (such as Ether), with many helping heal both HP and Stamina at the same time. However, one major item that Pokémon doesn’t have is called the Temessence Vial. This vial is a one-time use item that heals an entire party. It’s refilled each time you heal up at a Temporium, but it’s an out-of-battle last-ditch effort if you’re stuck in the middle of some ruins or in the middle of a field hanging on for dear life.

Multiplayer and MMORPG

Where the most recent Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield have added roving trainers and team-ups in the form of Max Raid Battles, this game takes a more MMORPG approach to other people in the world. Multiplayer, as players will find out quickly, is pretty MMO standard. It includes (or at least will include in future updates) all of the things one comes to expect from an MMORPG. While playing, you’re likely to see tons of other Tamers traversing the land. When you look up a Tamer and hit “Inspect”, however, a really nice menu pops up with a ton of options.

The first thing you’re likely to notice is the battle options, which include both a “Competitive” and “Casual” option, which is great for those looking to battle with friends or randos alike. Since this is a Poké-like game, trading is also available between Tems. You can also add them as a friend. These all feel more natural than the boring menus and long alphanumeric codes that Pokémon fans are used to. 

When you go into inspect the player, you can learn everything there is to know about them, down to the outfit and hair they have, stats and wins, when they were last online, and (a function not yet available in the game) their club. Since this is an MMO, it’s only normal to include a guild or clan option. So, clubs will be a feature in the game.

Be Sociable!

Since this is an MMO, there’s a chat box in the bottom corner of the screen with different options. But, when inspecting a Tamer, you can Whisper directly to them. This is a great way to set up battles, trades, or anything else. 

Temtem defeating sophia and becoming full tamer

Unlike Pokémon, Co-op play is an actual option in Temtem. You can team up with a friend in the game, working together on quests and battles in real-time. Since the game utilizes double battles at all times in either case, double battles consist of the first three Tems in each of your teams, even though you can still carry six total on you. Strategy is key, so don’t be afraid to utilize your communication channels. 

Accomplish This

One thing that really feels lacking this early on in Temtem is the feeling of accomplishment. Sure, you can breed and create a perfect killer team, but there’s no real Battle Tower to take them too, or tournament areas, or anything like that. If you want to battle, it’s generally just against random players. Sure, this kind of content may be added in later updates. But, it just doesn’t scratch the competitive itch that Pokémon has perfected.

In the newest Pokémon games, Sword and Shield, players could go into the Wild Area early on and easily waste 10 hours or more doing Max Raid Battles and exploring before making it to their first gym. But, you still feel accomplished by the time you get that far. You don’t feel like you just used that amount of time for nothing. The story keeps you going and pushing to concepts and keeps the flow the entire time. In Temtem, the pacing isn’t nearly as cut and dry. You could go 10 hours before your first Dojo, but you could still be sitting at relatively low-level Tems that might not stand a chance against an onslaught of Dojo tamers and not enough money to get a ton of Balms.

There’s no feeling that you’re actually getting where you need to be. It, unfortunately, takes this feeling from much older Pokémon games that focused pretty hard on the grind. Do you need to level up a Pokémon? Well, go grab a drink. You’re going to be in the patch of grass for a while. This could change later on in balancing and quality of life adjustments, but it’s super noticeable right now.

Final Verdict

So, now that we’ve laid out all of the information, we have to ask the harder questions. Is Temtem really like Pokémon and is it the “Pokémon Killer”? 

These are easy questions to answer. Temtem has definitely got all the proper notes to make Pokémon fans happy and keep them playing over time. The game is still in Early Access. So, it’s hard to determine exactly how much more they plan to do with the game. They plan to add things into the game that are clearly marked as coming soon or “Work in Progress”. But, solving the quality of life issues and getting their various bugs taken care of immediately come to mind.

We live in a world where everything out there is compared to something. This is why we have roguelikes (games that are compared to the old game, Rogue), Souls-likes (compared to Dark Souls), and so on. I don’t believe Temtem is a “Pokémon Killer”. However, I’d like to propose we consider it a true Poké-like. It has enough similarities that it’s clearly meant to mimic Pokémon. But, it’s got enough differences that it’s not just a straight-up Pokémon clone. I’d recommend anyone that likes the concept and values of Pokémon to give it a solid try. 

