LotRO Opens the Palantir Preview Program

How would you like to be a beta tester for Lord of the Rings Online? You’re not being paid for it, of course, that’d just be silly! But if you’re a devoted fan that would like to try to make the MMORPG better, then perhaps the LotRO Palantir Preview Program is for you.

lotro palantir preview program

The Palantir Preview Program is much the same as the preview program prior to July 2012. Players who are VIP or Premium members in good standing and are 18+ can apply to join the program and test in-development LotRO content and provide feedback to the devs. It’s basically like a regular beta test but in smaller scale and for a period of six months.

There are a number of caveats potential applicants will want to bear in mind before submitting their information for consideration. Notably, regular participation in both the server and with the developers. Applicants are also being asked to stay on-task and keep pace with an “aggressive development cycle.”

If none of those are roadblocks to you, then you can learn more about the Palantir Preview Program, including an FAQ, on the game’s forums.

Our Thoughts

So on the one hand, free labor, guys? Really? On the other, those who would be interested in joining this preview program are likely more interested in trying to make LotRO better for everyone overall than they are in getting compensated, so perhaps that’s a moot point. In any case, we do hope that these unpaid testers provide the devs with the kind of feedback they seek in order to keep this MMORPG growing.

Source: official forums

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