The Exiled Goes Free to Play, Heads Back to the Drawing Board

Turns out the Survival Mode addition was not a big enough shot in the arm for sandbox MMO The Exiled. In the latest patch notes for the game, plans to make The Exiled free to play have been announced, along with plans to reconsider where to take the title from here.

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“As you all noticed, The Exiled did not live up to the expectations we had for it, leading to a very small players base and little player interaction,” begins a note from the developers. To that point, two major adjustments to Survival Mode have been made; namely, the removal of the three-hour Survival worlds access window and making the game fully free-to-play, provided you don’t want Founder’s Packs goodies like extra skins or character slots.

As for what happens to The Exiled from here, the devs appear to be planning to reset the game entirely instead of chasing what could be considered quick fixes. “Yes, we have read multiple suggestions to ‘just get a publisher’, to ‘just spend some money on marketing’ or ‘just make the game free-to-play’,” explains the post. “We have spent the last four years of our lives living and breathing The Exiled and we are fully aware of the options we have.”

For the time being, the current incarnation of The Exiled will remain online and operational with minor bug fixes, but major adjustments will not be forthcoming until a “convincing plan” for the sandbox’s future is made.

Our Thoughts

It’s certainly a pity that The Exiled didn’t seem to really take hold, but then again the survival sandbox MMO does feel awfully crowded nowadays. Here’s hoping the free-to-play conversion brings in some fresh faces and The Exiled’s devs can come up with a plan to make their game stand out.

Source: Steam via Massively Overpowered

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