Additionally, they recently released a great road map of their future plans starting Spring 2020 and going all the way into Summer 2012, which they intend to add a ton of features, fixes, and quality of life additions. Adding things like a Nuzlocke mode, Achievements, Housing, and much more is going to really flesh out the game. They are showing that Spring 2021 will be the “1.0 Launch” which will pull it out of Early Access as well. It may not be “there” just yet, but it’s going to head that way.

Ready to give it a go? Learn all about the Type Advantages and Weaknesses in Temtem. If classic Pokémon is more your speed, maybe you’d agree with my thoughts on the Pokémon Masters mobile game here.

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Temtem 2020 Roadmap Revealed

After having released in Early Access this January, the Temtem 2020 roadmap has now been revealed by publisher Humble Bundle and developer Crema.

Temtem 2020 roadmap

Temtem is an Early Access MMO that focuses on collecting and battling all kinds of creatures. Initially inspired by Pokemon, Temtem has truly become its own beast. While this roadmap includes development that leads up to the 1.0 official launch, the team has stressed that it will support Temtem well after that.

Here is a brief overview of the upcoming content and when to expect it:

Spring 2020

  • Ranked Matchmaking V1
  • Spectator Mode V1
  • In-Game Chat
  • Chat Bubbles
  • Club Management

Summer 2020

  • New Island: Kisiwa
  • ~25 New Temtem
  • Player Housing
  • Climbing Gear
  • Emotes V2

Fall 2020

  • New Island: Cipanku
  • ~25 New Islands
  • 1st Mythical Temtem
  • In-Game Tournaments
  • Quest Diary
  • Achievements

It should also be stressed that none of this is 100% confirmed to be implemented and development cycles always change. For more detailed information, be sure to check out Crema’s blog!

Source: Official Blog

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Some Preliminary Thoughts on Temtem

It is a gorgeous day in Zadar, on this brightly colored floating island. Today is your Apprentice’s Eve, and it’s the first day you’re getting to choose a little companion creature, called a Temtem. Luckily, here on this island, your professor friend has brought along a trio of creatures, from which you will pick your first. Then, quickly, your adventure gets temporarily stalled as you are challenged by your childhood rival to a Temtem battle. Then, set off on your adventure, you will visit various dojos, challenge their leaders, and continue to develop your skills as a Temtem tamer.

If this setup sounds familiar, it’s because it inevitably is. At first blush, and even during prolonged play, it can be difficult to see Temtem as anything other than exactly what it is, an MMORPG not at all dissimilar from Game Freak’s massively popular Pokemon franchise.


It’s not exactly Pokémon…

The impulse to dwell only on what separates Temtem from Pokémon is immediate. In brief, some of the major differences are some of Temtem’s noteworthy strengths. Without the specter of a long list of known creatures, skills, types, and setups means that the competitive elements of Temtem are not going to be immediately drowning in optimized creatures and movelists. It gives both new and practiced high-level Pokémon players a relatively level playing field.

Similarly, seasoned Pokémon players will find moves, move energy, and type systems don’t work exactly the same, and will need to do a bit of work exploring the new types, moves, and timings to get the full swing of combat. Nothing too jarring, but enough wrinkles to change up the pace and style of play from time to time.

Also, in combat, the player will always deploy two creatures, even against individual opponents. It means players will have the opportunity to stage their teams so they can apply status effects and attacks on the same turn they try to capture a creature. Though it’s a little detail, having each creature act as its own independent turn in combat also means item usage, rest turns, and status effects are done in concert with other player actions. A bit of topspin on turn-by-turn strategizing.

Despite those differences, players looking to have somewhat familiar experience without having to learn brand new mechanics and systems will find Temtem to be a very easy thing to settle into. So, those familiar with Pokémon will have little trouble acclimating quickly, and lancing themselves into the world immediately.


It Shouldn’t Be!

Although the setup, structure, and trappings may seem inextricably similar to Pokémon, one of the most exciting parts of Temtem is getting to be excited about the ways in which it isn’t like it’s nearest comparison. For all the things the Nintendo titan is, it also exists in volumes already. Temtem can’t be exactly that, nor should it!

