Action MMO CABAL Online releases its Triumph update

MMO publishers ESTsoft Inc. have released the latest Triumph update for the techno-punk fantasy fan favourite, CABAL Online. Since 2005, the free-to-play MMO mainstay has been Keeping. Things. Fresh. By consistently challenging even the most hardened of veteran MMORPG players, CABAL online has stood the test of time, bringing its own unique spin on the genre through fluid real-time combat, intricate class combo systems and fast-paced gameplay. So it’s no surprise that ESTsoft have introduced even more features to keep the fans engaged. Here’s what to look out for: 



Now, players will be treated to a host of new content in an update entitled ‘Triumph’. Just as you think you’ve hit the limit, the ceiling is raised with some high-level rewards now available to players. Here’s what to look out for:

  • Two New Dungeons: Flame Nest – ‘seize the devil by his broken horn and clear this infernal nest of its hellish inhabitants’ – and Holy Windmill – ‘generate new and greater power in this unique dungeon experience.’
  • A New Collection System: Earn rewards by collecting specific items in this new mechanic, unlockable through an NPC mission.
  • Guild Treasures: A new way to work together with your guilds and collect valuable loot.
  • Merit Medal Platinum Rank: An expanded Merit Mastery system with six new Merit Mastery categories, including the Platinum Insignia, applied to accounts at level 200 or above. 
  • Force Wing Transcendence: Expand your powers through the Transcendence level of Force Wings after reaching Force wing level 100.


The final bit of good news is that the Triumph update is available and ready to play now. Check out the trailer below and head over to the announcement page for an in-depth look.

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