New Online Test for Game Addiction Made Available

A group of academic researchers from universities in the UK, Germany, China, and Australia have released a new psychological test that will help you determine if you suffer from video game addiction. This test for game addiction takes just 10 minutes to complete and will help you determine where you rank for gaming disorder against others who have already taken the test.

Because gaming disorder is so new there aren’t really any metrics for if someone has gaming addiction or doesn’t. This is why the test compares you to others who have taken the test. Giving you an idea of where you fall compared to others. So, if for instance, 90% of participants have a lower score than you…that might be a good sign you have a game addiction.

The test also looks at your motivation for gaming and gives you a score on the 7 motivations they’ve selected. You can go on to do an extended version of the test that will dive even deeper into your gaming habits if you’re interested in a more detailed report.

Of course gaming disorder can only properly be diagnosed by an expert psychological counselor. This test is only intended to provide you context and perhaps encourage you to get help. It doesn’t take certain things into account that may impact the reasons you game so much like a disability.

The test is available for free online and you can find it here. We’d love to hear what you get on the test. That 90% example I gave above, that was my result. But I’m not worried. I can quit anytime.

Source: Forbes

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Battle Royale Weekly: News from Gaming’s Current Trend

Right now Battle Royale games are at the top of the gaming industry. They’re the latest trend being embraced by studios and as a result, we’re seeing more and more of them being announced every day. It can be difficult to follow them all though. Currently, we’re keeping track of more than 30 Battle Royale titles and expecting that list to grow all the time. To help you keep up with the genre we’re launching Battle Royale Weekly, a weekly look at Battle Royale games and the genre as a whole. So if you’re looking for the latest Battle Royale news you’re in the right place.


Battlefield V

Battlefield V is having another round of alpha testing beginning today. This one, just like the last will be for PC only. The playtest is based on the previous one, which means there won’t be anything new but they are looking to test player progression. They also made improvements to matchmaking and fixed issues with joining squads. You’ll be able to test a 64-player Conquest map along with Grand Operations day 1 and 2. The alpha will be available in many European countries and North America, but it is invite-only. Invitation codes are being sent out to a small group of Battlefield players. If you were lucky enough to take part in the last alpha test you’re automatically invited to this one as well. The test will be running for a limited time, though no end date has been announced yet.

Source: EA


Battlerite Royale

Just a few days ago Battlerite Royale became a standalone game and it will be going into Early Access next month. It was originally intended to launch this summer but thanks to the massive interest in the game and the constraints by some of the game’s systems, the developers have decided to go big. A roadmap for the development of the game has also recently gone live with details for the rest of 2018’s content updates, so be sure to go give that a look.

Source: Official Site


Crazy Justice

Crazy Justice is a Battle Royale title that doesn’t get a lot of mention at the moment, mostly because it isn’t actually playable yet. The game has a 100-player PvP mode in which you get to play one of dozens of heroes. What makes it stand out is that there are two modes of Battle Royale. In the normal Battle Royale, you’re playing without any abilities, or you can play Skill Royale mode which will give you access to your hero’s game-changing special skill. The game is planning on having cross-play between PC, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. The map is 6km2 with hidden areas, underwater areas, and hidden loot. According to their official site, they’re planning on entering Early Access sometime in August.

Source: Official Site


Cuisine Royale

What started out as an April Fools Day joke is indeed a full-fledged game. If you aren’t familiar with Cuisine Royale just know that your armor consists of colanders, woks, and waffle irons. The game is currently in Early Access on Steam. It is a game that is in active development getting new updates every few days. The most recent one landed today which introduced leaderboards. They’re separated by which of the three modes you’re playing in. To be shown on the boards, you need to take part in at least 20 battles with at least one victory in Duo/Squad. You can sort them by win or kill rating.

Source: Patch Notes


The Darwin Project

Today, The Darwin Project is holding a technical playtest for a couple of hours. In particular, they’re looking for feedback on the new Tile and new Tool, but you’ll be able to share your thoughts on all aspects of the game in a post playtest survey. The test will be running from 4 PM to 8 PM Eastern time. You can take part by completing the following steps on Steam:

  1. Go to your Steam library
    2. Right-click on Darwin Project and select Properties
    3. Go to the Beta tab and enter the playtest code: playtest73423482
    4. Click Check Code, then select Playtest from the drop-down menu
    5. Restart Steam and launch Darwin Project

Streamers will be able to stream the playtest, so even if you can’t take part you can still take a look and see how the game is doing right now.