Temtem is another game world, with an entirely different population, one which is filled primarily with other players. Players who can be whatever sort of player and tamer they want to be. Although Temtem has a narrative mode, it will also be a world overflowing with players of every stripe, strategies of every sort, and opportunities to socialize and coordinate that promises to be very unique in the creature capture genre.


Unburdened by Grandeur

Games too often have a world-saving gravitas. The idea of averting the apocalypse, saving the princess, or defeating the grand evil is a long shadow that seems to hang oppressively over many online narratives. Players can sit in the town square, contemplating the choices that hang heavy over their heads as the sole saviors of the universe, surrounded by hundreds of other sole saviors of the universe. Massively multiplayer online games, as a whole, are kind of silly in that way.

Temtem is free of that gravity. In fact, the entire world seems to be powered by bright colors and charming locals. The tropical village of Zandar is a paradise of tourist pleasure, a place to kick up one’s feet, watch the waves lap over the sand, and enjoy the passing breeze. A game with competitive stakes, but one that doesn’t feel the need to linger darkly on them.

You are young, you are free, you are not bound by social needs, you have all your best creature friends with you. Go find your adventure!


Over the Horizon

There’s a lot more to Temtem still over the horizon, and it will be a pleasure to continue to explore what new details come about as the game grows. There’s plenty of opportunity for Temtem to be a hit on its own rights.

For now, a few creatures, some beachfront skirmishes, and a new adventure on the horizon are enough.

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Temtem Type Chart and Guide – Advantages and Weaknesses

Traversing through Temtem is like riding a bicycle for anyone that has ever played a Pokemon game in their lives. However, those who are used to the type standards set by the Pocket Monsters may get a tad confused when entering the world of Temtem.

Honestly, it all works very similarly to the rock-paper-scissors format that Pokemon popularized over the past two decades, with some definite changes to the status quo. Temtems each have a “type” of element attached to them, such as the starter option Crystle being a Crystal type. They can be broken down into twelve possible options, as well as some being dual-types.

Where to Start – What Are All The Types?

Those types are: Fire, Water, Nature, Electric, Crystal, Melee, Mental, Earth, Wind, Digital, Toxic, and Neutral. Each one makes sense in terms of context, but they can be exploited for advantages in battle. Water, for instance, is strong against Fire types, and so on.

Temtem Type Chart From Kickstarter

For those that are fans of Pokemon, this is how we get “super effective” moves. In fact, the game will offer a double damage, or “2x” in times of superior typing. This can go as far as to offer a “4x” when it’s doubly effective on a dual-type. When attacking something resistant, it will only give ½ damage, and when doubly resistant, it’ll give a ¼ damage. Eventually, you’ll find yourself hovering over a Temtem opponent and seeing the circle turn green or red, which indicate if something is going to hit more effectively, or incredibly weakly.

Very early in the game, you and your rival/ “friend” Max are brought to the Professor’s lab to start your journey as a Temtem Tamer. There, you’re faced with three “starter” Temtem. This isn’t your usual Fire, Water, and Grass options either.

You’re faced with the Crystal type Crystle, the Melee type Smazee, and the Mental type Houchic. These work in a circle similar to the old Pokemon starters, with Crytle being good over Houchic, Houschic having the advantage over Smazee, and Smazee able to best Crystle. You’ll also likely lose your first battle against Max, who rocks a Digital type that has no disadvantages here as all. Don’t feel bad when you lose.


Fire Type

Fire is exactly as it sounds. It’s a Temtem that utilizes Fire-based attacks and is likely fire-themed. Don’t get burned!

Strength: Nature, Crystal

Weakness: Water, Earth, Fire

Pokemon Equivalent: Fire-types like Charizard.


Water Type

Water-themed Temtem are usually found near bodies of water. Their moves make a bit of a splash.

Strength: Fire, Earth, Digital

Weakness: Nature, Toxic, Water

Pokemon Equivalent: Water-types like Blastoise.


Nature Type

Anything green is under this typing. It doesn’t matter if it’s the trees, plants, or the bugs that live in them.

Strength: Water, Earth

Weakness: Fire, Toxic, Nature

Pokemon Equivalent: Grass- and Bug-types, such as Butterfree or Bulbasaur


Electric Type

With a zap and a spark, Electric Temtems are really strong against a ton of other types, but they’re also super weak to a bunch of types as well.

