Development on Elder Scrolls: Legends Ends

It seems like just yesterday we were watching Elder Scrolls: Legends get announced at E3, and now we have to report that development on the game has ended. This was announced on Reddit and said the following:

We would like to provide an update on Legends in regard to new content. Our previous roadmap indicated we would be releasing one more set this year. We decided to put any new content development or releases on hold for the foreseeable future. This decision will not in any way affect the release and development of GAEA’s Asia-specific version of Legends, which is operated separately, but will inform our decisions on content and feature development going forward.

Until then, you can still download and play Legends on all existing platforms and compete online as well as in the single-player modes. We will also continue to support the game with monthly reward cards and regular in-game events. New expansions and other future content, however, are no longer under active development. We will continue to provide ongoing maintenance support.

To thank you all for supporting Legends these past few years, and for continuing to play with us, we are giving away The Tamriel Collection – an assortment of new, three-attribute cards and more – to all players for free upon their next login. We are immensely grateful to work on The Elder Scrolls: Legends, to have you as a community, and we sincerely appreciate the love and support you’ve given us.


So, while the card game isn’t being worked on anymore it isn’t being turned off either. But, most games that go into maintenance mode only last a few months to a year or two at best. The original Guild Wars is one of the most notable outliers. At this point Elder Scrolls: Legends days are sadly numbered. Nothing else has been said about the game going into maintenance mode but we will be keeping an eye out for any more news.


Source: Reddit

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The Elder Scrolls: Legends – Moons of Elsweyr Exclusive Reveal

It definitely seems like Sparkypants Studios really kicked The Elder Scrolls: Legends into high gear. It wasn’t too long ago that the Alliance War expansion was released and Moons of Elsweyr is right around the corner. Once again, we’ve partnered with the studio to bring you an exclusive card release: Reanimate!

The Elder Scrolls: Legends – Moons of ElsweyrWhile it might seem a bit expensive for its effect, Reanimate could definitely swing a game in favor of control heavy decks. Not only does it unconditionally bring a creature back to life but ‘Summon’ effects will also trigger. This could mean a second Miraak or Kaalgrontiid. Scarier yet, with the right strategy these could even be played a few turns early.

Here’s some additional commentary from Community Manager Christian Van Hoose:

Reanimate is a simple card with a big effect. While nine magicka is an incredibly high cost for an Action, this card’s effect can be worth a lot more – you can have your choice of any creature in your discard pile and summon it to the board immediately. Endurance cards have been able to summon creatures from the discard pile before, but rarely with no restrictions like Reanimate. Players will even be able to “cheat” huge creatures to the board by discarding them from their hand or deck earlier in the game. If you have an Alduin (whose cost starts at 20) in your discard pile by the time you can play Reanimate, it’s not going to matter that you don’t have 20 magicka – you’ll be able to play it right then and there!

The Elder Scrolls: Legends – Moons of Elsweyr

Moons of Elsweyr will bring more than 75 new cards to The Elder Scrolls: Legends on June 27!

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A Look at The Elder Scrolls: Legends Alliance War

With the official release of The Elder Scrolls: Legends Alliance War, Sparkypants Studios has released its first full-fledged expansions since taking over the digital CCG from Dire Wolf Digital. Earlier this year, Sparkypants also released the Isle of Madness story chapter, which featured an interactive story (similar to how Hearthstone used to do Adventures) and a specific amount of cards at a set price. This was a great addition to the game, as it added a bit of flavor while granting players access to a set of 55 cards for a fair price that managed to supplement the previous card sets while adding the new ‘double card’ mechanic.

However, Alliance War is an entire expansion that introduces more than 100 cards (104 to be exact), four new game mechanics, and five new triple-attribute factions representing the Aldmeri Dominion, Daggerfall Covenant, Ebonheart Pact, Empire of Cyrodiil, and Guildsword. Surely this will shake up the meta!

