Overwatch Unveils an “Avoid as Teammate” Feature

Let’s say you’ve run into that one Overwatch player that seems hell-bent on screwing around with you or your team but isn’t quite doing something that would qualify them for an in-game report. Enter the upcoming Overwatch Avoid as Teammate feature, an in-the-works option intended to let players better control their experience.

overwatch avoid as teamate

A developer video from director Jeff Kaplan announced the feature, which lets players add up to two users to a list that will make sure they no longer enter that person’s team for a total of seven days. Players may still run into folks on their avoid list in-game, but only as members of an opposing team.

According to Kaplan, the feature can be used as both a way for players to more easily ignore those who do things like complain about hero choices, or as a supplement to existing report features so players won’t be paired with the more vile folks in-game. Kaplan also mentioned that players who have been added to numerous avoid lists could receive an in-game warning, but he suspects that this will happen to “a very small percentage” of players.

The new feature could have some wider side effects such as longer queue times, which is why the feature is currently limited to two names right now. Kaplan believes that this will not be so prevalent of an issue at the mid-tier level, but could be more of a problem at GM level or in smaller regions and during off-hours. That said, the devs will be keeping an eye on the system and adjust as necessary.

Avoid as Teammate is heading to the game at some point before the start of Season 10. You can check out the full explanation video below.

Our Thoughts

Almost immediately we’re thinking about how people can abuse this new system to troll completely innocent players, such as marshaling a large force of Overwatch players to add one name to their avoid lists in order to cause them grief. We’re not sure that an algorithm, no matter how well it’s monitored, will work better than actual humans handling reports on a regular basis. What do you think of this new Avoid as Teammate feature?

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