Strength: Water, Wind, Mental, Digital

Weakness: Nature, Earth, Crystal, Electric

Pokemon Equivalent: Electric-types like Pikachu


Crystal Type

Some Temtem out there crystallize and form hard shells. These Crystal types, such as the starter Temtem Crystle, offer different abilities than the average everyday Nature type.

Strength: Electric, Mental

Weakness: Fire, Earth

Pokemon Equivalent: Closest approximation would be the Ice-type, such as Regice or Glaceon, but is likely to be a stand-in for Dark or Steel as well.


Melee Type

Head to head, Melee types are strong. They focus on strong attacks. The starter Smazee falls under this heading.

Strength: Earth, Crystal

Weakness: Mental

Pokemon Equivalent: Fighting-types like Hitmonchan or Pancham


Mental Type

Why use physical force when you can use your mind to take your opponents down? Mind over matter, as they always say, and the starter Houchic embodies that.

Strength: Neutral, Melee

Weakness: Crystal

Pokemon Equivalent: Psychic-type, such as Abra or Mewtwo

Houchic stat screen with type and techniques


Earth Type

In terms of both Temtem that live in caves or just underground, the Earth-type is rockin’ and rollin’.

Strength: Fire, Electric, Crystal

Weakness: Water, Nature, Wind

Pokemon Equivalent: Rock- or Ground-type, such as Rhydon or Diglett


Wind Type

Take to the skies with these birds and floating type Temtem. Early in the game, you’re given a Tuwai by the Professor, which resembles a toucan. Then, toucan can do the double battles. Sorry, I’ll see myself out.)

Strength: Toxic

Weakness: Electric, Wind

Pokemon Equivalent: Flying-type, such as Pigeot or Pidove


Digital Type

Digital Temtem are newly discovered in the lore of the world, making them incredibly rare and incredibly powerful.

Strength: Mental, Melee, Digital

Weakness: NONE

Pokemon Equivalent: Digimon. No, seriously, there’s nothing in Pokemon like this, but Digimon is the closest approximation here. They’re digital-based, so Porygon technically. Except Porygon is “Normal-type” in Pokemon.


Toxic Type

Toxic Temtems sometimes have the ability to poison other Temtem in battle. They ooze toxicity and probably should not be cuddled too close.

Strength: Water, Nature

Weakness: Earth, Digital, Crystal, Toxic

Pokemon Equivalent: Poison-type, such as Koffing or Grimer


Neutral Type

This is as basic as basic gets. Normal type Temtems and techniques generally will hit but don’t have any advantages over anything. They’re a True Neutral.

Strength: None

Weakness: Mental

Pokemon Equivalent: Normal-type, such as Eevee or Rattata


Additional Thoughts and Best Types

Based on the original type charts available during Temtem’s Kickstarter, minor changes to type advantages have happened even in a short amount of time. The game itself doesn’t tell you in the listing of type advantages that sometimes when attacking a Temtem of the same type will be considered a type disadvantage altogether, but that isn’t always true.

You got a new Temtem, Houchic!

Since the game is in Early Access currently, the ongoing meta of the game is likely to change and, well, evolve over time. At the time of writing, digital is by far the strongest type, with no weaknesses and three strengths. It’s also the rarest of all Temtem and you won’t get one early in the game.

The important aspect, just like Pokemon before it, is to create a well-rounded team here. Try not to fill your team with all Wind-types, for instance, and vary what goes into your team of six. You have a lot of options in the wild and tall grass. Take advantage of that. Also, don’t forget to use your Tempedia to figure out what the type is of each Temtem you encounter and catch.

If you’re into Pokemon-related games, check out our review of the mobile game Pokemon Masters. While you’re at it, check out our first impressions of Temtem.

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Temtem Impressions – Gotta Tame ’Em All

Do you know why they are called stress tests? Because they will stress you out, make you want to tear your hair apart. Well, perhaps the official reason behind these tests is something more elaborate, like getting the servers under severe pressure and to try and break them, like Crema is trying to do in a series of brief Temtem stress tests. Or, as I prefer to call them, Queue Simulator 2020 or Black Screen Reboot Saga. It was all worth it in the end to get these early Temtem impressions though, even if I lost a few strands of hair in the process.

