2018 in Battle Royale Games

There is no denying that 2018 was the year of the Battle Royale. It has dominated just about every conversation about gaming the entire year. For a good reason too, the genre is insanely popular. But, while it has been a great year there have also been more than a few Battle Royale titles shut down. So grab yourself a drink and sit back as we take a look at 2018 in Battle Royale games.

The year had a bit of a rough start as the news came out that H1Z1 had lost 90% of its player base since July 2017. Of course, a lot of the blame for that can be placed on the success of Fortnite and PUBG, so really as far as the genre goes it wasn’t a terrible thing. As the year progressed H1Z1 would go on to have the part of the game that wasn’t a Battle Royale shut down after the game moved to a new internal studio at Daybreak.

This was also the year that Ninja and Drake broke the record on Twitch for the most-viewed stream while playing Fortnite. At its peak, it was watched by 628,000 people around the world. As of this month, Ninja is the most followed Streamer on Twitch. He has more than 12 million followers and each time he streams he averages 53,000 viewers. For those wondering, Ninja started out the year making approximately $500,000 a month from streaming and later told ESPN that he’s now making nearly 7 figures a month. Oh to be Ninja just for a month.

2018 was also the year of lawsuits in the Battle Royale genre. PUBG sued NetEase for copyright infringement with their games Knives Out and Rules of Survival. In turn just a few days later NetEase threatened to sue everyone who wasn’t PUBG because…well, we’re still not really sure what they were thinking about there actually. Basically, their argument boiled down to “you took the idea that we took and made it a little different and hurt the market in doing so.” Which is exactly as stupid as it sounds. PUBG then went and sued Fortnite for plagiarizing its UI and items. Then, because 2018 wasn’t crazy enough already three stars are now suing Fortnite over the sale of emotes of their dances. Backpack Kid, Milly 2, and Alfonso Ribeiro are all going after Fortnite in a move that is seen by many to be nothing more than an attempt at getting some of that sweet Fortnite cash.

Speaking of Fortnite cash, in March Fortnite became the largest free to play console game of all time both in revenue generated and monthly active users. The game is currently sitting at the number 4 spot in terms of monthly revenue for both console and PC games. Towards the end of the year, it looked as though Fortnite had hit its peak in revenue as revenue growth slowed significantly. Of course, when you talk about revenue slowing down you have to take into consideration that Fortnite makes $2 million a day just on iOS. The last number we had was in October stating that Fortnite on iOS made $300 million worldwide just on iOS…in 200 days. Oh to be Epic just for a day.

How are they doing this? Well, according to a study done by Newzoo, Battle Royale players are more likely to spend money on games. In fact, they’re more invested all around than other competitive gamers. They’re more likely to watch esports, spend money, and spend more than 6 hours a week in game. Does that 6 hours a week number feel a bit low to anyone else?

While Fortnite is helping Tim Sweeney live everyone’s dream of swimming in money the Battle Royale genre has suffered a few losses this year. The first Battle Royale to die was Radical Heights, the 80s themed Battle Royale game that was supposed to save Boss Key Studios. Unfortunately what was released was incomplete and, according to those who played it, not all that great. The game closed not long after it was released as the studio collapsed. The result of which made founder CliffyB, of Gears of War fame, declare he would never make another game. He isn’t the first developer to have said this though, so we’ll wait and see if he follows through.

Radical Heights

SOS, upon seeing the massive success of the Battle Royale genre decided to switch gears and transition into a Battle Royale game. It was a complete disaster as none of the fans actually wanted that. So the game was review bombed and it didn’t take long for the game to shut down. They did try to fix things by bringing back the classic game, but for many fans, it was already too late. The Culling 2 was canceled after a less than stellar reception. It was a game that no one really wanted, and even the developers admitted this. Islands of Nyne also recently announced that they can no longer continue to develop the game and it is now in maintenance mode on Steam. The game is free to play and will continue to be available for the time being. With the market being largely dominated by a couple of big games it is an undeniable fact that we will see more Battle Royale games close in 2019, we just have to wait and see which ones it will be.

Much to our surprise, only a few MMOs have jumped on the Battle Royale bandwagon. For a while, those of us at MMOGames feared that every MMO would come out with a Battle Royale mode. Thankfully, at this point only a few have. Skyforge, Mortal Online, Wild West Online, and Ashes of Creation are the most notable. Though you also have it in games like Trove.