The Elder Scrolls Legends Alliance War


The Perfect Combination

With the introduction of the 5 new factions, it’s now possible for players to make every 3-color attribute combination currently in the game. This leads to a lot of new creative combinations and lets players easily build decks around the strengths and weakness present in each attribute. However, the downside, similar to the Houses of Morrowind, is that 3-color decks require a minimum of 75 cards instead of the standard 50. When it comes to pulling out complex combos, or top decking the winning card, more is not better.

In order to compensate for an increased deck size, new triple attribute cards have been introduced and many of which are incredibly powerful or offer excellent value. For Example, Jorunn the Skald-King is a 5-cost Ebonheart Pact Legendary who is a 5/5, immune to silence, reduces friendly creature costs by 1, and makes enemy non-creatures cost 1 more. That’s an incredible value, especially if he can stick around for more than 1 turn. However, even the lowly 2-cost Guildsworn Apprentice is a great 1/2 that has Prophecy, Guard, and draws a card.

All in all, each of the new factions comes with a set of complementary triple attribute cards that either carry excellent value or have powerful mechanics. Some of the cards do require proper setup, such as Ayrenn’s Chosen, but many will likely become deck staples.

The Elder Scrolls Legends Alliance War


A Plethora of Abilities

Usually, new card keywords are introduced one or two at a time, but in Alliance War there are a total of four new mechanics to play with: Veteran, Empower, Expertise, and Mobilize. Veteran grants creatures a new ability after their first attack, Empower boosts a card in your hand when an opponent is damaged, Expertise buffs a card on the battlefield after playing an item, support or action, and Mobilize allows you to play an item to an empty lane attached to a 1/1 recruit.

While it’s nice to have new toys to play with, a few of these mechanics are quite clunky while others require high rolling to be effective. We’ll start by looking at Mobilize. In theory, it’s nice to have an option to play an item without requiring a creature. However, this keyword limits an item’s power in favor of flexibility because if it was too strong then mobilize items would be auto include in every deck. Most of the Mobilize items wouldn’t be great played on the curve, either on a creature or attached to a recruit.

However, there are a couple that stand out, such as the Ebonthread Cloak that can be useful at all stages in the game by providing action immunity to important creatures. Cruel Axe could also see uses against aggressive decks either to trade early or pump up a guard creature. Unfortunately, the rest of the items just seem too costly to use, especially the shiny Covenant Masterpiece that does just about everything but isn’t good enough in one area.

The Elder Scrolls Legends Alliance War

Veteran seems to be in a slightly better place than mobilize but is still a little awkward to play with. It gives creatures a bonus if they survive their initial attack, which means they’re typically weak if played on the curve. There are some interesting options, however, such as the Pact Shieldbearer that increases the opponent’s action costs by 4 the next turn. It doesn’t have charge so your opponent has one turn to play around it by either killing it, or dumping actions that round, so its effectiveness can be marginalized by a good player. Then there’s Invoker of the Hist, which completely restores your magicka after its first attack; definitely a high-roller’s dream.

Then there’s Expertise, which seems to be a little more conservative with its value swings. Most of the cards with Expertise are already decent on the curve and the bonuses are typically smaller such as +1/+1 or 2 damage to your opponent. There are some good value options including the 3-cost 4/3 Vanus’s Scribe that reduces the cost of an action in your hand. Of course, there’s also Vanus Galerion himself at 11-magicka that deals 3 damage, heals you for 3, and lets you draw 3 cards. It might be difficult to pull off, but if you do the game’s probably over at that point.

Finally, we come to Empower. I found this keyword to be the best out of the bunch because it’s attached to some very powerful cards and has even created a new deck archetype. Empower boosts cards in different ways based on how many times an opponent has been damaged. Spoils of War, for example, is a 5-cost action that lets you draw 2 cards. Normally, this would be terrible but its cost is decreased by 1 each time the opponent is damaged; in certain decks it’s not difficult to cast this for free. Entire decks are being constructed around the new Soul Shred card, which mills the opponent’s deck based on how many attributes they’re playing and how much damage they’ve taken in a turn. With the right setup, it’s possible to make your opponent discard their entire deck, and then all that’s left is the cleanup.