After a successful Kickstarter campaign, Temtem is destined to become a gigantic hit, you can mark my words. It’s not because it oozes originality or showcases high production values – no, this is an educated guess based on the visible excitement surrounding the imminent release of a true Pokémon MMO game, minus the Pokémon. And no, Pokémon Go doesn’t entirely fit into the desired MMO pattern.

Let’s not sugarcoat it, Temtem is ostensibly inspired by Nintendo’s franchise and barely manages to play it safe as to avoid a cease and desist letter from the fine folks at Nintendo. Because you’re not catching Pokémon here; instead, you’re taming Temtem. You see, you’re not a trainer, you’re a tamer, which makes a whole world of difference, doesn’t it?

But that’s beyond the point, and the point in question here is that Temtem is the game that everyone wishes for a long time. It’s not just another Pokémon clone, it’s a Pokémon MMO and a labor of love by a group of developers who were clever enough to see the opportunity and grab it by the… Pokéballs.

Temtem Impressions Character Creation

Gotta Tame ’Em All | Temtem Preview

Your first step in Temtem is the creation of your in-game avatar, the tamer that you will control. You can choose between male or female, skin color, and one of four idle poses. Next up is the choice of face and hair, followed by top, bottom, and backpack. Don’t expect any sort of groundbreaking character creation system, as there is no option to tweak advanced features such as body parts or add tattoos, but all things considered, it’s a very decent and straight to the point creator. Besides, it gives you a first insight into the awfully cute graphics that power the world of Temtem. It’s a mix between Pokémon Sword and Shield and The Sims 4, albeit in a cleaner, less detailed yet very colorful art style.

Personally, I love it to bits. The interiors are exceptionally cozy and neatly designed, with your standard appliances livening up the place: the flat-screen TV, the comfy sofa, and the kitchen cabinets look very inviting. However, someone should tell aunt Aina not to leave that huge kitchen knife lying around, there are reckless kids running around everywhere, barging into other people’s homes without warning.

Thankfully, the house equipment isn’t there just to look pretty; Temtem comes with a full housing system, allowing you to buy your house at Atoll Row and give it the makeover that you wish for. Although I haven’t progressed enough to try this feature – I was far busier rebooting the game and crossing my fingers –, I can see this aspect becoming extremely popular among tamers everywhere. You can purchase furniture and place it wherever you want to, decorate your walls, and invite your friends over.

Outside, the lovely island of Deniz awaits us, one of the six floating isles that Temtem has for us to explore. Embrace this lush Mediterranean paradise with its sunny beaches, grass, and trees. It’s an idyllic place where water and wind Temtem proliferate, usually hiding deep within the tall grass, waiting for you to come by.

Temtem Impressions Battle Technique

The main character design and animation is as cute as can be, and the Temtem themselves are nothing to be ashamed of either. Early on, you’ll only find small and somewhat cute Temtem, but these will evolve into sophisticated creatures that demand respect, while remaining as your faithful companions in the journey to defeat the evil Team Roc… I mean, Clan Belsoto, who is trying to rule over the Archipelago.

While there is nothing sizable to complain in terms of visuals, I can’t say the same thing about the map design. I’m not very fond of the way that the game funnels you along a mostly linear path, destroying any genuine feeling of exploration that you might be looking for. As an MMO, it should offer more freedom and encourage you and your friends to go out exploring, discovering new and wondrous places at your own pace. Instead, you’re often asked to follow this road and dance to the tune of its makers, in an old-fashioned and arguable design. Besides, it dearly lacks a jump button.

To make myself perfectly clear, you do have the ability to drop off ledges to explore some otherwise inaccessible areas. However, the outcome is that you’re forced to run the same path again to return to your previous location, because you are unable to climb even the smallest ledge. This way, the world becomes narrow and constricted, a feeling that is heightened by the number of players that are traveling around almost in a single file fashion. Hopefully, the other islands offer more and vaster open areas to lessen this odd claustrophobic feel.