Mortal Royale

It was quite a year for the Battle Royale genre and this was barely a look at the surface. There were a vast amount of games we didn’t mention like Rapture Rejects and we didn’t even discuss how many divorces there were because of Fortnite. But now it is time to start looking ahead to 2019. We already know that Planetside Arena is on its way, what else will 2019 bring us? Next week we’ll look at a few predictions.

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Trove Issues a Statement Regarding Future Update Plans

After Gamigo snapped up Trion Worlds and displaced a large number of its employees, fans of the studio’s MMOs have been pretty worried, including Trove players. After a bit of formal radio silence, initial Trove update plans have been finalized and announced.

trove update plans

According to the statement, the confirmed smaller development team now in place for Trove is a beneficial change. “By moving away from massive, monolithic plans for each major update we can empower our designers and engineers to team up on features that excite them and then bring those features to the game more quickly,” explains the statement.

The post also mentions that the folks at Gamigo are “working very hard to make sure our team has the resources we need to move forward with ongoing development,” which means that Geode phase 2’s features like Uber 10 worlds and Geode’s surface biome will be core parts of the update.

One major effect of the trimmed-down dev team: releases for PC and console updates will now need to be broken up. “We have the ability to quickly roll out features and fixes on the PC then put these updates together for the consoles separately,” reads the post. “Console players will still receive all the PC content it’ll just be on different timelines.”

Further updates on what comes to Trove after Geode phase 2 are promised to come soon.

Our Thoughts

We’re not sure many will be convinced that a smaller development team will actually translate to more empowerment for the remaining devs. That said, it is good to hear from the team once again after the shockwave of Gamigo’s buyout of Trion Worlds. Here’s hoping that updates do indeed pan out the way the statement explains.

Source: official site

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Trove Experiences Extended Downtime Due to Flux Duping

It would appear that the economy of Trove was on the brink of collapse. An apparent bout of Trove flux duping has forced an extended maintenance period while the devs seek to repair the damage.

trove flux duping

The matter was first brought to the attention of the devs in the game’s forums when one player mused aloud why the in-game Marketplace was experiencing dramatic price swings. According to replies in that same thread, Flux – a vital component required for forging and upgrading items – was being duplicated rapidly, causing hub Community Chests to overflow with huge stacks of Megaflux Tanks and sending the in-game economy into a tailspin.

As of this writing, Trove is now back online and fixed for PS4 and Xbox One but is still under heavy maintenance on PC. The latest dev post promises more information to come later, but does still state that the PC version will likely not be back online until sometime later this afternoon PST. The post also mentions that some manner of compensation will be announced once the problem has been cleared.

“For now please be patient with us,” reads the most recent update. “No one wants to bring the game online more than us but we need to get this issue resolved first.”

Our Thoughts

Welp, looks like Trove fans on PC are just going to have to wait a while until the game’s economy is picked back up and dusted off appropriately. It’s pretty unfortunate that things blew up in the way they did, but this rollback or maintenance period should hopefully get things under control. We hope not too many innocent people will be negatively impacted by all of this.

Sources: official forums 1, 2

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Trove – Geode Goes Live on All Platforms

It’s time to get underground and see what waits within the caverns of a new planet. Today is the Trove – Geode release on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, granting everyone who plays Trion’s boxy MMORPG their chance to go spelunking in a totally new setting.

trove - geode release

Just like it was described when the new content was first announced, Geode will focus more on exploration as players get to head to the titular planet Geode and weave their way through the labyrinthine tunnels that snake through it. Exploring these tunnels yields eggs that can be hatched into helpful companions, while the update also has new Mastery rewards including weapons, costumes, hats, wings and mounts.

Of course, the update also introduces the battle royale mode of the 20-person Bomber Royale, mixing up the traditional last-person-standing gameplay of the sub-genre with a variety of different types of explosives.

The initial launch of Trove – Geode is just the first step in what’s planned to be a series of additional updates for the new area, with promises of a mission to help save planet Geode to be added later in what sounds like a series of patches to arrive sometime post-launch. For now, the update should be live by the time you’re reading this.

Our Thoughts

We’re certainly very curious about what this mission to save Geode is all about, but for the time being we’re going to look forward to all of the cave-dwelling and exploration that Trove – Geode is offering at the interim.