The Elder Scrolls Legends Alliance War



Overall, Alliance War has introduced some powerful new cards, play options, and interesting mechanics, but the game itself still has a lot of room to grow. Furthermore, this set has fallen into the same trap as previous Elder Scrolls: Legends sets and has ignored most of the previous archetypes that were setup in past expansions.

This typically wouldn’t be a problem, but each past set felt like it spread itself too thin and didn’t give a lot of deckbuilding options for unique card types. Alliance War didn’t include multi-attribute cards for any of the past combinations, nor was there a single dragon, factotum, double card, or card with exalt, plot, rally or betray keyword. It just feels like a waste to create all of these different card ideas and then only use them for a single set.

Thankfully, Sparkypants is picking up the pace this year and already have 3 more expansions planned out through 2019. Hopefully they’ll start to minimize the amount of new keywords and card types and shift to fleshing out the vast amount that are already available in the game.

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The Elder Scrolls: Legends Alliance War Exclusive Card Reveal

We’re just a few days away from the release of The Elder Scrolls: Legends – Alliance War, the upcoming expansion to the successful Elder Scrolls card game based on the endless war of the alliances as seen in Elder Scrolls Online. Bethesda has reached out to us with an exclusive opportunity to reveal a card from the Alliance War expansion pack. Alliance War is going to have more than 100 new cards when it releases on April 15th. It is available on PC, iOS, and Android.

So, without any further delay here is a short message from Community Manager for The Elder Scrolls: Legends Christian Van Hoose to explain the Daedric Titan card.

Daedric Titan is a powerful five-cost creature that can hold its own against both Aggro decks and Control decks. Usually, a four-health creature for five magicka would be a bit problematic, as commonly-played removal actions like Lightning Bolt would be able to easily dispatch of it – not the case with Daedric Titan! As long as you have another creature in each lane, the Titan can’t be targeted by your opponent’s actions, so your opponent is going to have to deal with it the hard way: with their creatures. If you can keep it protected, they’ll have to clear out your other creatures before being able to target it. Additionally, the Drain keyword will allow you to gain valuable health against aggressive decks, so even your Aggro opponents will have to find a way to deal with the Titan.


We would like to thank Christian Van Hoose and everyone working on The Elder Scrolls: Legends for giving us the opportunity to reveal this badass looking card. If you haven’t played The Elder Scrolls: Legends yet what are you waiting for? The base game is entirely free to play. If you preorder Alliance War ($49.99) you will receive 50 card packs, an Alliance War Legendary card, plus the exclusive Warmonger title and premium card back which will be available once the expansion goes live.

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The Elder Scrolls: Legends Interview – Sparkypants

Recently, the development of Bethesda’s CCG, The Elder Scrolls: Legends, changed hands from Dire Wolf Digital to Sparkypants Studios, which is mostly known for its real-time strategy game Dropzone. According to Bethesda, this shift was to better support the players and provide more regular updates to the game. In order to help clear up some confusion regarding the change, we spoke with Sparkypants’ QA manager Gavin Niebel.

The Elder Scrolls: Legends Sparkypants


Hello and thank you for taking the time to speak with MMOGames. Could you please introduce yourself and role with the company?

Hey there, thanks for taking the time to reach out to us. My name is Gavin Niebel and I am the QA Manager here at Sparkypants, but you can also find my hands in production, community management, and some bug fixing.


How long ago did Sparkypants know that it was going to take over development of The Elder Scrolls: Legends and what kind of preparations did you make?