Temtem Impressions Tamers Get in Line

Apart from the scripted combats that make the storyline progress, Temtem has a fair share of random encounters. You’re peacefully traversing some tall grass when, suddenly, a hotheaded wild creature decides that it is a beautiful day for a brawl. If you think that it could make a nice addition to your squad, go ahead and use a TemCard to try and capture it.

Tamers can have up to six Temtem in your squad, but you can only use two at a time in battle. Your first tricky decision arrives early on, when you are invited to pick your Temtem among a selection of three: Crystle (Crystal type), Smazee (Melee type), and Houchic (Mental type). At a certain level, your Temtem evolves into a much more fearful creature. The TemPedia available in the game currently displays 141 Temtem, a very reasonable number for a new franchise.

Battles in Temtem may seem as straightforward as they come, with a natural order to creature types and how they affect one another, but there are some underlying tricks that give the upper hand to the best strategists. Combat is turn-based and mostly 2v2, with each Temtem having a set of four techniques to use against their opponents. You can attack or apply various other effects, with every technique costing a certain number of stamina points. While it may look shallow to the inattentive player, there are features such as technique holds and synergies that provide the battles with enough depth to hopefully keep them engrossing for a long time, especially in the competitive scene.

Temtem Impressions Tucan Play That Game

By the end of the four hours of the first stress test, Temtem was finally stable, and I was enjoying my time capturing wild creatures and exploring new parts of the map. Suddenly, the fun came to a halt as the servers were abrutply closed and every tamer was sent packing. It was fun while it lasted, and the substantial amount of stress and frustration was entirely worth it.

With the Temtem Early Access release date set for January 21, 2020, the excitement for this game is peaking. After so many years, we may finally get a real Pokémon MMO; it may be coming under a different guise, but it brings the same amount of charm and crazy creatures as you would expect from such a game.

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Pokemon-Like Temtem Alpha Test Begins

Over this summer Temtem was all the rage, everyone was talking about it thanks to their Kickstarter campaign. Now the team is proud to announce that the Temtem alpha test has started today. For the first time, fans will get to dive into the world of Temtem to catch creatures and make friends.

If you are expecting to take part in the Alpha and haven’t received a key yet, don’t worry. They’re sending them out in batches. Which batch you fall into is based on when you backed them on Kickstarter. Those who backed them first get first access.

The announcement that the game is now in alpha was made on Kickstarter where they also offer a few tips. Temtem is a challenging game and they encourage you to use items if you’re in trouble. There are no tutorials in the game yet but the menu opens using tab and you can interact with NPCs and signs using F. They’re also asking that if you see a bug you report it on the forums. Only a few of the Luma are available in the game right now; Paharo evo-line, Umishi evo-line, Kaku evo-line, Pigepic and Barnshe.

If you aren’t lucky enough to be in the Alpha and you don’t have a friend with a spare key you’ll still be able to see the game in action on Twitch and Youtube as streamers and content creators get in.

The developers recommend you check out their Discord server or Twitter to get the latest news about batches and how everything is going.

There isn’t any word yet on how long the Alpha will continue for. But, the devs have said that if you have an Alpha key that only grants you access to the Alpha and once they move into Early Access you’ll no longer be able to play the game.


Source: Kickstarter

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Temtem’s Kickstarter Wraps Up with Over $550k Raised

The Temtem crowdfunding drive officially wrapped up to a pretty rousing success. The monster-collecting MMORPG pulled in over $550,000 worth of backer funds, securing all of the stretch goals that the devs lined out for the game.

temtem crowdfunding drive

The exact amount is $573,919 raised by 11,715 backers. This amount of money not only brings the previously detailed Clubs guild feature, but also confirms the $500k weekly Tournaments stretch goal. The game, incidentally, has also become the most crowdfunded video game to come from Spain ever according to the newest update.

On the subject of stretch goals, it appears that the devs at Crema will not be taking any more pledges or adding further stretch goals in the interest of making sure the game meets its targeted early access release of September 2019 on Steam and a full launch in May 2020 on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. The related platform announcement does state that cross-play is being worked on, but may not be possible on all platforms, naming the PS4 as a direct example.

And as for the Taco Hat pictured above, every backer who hopped on the hype train at the minimum $16 level will be getting that in-game item.

“There was a lot of interest in the features we had, but without the huge IP backing the game we weren’t sure if you would like it,” reads a post from the devs. “But boy, oh boy! You’ve cleared that doubt from our minds.”

