Tree of Savior Readies Server Merges and a New Hidden Class

Admittedly, we haven’t heard a lot of big things coming out of the painterly MMOARPG Tree of Savior. With that said, a Tree of Savior server merge announcement along with the reveal of a new hidden class for the Swordsman tree probably qualifies. Or at least is of interest to players of the game.

tree of savior server merge

First, the server merge: players on the NA and SEA servers will see their two servers smoosh into one, with NA’s Orsha and Klaipeda combining into a single Klaipeda server, and SEA’s Telsiai and Varena servers combining to form the single Telsiai server.

If your Team – AKA the shared surname of all of your characters – resides on one of these servers, then they should transfer over with little issue. If you have Teams on both servers, however, transfers will work differently. The Team with either the highest total XP or the largest number of characters will be made your primary Team. Data from the secondary team could be lost, including storage slots and character slots exceeding your account’s maximum number.

Server merges are expected to take place on Tuesday, March 13th. If you’re a player on any of the above servers, you’ll want to read up on how transfers will work and what gets merged.

Now, onto the gameplay stuff: players of the Swordsman tree will be getting a new hidden class that doesn’t use a sword whatsoever, interestingly enough. the Nak Muay class leverages their fists, feet, elbows and knees to deal devastating strikes on their foes. Details on the class are sparse, but the official site does offer a look at some of the skills of the class, along with a release date of February 20th and an absolutely gorgeous class theme which can be heard below.

Our Thoughts

Server merges usually mean populations are thin, so take that to mean what you will for Tree of Savior’s NA and SEA playerbase. Ideally, these merges will mean more people playing together, but we’ll have to wait and see how that works. We’re going to focus on the positive instead and marvel at that lovely theme music as well as the attack animations of the Nak Muay in the meanwhile.

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