Source: press release

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Listed: Battle Royale Games You Need to Check Out

Everything these days seems to be getting a Battle Royale mode as game companies chase the current big thing. From the classic execution of it all to new and unique spins, it won’t be long before everything is a Battle Royale. This will have interesting effects on commutes leaving those of us playing at home the sole survivors in the world. So warm up your chicken dinner and let’s look at some of the options out there.



PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, most commonly known as PUBG and I refuse to ever refer to it as PlUnkBat. Plunkbats are something you might pick up in Fortnite to cave someone’s head in so let’s avoid that, shall we? There’s enough going on between them as it is.

PUBG is the granddaddy battle royale game of this article and is published by the PUBG Corporation, a subsidiary of publisher Bluehole. You have seen it or played it. If you haven’t someone you know has. PUBG has been the driver between the sudden explosion of interest in the Battle Royale genre and the Chinese “chicken eating game” clones. So if you need to blame anyone, this is where you would start.


Fortnite Battle Royale

Fortnite started out as a co-op sandbox survival game, really trying to capitalize on the last big “thing” in video games despite being…well… very late to that particular party. It only could have been later if it had been a MOBA. However, with the introduction of the Battle Royale aspect, Fortnite has had a meteoric rise in every possible venue. It’s on mobile, it’s on PC and consoles. It’s even on PornHub.

Cartoonish graphics, no upfront cost and an omnipresence that most other games can only dream about. What more needs to be said?


Battlerite Royale

Given that I just mentioned MOBAs, it’s probably fitting that we talk about Battlerite: Royale. Battlerite Royale is an upcoming mode for the team-based arena brawler. They’re aiming to leverage their MOBA roots and the heroes from the standalone game into a unique aspect for the battle royale genre. The new mode isn’t available yet, keep your eyes peeled this summer for its release or maybe try picking up the MOBA version to get to grips with your favorite hero ahead of time.


Paladins: Battle Royale

Of course, Battlerite isn’t the only game wandering out of its genre. Paladins Battle Royale is a 100-player battle royale standalone expansion of Paladins: Champions of the Realm. Alternatively, it might be called Paladins: Battlegrounds or Realm Royale. Someone needs to pay Hi-Rez a visit and pin them down on a definitive name. How the mechanics of hero shooters like Overwatch and Paladins will work in a battle royale arena remain to be properly seen. Again, this is one that is on the horizon so be sure to check back for more details.


Radical Heights Trove

Replacing Radical Heights on this list we have Trove. If you haven’t heard Boss Key Productions, the makers of Radical Heights very suddenly shut down. Around the same time, Trove announced that they were introducing a Battle Royale mode. Trove is calling it Bomber Royale and it will feature 3 different maps. Each match has 20 players and the big twist for this game is that bombs are the only weapons available. The mode will be arriving in game this summer as part of the MMO’s big update.



H1Z1: King of the Kill

H1Z1 has had a hell of a path. It started out as one of the many Zombie survival games, you know two or three “this is what games are now” trends ago. Credit where credit is due though, they split early on into H1Z1: Just Survive and H1Z1: King of the Kill respectively allowing each mode to really focus. Since then Just Survive has dropped the H1Z1 name and the Battle Royale version is now the sole holder of the H1Z1 name. You can expect to see more talk about H1Z1 in the news over the coming weeks. Hopefully, the talk will be more focused on the Playstation 4 release this month instead of the issues around Daybreak Games.




SOS is smaller than other battle royale games. The others mostly clock in around the 100 player mark with H1Z1 going for 150 a match. SOS settles for 16 players but naturally with a twist. SOS is “simple” in as much as you are trying to find a relic then signal for extraction. However, with sixteen Contestants and only three seats on the helicopter things start to get hairy. To add to the experience, each game is broadcast live online via the social gaming platform Hero, with spectators voting on possible in-game events like supply drops or bombing runs. If you plan to play, make sure your microphone is working and that you’re ready with some slick talk or a devious plan. SOS is available now in Early Access.


Mavericks: Proving Grounds

Mavericks: Proving Grounds

From one extreme to another. SOS brought the battle down to an intimate number with 16 people wrestling to survive. Mavericks: Proving Grounds has a beta coming this summer and is a first-person battle royale game where up to 400 players are all going for one another’s throats. The spin here isn’t just the much larger number of vict…players but rather dynamic environmental effects such as footprints, realistic wildfires, and destroyable, siegeable buildings which hope to deepen the battle royale experience. After all, there’s no chicken dinner at the end for the idiots who let themselves get caught behind in a forest fire while you go for the win. Only time will tell if it can deliver on all that it promises but it will definitely be worth a look.