Our Thoughts

Congratulations to the devs at Crema for a rip-roaringly positive crowdfunding drive! We are definitely counted among those who are looking forward to how development of this adorable critter-battling MMORPG plays out and hope that everythingt goes as smoothly as it possibly can.

Sources: Kickstarter, Twitter

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Temtem Hits its Nintendo Switch Release Stretch Goal

With 17 days to go in the creature capturing MMO’s crowdfunding campaign, the devs have confirmed that Temtem Nintendo Switch is happening after meeting the seemingly lofty $250k stretch goal. In addition, the devs have offered up a little FAQ in its latest update.

temtem Nintendo Switch

Around 5,000 backers have contributed to the game’s Kickstarter, helping the project hit precisely $263,600 at the time of this story’s writing. “We’re incredibly humbled by the community’s response and by how well the Kickstarter is going,” reads the update post.

The next stretch goal in the campaign sits at the $280k mark with a replay feature to let players re-watch their last competitive match. After that, a Clubs feature – the game’s answer to guilds – will be implemented should the game hit $400k.

Clubs are a deeper feature than one would expect, as the devs want to include systems like the ability for Clubs to own a Dojo on each island and a weekly event where Clubs can battle for control of a Dojo along with typical features like a guild chat.

“Making a Guild system is a very long and intensive task and we already have a very long road ahead with the current features planned for Temtem,” reads the post. “That’s why we’re putting this Stretch Goal a bit further away than the others, so we can ensure that funding will be enough to hire the people needed to make our vision for Guilds a reality.”

The arrival of the Nintendo Switch version has also brought along a related FAQ with some important pieces of information. The devs are going to look into making cross-platform play with the PC work; the game will be releasing the Switch version as a digital product only; and Temtem will not feature an offline mode.

As for releasing the game on PS4 and Xbox, the devs did state that the current goal for the Nintendo Switch release was part of the campaign. However, they also rather interestingly hinted at “a more specific announcement in the coming days.”

Our Thoughts

HMMMMMM. Well, that certainly sets one’s gears grinding. On point, we’re very excited to see the Temtem campaign is doing so well! With that said, we’re looking forward to seeing some more playable demonstrations of the game sometime in the future. We also, of course, hope that this project doesn’t suffer from feature creep going forward.

Source: Kickstarter

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Pokemon-Like MMO Temtem Gets Funded and Heads to Stretch Goals

With the official Pokemon series more focused on Nintendo platforms like the Switch or the DS handhelds, it’s possible that most fans of the game type who prefer PC gaming are feeling a bit left in the cold. Which is probably why the Temtem Kickstarter campaign has been successfully funded and has even nailed down its first significant stretch goal.

temtem kickstarter

The details of Temtem all sound and look familiar to Pokemon fans. Players will be occupying the Airborne Archipelago of Omninesia in search of Temtem to tame and control in turn-based combat. What breaks the game away from the Poke-mold a bit is the fact that Temtem will focus on true large-scale multiplayer with live, visible players, along with a campaign that can be fully experienced in two-player co-op. The game will also feature player housing, plenty of character customization options, and a competitive ranked ladder mode.

In addition to these features, Temtem has opened up its first major stretch goal of a “Nuzlocke mode”. The term will be very familiar to Pokemon fans, but for those of us out of the loop, Nuzlocke refers to a challenge mode where any creature that faints is considered dead and can no longer be used and players can only capture the first creature they find in an area. Temtem’s Nuzlocke mode will also feature these rules, but will also require that all captured creatures be nicknamed and will completely reset your game if all of your Temtem are taken out.

Additional stretch goals for Temtem include an arcade bar where players can spend in-game currency to play minigames, the addition of a mythical Temtem along with a unique quest and area for it, and a release for the Nintendo Switch.

As of this writing, the Temtem Kickstarter sits at over $94k raised over its original $70k goal with 28 days to go. You can check out more details here.

Our Thoughts

Here’s hoping that Nintendo doesn’t pull a PUBG Corp and attempt to sue the devs of this upcoming MMO for making their game look too much like Pokemon, because we like the idea of having a new creature-battling title on the PC.

Source: Kickstarter

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