Rift Prime Server a Success

Can you believe it, Rift Prime is already a month old and best of all, Trion is calling it a rousing success! Thousands of players have taken to the server in the month since it started. Queues were even a regular occurrence at the start. According to Amanda Fry, a producer on Rift, “A dynamic event in Silverwood on day one had the most participants of any event in RIFT history! Nearly a thousand people were tackling the challenge, and the sheer volume of activity and teamwork there was simply awesome to see. Right then we knew that we made the right call with RIFT Prime.”

While Scott Hartsman, CEO of Trion Worlds wanted to talk about the community. “RIFT Prime has been a huge success the first month in, and we can’t thank the RIFT community enough for supporting it. We pride ourselves on being able adapt in ways that make sense for our players and will give them what they want in our games, and RIFT Prime is a great example of that.”


Since the launch of Rift Prime players have completed over 5 million quests and tens of thousands of dungeons. And yet somehow villain groups still manage to find more goons willing to join their fight.

While Trion is celebrating the success they’ve had so far they’re also looking ahead to the next month which will see the introduction of more content. In particular, the first raid will be introduced in the coming weeks where they’re taking on the might Gweenscale! *Cough* I mean…Greenscale, dragon god of the Plane of Life.

If you haven’t played on the Rift Prime progression server there is still plenty of time to get involved and now is the best time to do it before new content is introduced.


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Fate of Devilian Currently Unknown

Success can bring about strange circumstances and odder casualties. If we were to poll people on the first games that come to mind for Trion it might be Atlas Reactor or Rift. Ask the same about Bluehole and likely the answer is TERA.
The oft-forgotten shared child is the Diablo-like Devilian.

The recent issue, raised on the forums and reported by our friends in both Massively OP and MMORPG, is regarding the fate of Devilian in the light of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds huge successes. A recent tip to MMORPG expressed concern over a Windows 10 issue that has so far remained unresolved.devilian

There’s also concern that Devilian may not be getting support from its creators anymore. This has come about because of a complex business web. Trion publishes Devillian in North America and Europe. The Bluehole subsidiary that created Devillian and worked on the mobile version has been renamed to the PUBG Corp and its clear focus is upon PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Bluehole themselves are working with another publisher in Kakao Games for the upcoming A:IR.

Players have been left wondering what is to come and what they can expect from the future. Will there ever be a fix for the Windows 10 problem? Sadly all Trion can say is that they are in active discussions about the game. Does this mean that the end is nigh or is this a case of a lesser known game suffering neglect due to a newer more popular younger sibling?

Speaking to MMORPG a representative for Trion said, “We are still in active discussions with Bluehole Ginno to resolve the Windows issue, but there’s unfortunately not be much I can say at this point. Talks regarding support for the game are ongoing, and we’re hoping to have more information for Devilian players soon. We’ll be sure to let you know when we can.”

We will keep our eyes on it as it unfolds but given the focus in the PUBG Corp on the new golden child, I wouldn’t hold out hope for good news in the long term.
Who knows what may happen with the tangled web, but the signs aren’t looking good right now.
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