Hearthstone Elaborates on The Witchwood’s Monster Hunts

While The Witchwood has been out for a few days now, one part of the new Hearthstone expansion hasn’t been unlocked yet: The Witchwood Monster Hunts. With only about a week to go until it arrives, the CCG’s mission design team has put together a little informational post detailing what the new single-player content is bringing to the table.

the witchwood monster hunts

Players of the Dungeon Run content in Kobolds & Catacombs will be pretty familiar with the base mechanics of Monster Hunts, but with a couple of important-to-note twists. For one, players won’t be taking one of the game’s nine existing classes but will be taking command of one of four different Hunters, each with their own distinct abilities that change the game in some interesting ways. Entering hunts with each of the Hunters awards you with a Witchwood card pack, and finishing Hunts with all four of the Hunters will unlock the fight with the source of The Witchwood’s troubles, Hagatha.

When entering The Witchwood, players have the chance of encountering over 45 different bosses, including Nemesis encounters. Bosses in the Monster Hunt are all new to this mode, and the Nemesis system grants each Hunter a unique boss fight as well as a bit of narrative spin to the encounters. Taking on these fights will reward Treasures, including mostly new rewards and some returning goodies.

The Witchwood posts the bills for the Monster Hunt on Thursday, April 26th. A Hearthside Chat with the devs can be seen below.

Our Thoughts

We like the fact that the devs are taking a few new steps with Hearthstone’s single-player content. Considering our conversation with Ben Brode while at PAX East this year, it sounds like this CCG’s going to push the single-player envelope more over the course of later updates.

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