I believe final paperwork was signed in the last week of December 2017, so preparation was a large combination of getting an engine design spun up as well as playing massive amounts of matches using the version of the game that was already live. A lot of us are not only fans of Elder Scrolls lore, but very much into card games and board games, so you could say that everything leading up to this collaboration with Bethesda was unknowingly a form of preparation.


What are some of the key changes that you plan to make to the game?

What you have already seen with our UI and art direction is obviously one of the biggest changes we planned to make. Beyond that, we definitely want to improve upon the frequency of updates for our players; new cards, new stories, new puzzles, as well as more customization options like new playmats, more cardbacks, and customizable avatars.


I heard that you’re working on a new Tournament game mode. What are some of its features and what can players expect from it?

We definitely have some plans in this regard but, as you’ll see in the last question, our first goal is to get the game in great shape and with a platform we can reliably build upon. So, unfortunately, I can’t reveal anything on this just yet.


Previously, players were rewarded with a new card at the end of every season based on their ranking. Will this feature be coming back?

Yes, absolutely. October’s card may be delayed a few days but after that you can expect a normal cadence for the monthlies!


Will there be any new ways in which players can earn in-game currency or unlock cards?

We’ll explore all aspects of the game once we are on a stable footing but there’s not much I say on this right now.


Do you plan to continue to produce story chapters, similar to The Fall of The Dark Brotherhood?

Yes, without a doubt. We have one in the works right now, which Pete mentioned during QuakeCon called, Isle of Madness. And while I have no official announcement about 2019 plans, I can say for sure our intention is to continue to produce more story chapters. We look forward to the response from our players.


We’ve heard that the next expansion will be Isle of Madness. Is there anything that you can tell us about it, such as new cards, archetypes or abilities?

Unfortunately there isn’t anything I can really say at this point, other than what has already been announced. There will be about 40+ new cards and the story will be broken up into three parts. You’ll just have to wait for Bethesda’s own CVH to release more information in the coming weeks.


What does the future look like for The Elder Scrolls: Legends?

Very, very busy! Not only are we working on pushing out more updates to add layers of polish, we have the FrostSpark Collection coming very soon, adding 11 new cards to the game to hopefully shake up the existing meta. Beyond that, we’re working on the next story expansion, Isle of Madness, and more to come in 2019.


Is there anything else that you would our readers to know about the game?

By far our top priority is to continue polishing the game. Legends is a broad game. We completely re-created an excellent game that had been in development for years: client, game servers, backend services, operations, player migration, all of it. Realistically, it will take a few updates to shake out all the systems, to get into some real polish, and to start getting in some much-requested features. Hopefully players are starting to see that with the first couple of updates.

Simply put, all of us at Sparky are here for the players. That’s all we care about. We’re dedicated to making TESL shine brighter than ever before. We read all your comments on reddit and other social media, and really, it’s all about prioritizing. We’re working hard as hell to get as many fixes out the door, as fast as possible, so bear with us if some bugs take longer to fix than others. We’ll get there. Promise.


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Development of The Elder Scrolls: Legends Changes Hands

Fans of The Elder Scrolls: Legends are being duly informed that the development of the online CCG is being passed to a new company. An announcement on the game’s Steam page has confirmed the new TES Legends developer and offered a bit of an explanation as to why.

new tes legends developer

From this point forward, development of TES Legends will be handed over from Dire Wolf Digital to Sparkypants Studios, a group of “seasoned developers with a deep bench of experience across multiple genres and platforms” according to the announcement.

The shift in developers is meant to better support TES Legends and provide regular updates to the online CCG, which includes work on previously discussed features and mechanics. “We believe that this move allows us to deliver on the promise of Legends to our players in the best possible way under Bethesda’s guidance and direction,” explains the post.

The post also offers an FAQ that assures fans that this move isn’t indicative of the health of TES Legends. “Legends is a game enjoyed by a vast number of players all over the world, with a passionate and dedicated community,” reads the post. “This transition is indicative only of our commitment to the long-term health and growth of the game.”

