Summer Festival Comes to TERA Console Players Tomorrow

In case console players of TERA were somehow feeling left out from all of the bikinis and murder crabs of the PC version, we’ve got good news. The TERA console Summer Festival has been officially confirmed to arrive tomorrow, July 17th, with all of the summer fun and summer danger you could want.

tera console summer festival

Much like the Summer Festival of years prior, console players will get to take on a variety of dailies and mini-games at either the shoreline of Castanica or at Balder’s Refuge. Castanica lets players take on events like melon smashing and sand castle building, while the Festival of the Sun at Balder’s Refuge will see you clearing the temple of vermin.

Naturally, several rewards await players for participating in these events, with each location offering up specific Medallion currencies that will let players snap up things like accessories, enchanting materials, or Slaughter gear.

The Summer Event kicks off on PS4 and Xbox One Tuesday, July 17th and runs until Tuesday, August 7th. Information can be read here and a trailer can be viewed below.

Our Thoughts

Well, considering summer is pushing forward, we perhaps can’t be to completely surprised that the Summer Festival on console editions is no different than the PC version. While it is a shame there’s nothing really new here, this is all new to players on those platforms and so will hopefully be enjoyable to fans of the MMO on their console of choice.

Source: press release

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