Source: Official Site


Dying Light: Bad Blood

Dying Light: Bad Blood is another title that hasn’t been playable yet but by all accounts will be playable very soon. On the official site, you can sign up for global testing which is said to be coming soon. These global tests will run for a few days at a time on Steam. In this game, you’re fighting for a seat out of a zombie-infested area. You’ll have to fight off zombies as well as fellow players. To earn your seat out, you not only have to be the last one standing you also have to harvest blood from the infected.

Source: Official Site



Closed Beta testing for Egress started on August 1st, however a number of problems were uncovered during testing and as a result, they aren’t currently accepting more testers. On their official site, they say that the game needs a lot of improvement before they can invite even more players. The good news is that they’re already hard at work on improving the game. So hopefully it won’t be too long until more people can jump in.


Fear the Wolves

Fear The Wolves

Last month Fear the Wolves announced that they would be pushing back their Early Access by a few weeks. Since then there hasn’t been any word on when Early Access would begin or anything else really. On social media, they’re inviting more people to take part in beta testing which suggests that it may still be some time before we see the game start Early Access.

Source: Official Site



Fortnite is obviously one of the most talked about games at the moment as it is taking the world by storm. Because of this, we won’t be focusing on Fortnite unless the news is really big. Right now everyone is talking about streamer Ninja who recently said he won’t work with female gamers. This got a lot of backlash from gamers across the spectrum.

Source: Everyone is talking about it.


Fractured Lands

Fractured Lands has now been in Early Access for 3 weeks. On Steam it has mixed reviews, with a lot of people saying that it has potential. At the moment it seems as though they’re patching the game once a week, adding to it and improving what is already in place.

Source: Steam



Most recently H1Z1 launched on the Playstation 4 after having spent a few months in open beta. Since it launched there has already been a hotfix to take care of client performance, crashes, and other issues. There isn’t a whole lot more to say about the game though.

Source: Official Site


Knives Out

Knives Out isn’t currently supported in English but it is a massive hit for NetEase. In June, the game was number one on the iOS charts in Japan. This was part of a fantastic second quarter for the publishers who are shifting away from MMORPGs and embracing a wider variety of games, admittedly mostly mobile games. There aren’t any signs of Knives Out being released for Western audiences but we will continue to watch the game anyway in the hopes that something might change.



Mavericks: Proving Grounds

Mavericks: Proving Grounds

Mavericks has announced that they’re ditching the idea of Early Access, Closed Beta, Alpha, and all of that and instead just doing testing. There will be weekly updates to the game and you will be able to play at any time. Since E3, thousands of people have signed up to test the game. While we now don’t know when testing will begin, we at least know that once it does it will be staying on.

Source: Official Site


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

Just like Fortnite, we aren’t going to be covering PUBG in too much detail. The game already gets talked about quite a bit in the industry. With that being said though, there is some interesting testing going on in the game. If you play on Xbox One you can test out some highly sought after additions to the game. They are dynamic weather and limb penetration. The patch notes for this are massive and well worth a read if you plan on taking part.

Source: Official Site


Rapture Rejects

What was possibly the most amusing game to come out of E3, Rapture Rejects hasn’t really been heard from much since then. But thanks to a recent interview with Tinybuild’s CEO Alex Nichiporchik we now have a few more details. This summer they’re planning on having a closed alpha and based on the results of that closed alpha they’ll decide where to go next. Exactly when it is going to start wasn’t stated, but summer is quickly coming to an end. If you’re lucky enough to be attending PAX West you’ll be able to be one of the first members of the public to try out the game. It will be playable at the Tinybuild booth.

Source: Geekwire Interview




For a while, SOS was enjoying some moderate success for an indie game on Steam. But some changes were made to the game that suddenly made it massively unpopular. So, in an effort to bring players back they’ve released SOS: Classic. This classic version of the game won’t be developed and no new content will be added. So the game will exist exactly as it did before the game mode was changed. It’s also going to be free to play.

Source: Steam


The CullingThe Culling

Development on The Culling has started again now that the studio is refocusing their efforts on the game. Part of that refocus means a day one server that takes players all the way back to the beginning of The Culling in March of 2016. During the process of focusing on The Culling again, they’re going to be putting out surveys to their players to find out how they would like to see certain things go. The current survey is about Health Stations.

Source: Steam

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