Our Thoughts

The proof, ultimately, will be in the pudding that Sparkypants Studios stirs together, but we can certainly trust that Bethesda knows what it’s doing in terms of handing over dev duties to an entirely different studio. Does this announcement concern you, or are you hoping this will lead to good things for the CCG?

Source: Steam

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Houses of Morrowind Adds a Splash of Color to The Elder Scrolls: Legends

When I say that Houses of Morrowind adds color to The Elder Scrolls: Legends, I mean that both figuratively and literally. One of the key defining traits for the Houses of Morrowind expansion to The Elder Scrolls: Legends is that it allows players to now use a third attribute in their decks, which means players will see a lot more color combination on the battlefield. However, Dire Wolf Digital also took the liberty of adding some very ‘colorful’ cards based on the unique Morrowind lore.

When the Houses of Morrowind cards first began to be leaked, I was a little skeptical about the legitimacy of the set. Some of the first reveals were cards like Jiub, Stolen Pants, and Mudcrab Merchant. It seemed like the focus was solely going to be on finding fun, create ways to insert Morrowind lore into the card game, but for the most part these lore-heavy card reveals were either incredibly niche or seemingly unplayable. If I ever see Jiub turn into Jiub, Eradicator of the Winged Menace in any competitive format, I’ll be pleasantly surprised.

TESL Houses of Morrowind

There were also a lot of other legendary cards that simply felt like filler or that they were trying to create a strategy that wasn’t quite viable. I’ve never been a fan of cards like Unite the Houses (win if you have a card of every attribute in play) that provide alternative victory conditions or Vivec, which prevents you from losing altogether. These create strategies that can be frustrating to play against and are usually more difficult to get to work correctly than the effort that it’s worth.

Then we have the Tribunal. Vivec (who was mentioned earlier), Sotha Sil, and Almalexia. Each of these is a powerhouse that can be exalted (enhanced for additional Magicka) to bring game changing effects to the board. Vivec simply prevents you from losing if you have an exalted creature, Sotha Sil summons an 8/8 Awakened Imperfect at the end of each turn and Almalexia gives friendly exalted creatures damage immunity. Furthermore, each one comes with stats ranging from 8/8 to 12/12. The Tribunal all looked incredibly strong on paper, but would high-cost cards with little immediate board impact manage to find a spot in practice?

Despite my initial skepticism of the cards themselves, the idea of getting to play with three attributes in a single deck, represented by the Houses of Morrowind, was very exciting to me. I’ve always liked the idea of multi-colored decks. Year ago, when I still played Magic: The Gathering, I was always experimenting with 3 or 4 colors in a single deck. Unfortunately, due to mana requirements and other constraints, those decks were usually less efficient and more difficult to use than mono or dual-colored decks. Even so, it was always exciting when I got the opportunity to summon some crazy, powerful creature like Nicol Bolas or Chromium.

Of course, in The Elder Scrolls: Legends, like most digital cards games, players don’t have to rely on drawing mana. This makes it difficult to balance high-powered, multi-color/class cards because there’s no inherent drawback. Dire Wolf managed to handle this by increasing tri-colored deck size from 50 to 75 cards but keeping specific cards limited to 3 per deck. This makes it more difficult to draw out specific cards or combos, however, these decks have access to more multi-colored cards and new tri-colored cards. Some of these cards are offer unique forms of utility, such as Divayth’s Experiments that can summon two copies of a friendly creature (at the cost of sacrificing another creature), or offer up monstrous value like Dagoth Ur who has Breakthrough, Charge, Drain, Guard, Lethal, Ward, and an 8/8 body for 12 Magicka.

TESL Houses of Morrowind

After having the opportunity to play a few of the tri-colored decks, and watch some professional streamers, there’s definitely a few viable options already out there. Tribunal control allows players to dictate the pace of a match with Intelligence, Willpower, and Endurance. Having access to Ancano, Dawn’s Wrath, and Miraak in the same deck can definitely be scary, but the early game control is nothing to scoff at either with access to execute, firebolt, and Sorcerer’s Negation. There also seems to be decent success with Dagoth, Hlaalu, and Redoran decks that have managed to be viable in the Legend ranks.

