Warframe Getting New Open World and Nintendo Switch Version

As usual, this year’s TennoCon was chock-full of huge announcements. Just in case you’re a Warframe fan and somehow missed out on the announcements from Saturday, then allow us to take you through confirmation of the Warframe Nintendo Switch release, along with a new open-world area and a new PvE experience involving space combat coming to the action MMO.

warframe nintendo switch release

Yep, the folks at Digital Extremes have confirmed that they’re working with Panic Button – the studio behind the Switch versions of Doom, Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus and Rocket League – to bring their hi-fi sci-fi action MMO to the platform in full. Unfortunately, there’s no release date yet; all we’ve got right now is confirmation that it’s in development and a trailer.

As for Warframe as it stands now, another new open world region is due for the game in what’s perhaps an unsurprising move considering how well-received Plains of Eidolon was. This new content expansion, Fortuna, will take Tenno to the titular underground city of the Solaris United cyborg faction, which serves as the gathering area before players head out to the open realm of Orb Vallis.

While exploring the new region, players can expect to face off against new types of Corpus enemies, including new variants of well-known Corpus ground troops and massive Spider Bots. Traversing the open world will also be new, as players will get to trade their Archwings for Bondi K-Drive hoverboards.

Finally, a future update still in the works was revealed that will see Warframe players band together to battle in space. Codename: Railjack is a 1-4 player co-op PvE mode where players must work together to pilot a warship from Fortuna to open space. Players take positions to steer the vessel, maintain shields and systems, fire turrets at enemies, and even launch themselves with Archwings into enemy vessels to board them and take them down.

Fortuna is coming later in 2018, while Codename: Railjack has no firm release date yet. The full recap of TennoCon’s reveals, including two new Warframes in the works, gameplay footage of Railjack and Fortuna, and cosplay contest winners can be found here. A trailer for the Fortuna update is below.

Our Thoughts

The hits just keep on coming for Warframe! Not only is seeing another open world area for Warframe an awesome update, we’re also going to be seeing what sounds like an awesome space combat co-op PvE experience and another new MMO for the Nintendo Switch! Exciting times to be a fan of this title, indeed!

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