In addition to feeling satisfied with the viability of the tri-colored decks themselves, I was also a bit relieved once the full set list was made available. Yes, there were a couple of ‘meme-tier’ cards in the set, but there are also tons of viable new options to many deck archetypes. Cards like Aundae Clan Sorcerer are straight up scary in the right scenario, but there are some more subtle, quality of life cards such as Bushwhack that simply give players a lot more options, which should be the point of a CCG expansion and not to simply powercreep on previous sets. That being said, I’m sure some over-powered cards or combinations will rise from Houses of Morrowind and it will be interesting to see how the meta changes to future balance updates.

In addition to changing deck functionality and implementing new cards, there are also a few new promotions that could assist new players in building their first decks or veterans in securing the house legendary cards. Currently, there are five themed decks that can be purchased for $7.99 or 1000 gold. Each represents Dagoth, Hlaalu, Redoran, Telvanni, or the Tribunal and includes a powerful tri-colored legendary card and 74 other cards ranging from common to epic. Overall, these are a fairly good value and at least a way to obtain a few specific cards that seem relatively important to the set.

TESL Houses of Morrowind

Overall, Houses of Morrowind is such a fun set that brings so much to The Elder Scrolls: Legends, and I’m already pleased to see how popular the tri-colored decks have become. My favorite aspect of TESL, which certain other digital CCGs don’t have, is the option to mix and match attributes and this expansion has added another layer of depth to that part of the game. More choices means more deck variety and a lower chance that only a couple of decks will dominate the meta. I personally can’t wait to see what players come up with while having access to three attributes and 75 cards per deck.


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The Elder Scrolls: Legends – Morrowind Reveal: Haunted Manor

Houses of Morrowind, the next expansion for The Elder Scrolls: Legends CCG, is scheduled to release next week on March 28, and we’ve got an exclusive card to reveal from the new set: Haunted Manor.

Elder Scrolls Legends Haunted Manor


Haunted Manor will be representing House Hlaalu, which focuses on Strength, Willpower, and Agility. It is a 3-cost support that provides a +2/+2 bonus to the second creature summoned each turn. Even without seeing the rest of the Houses of Morrowind set, there already seems to be a lot of potential utility to this card.

The most obvious use for Haunted Manor would be in an aggressive deck, which Strength and Agility already do quite well. Being able to drop a 3/3 Nord Firebrand (Strength) with Charge for 0 Magicka sounds like a pretty good deal. Combine this with Praetorian Commander (Willpower) and things could quickly get out of hand.

However, Haunted Manor could also be useful in control-oriented decks. Being able to drop a 4-Magicka, 5/8 Hive Defender would definitely put a damper on an aggressive opponent. Likewise, having access to a 3-Magicka 4/4 Giant Bat with Charge and Drain would help pad health for the late game and allow for some incredibly efficient trades.

While Haunted Manor looks great on paper, there will be a few downsides to it. First off, being a support means that it can be easily dealt with if removal is in the meta. Additionally, having to run three attributes in a 75-card deck means that it will be difficult to even draw the card in the first place.

In case you missed the earlier announcement, Houses of Morrowind will bring the five houses to The Elder Scrolls Legends, decks will be allowed three attributes, deck sizes can be increased to 100 cards, and there are five new keywords.

  • RALLY | House Redoran [STR] [WIL] [END]

Whenever a Rally creature attacks, it gives a random creature in your hand +1/+1.

  • BETRAY | House Telvanni [INT] [AGI] [END]

After you play this action, you may sacrifice a creature to play it again. Players can only perform betray once per action.

  • PLOT | House Hlaalu [STR] [WIL] [AGI]

Plot abilities trigger if you’ve played another card that turn. All three of Hlaalu’s attributes – Strength, Willpower, and Agility – have lots of inexpensive cards that will help your plots come to fruition.

  • EXALT | Tribunal Temple [INT] [WIL] [END]

Exalt offers a creature a bonus if you pay more magicka for it. Paying the exalt cost results in the creature becoming “Exalted” – an important distinction should the gods makes an appearance.

  • FIVE POWER MATTERS | House Dagoth [STR] [INT] [AGI]

House Dagoth doesn’t wield a traditional keyword. Instead, it seeks raw power. Dagoth cards, found in Strength, Intelligence, and Agility, reward you for having creatures with 5 or more power.


We’re already excited for this new expansion and can’t wait to see what else will be revealed on March 28, 2018.

Source: Press Release

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Morrowind is Coming to The Elder Scrolls: Legends

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Morrowind is Coming to The Elder Scrolls: Legends

It’s probably unsurprising that an online CCG based on The Elder Scrolls series of games would create an expansion out of one of its most defining locations. Still, that doesn’t mean that the announced arrival of the Houses of Morrowind expansion for The Elder Scrolls: Legends isn’t something for fans to get excited about.

houses of morrowind

Houses of Morrowind is due to arrive on Wednesday, March 28th. The expansion will add 140 new cards that hearken back to both the third game in the venerable RPG series and the content update of ESO – namely, the ability for players to align with one of the five Great Houses of the region and unlock three-attribute decks.

The three-attribute system allows players to now craft new types of decks by way of new three-attribute cards. These special cards can let players put a third “color” into their deck for enhanced strategies and new synergies. To make room for this new mechanic, decks can now be as large as 100 cards instead of the previous maximum of 70.

In addition to these new card types, there are new keywords being added for each of the Great Houses of Morrowind, including Rally for House Redoran and Plot for House Hlaalu. More on what these keywords do, along with peeks at some of the new cards arriving with the expansion, can be found on the game’s website.

Our Thoughts

It was only a matter of time before Morrowind made its way to the CCG of TES. Still, it’s nice to not only see the region referenced in the game, but also see that it’s bringing in some very intriguing new mechanics as well; adding a third attribute could definitely widen the strategies available to players pretty significantly!

Source: press release

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Best Mobile Game of 2017

The end of the year has come and that means it’s time to take a look back at the year that has been. It certainly hasn’t been an easy one. We’ve had a decline in the number of new games releasing and we’ve had to say goodbye to some fan favorites.

But it has also been a good year. This year we saw a number of MMOs release expansions, and we watched as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds soared in popularity.

Only time can tell if 2017 will be a good year or a bad year.

Best mobile game of 2017

However, you can decide what was the best this year. It’s time for MMOGames’ 4th annual Best of the Year Awards as voted for by you the reader. This year we have 10 different categories for you to vote on ranging from mobile games to MMO expansions.

Every year we see the release of more and more mobile games and it looks like the trend is going to continue next year as many eastern titles get mobile versions. But before we get to Black Desert Online M, Tera M, or any of the other MMORGs adding M to their name we want to know what you think of the games we have now. Which game would you say was the best Mobile game of 2017?

To place your vote just scroll through the games listed below and click on the button marked Vote. If you’d like to vote for a game that isn’t listed let us know in the comments and we will quickly get it added. Make sure you visit each page to vote for your favorite games in each category they’re nominated in. Come back every day until January 3rd when the voting ends for another chance to vote. No logging in required.

In the end all the winners will be featured in the Reader’s Choice Best of 2017 Awards along with all the bragging rights that come along with it. Who wins is entirely up to you, so be sure to share this within your circle of friends, your guilds, and the communities for the games you loved this year.

Remember, voting ends on January 3rd and you’re able to vote once a day which means you can vote for more than one game if you like. What you do with your votes is entirely up to you.






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