The Darwin Project

The Darwin Project is a multiplayer survivalist manhunt from Scavengers Studio. As preparation for an impending Ice Age, a new project, half science experiment half live-entertainment, is launched which is how you really get your post-apocalypse on. Where PUBG was inspired by the movie Battle Royale, this one feels like it decided to take The Hunger Games and ramp up the grimdark.

Both The Darwin Project and SOS look to be leaning more on those key moments in a battle royale, the heart-pounding ones that you don’t always get to have because someone sniped you from a distance. Clearly, the bad guys in The Hunger Games came from a world without Twitch Streaming.


So there you have it, Battle Royale games worth a look: some coming up, some well known to everyone around you and some whose twist on the genre that may well start the next big gaming trend. Hopefully, it will be as exciting as earning that chicken dinner.

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Trove – Geode Takes the Cubist MMO on an Underground Adventure

Sure enough, there’s more coming this Summer than just another battle royale mode. Trove – Geode is coming as well and will take players to a new planet with caverns to explore, people to meet, and creatures to face.

trove - geode

Geode is a planet that features several cave networks running beneath its surface. The residents of this world face a new threat from the forces of shadow and are asking for Trovians to help by exploring these caves and gathering resources to help the Geodians fight back.

Described as an update that focuses more on exploration and less on combat, Trove – Geode will have players taking on story-driven quests to discover these maze-like cavern tunnels. Along the way, they’ll discover new companions and collectibles in what’s described by the announcement as “the next step in Trove’s evolution” and an update that will introduce a completely unique feel.

Of course, in addition to this new cave-filled planet, the Summer update will also introduce the 20-player Bomber Royale mode to the game. All of the content updates will arrive for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players on Tuesday, June 26th.

Our Thoughts

This announcement is a tiny bit thin on specifics, but we do like the idea of this new content update being less focused on combat and more focused on exploring caverns. It’s not a gameplay style we see often focused in MMO design, so consider us curious to learn more about what Trove – Geode is all about.

Source: press release

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Explosives and Battle Royale Combine in Trove: Bomber Royale

Let’s all try to think of it less like yet another battle royale mode and more like Bomberman with pixel-y avatars and more people playing. Trove: Bomber Royale has been revealed by Trion Worlds, bringing its own bomb-loaded twist on the ever-ballooning battle royale craze to the cubist world of Trove.

trove: bomber royale

In Bomber Royale, 20 players will be loaded into one of three different maps and battle it out to be the last person standing as the arena ground literally disintegrates around them and shrinks the battlefield. The bigger twist is that bombs are the only weapon type, which means that players will have to bear in mind terrain destruction and any potential splash damage along with all of the other typical battle royale tactical considerations.

Naturally, Bomber Royale will have a wide variety of different bomb types to fling about, including sticky bombs, bouncy bombs and more. Players will also get to use power-ups and abilities like a grappling hook to maneuver around quickly or healing items.

Those who do battle in this explode-y new arena can get their hands on a new seasonal currency that can be used to get season boxes, season-specific auras and other goodies. Loot tables for these rewards will be refreshed frequently, and any XP earned while playing Bomber Royale counts towards your regular XP earnings for PvE adventuring in Trove.

Bomber Royale is set to arrive to Trove this Summer as part of the MMO’s next major update. More details on what this mode is all about along with other things coming this Summer will be announced soon.

Our Thoughts

Yeah. Yeah, okay…yeah. Just…okay. Fine, guys. That’s fine. This is fine. Another battle royale mode is…it’s fine. It’s fine.

Source: press release

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Trove Covers Changes Arriving in the Heroes Update

We already know that the Trove – Heroes update is going to be bringing a bit of comic book panache to the boxy MMO, but what if you’re somehow not interested in playing as a voxel superhero? That’s what the latest dev blog is touching on, including some new UI elements, VFX culling features, and changes to the Dracolyte.

heroes update

Trove’s Welcome Screen will be receiving a makeover, making the element smaller and cleaner by showing only the current Daily and Weekly Bonuses. On the subject of Daily Bonuses, those will change by arriving on the same day as similar bonuses, such as Adventure and PvP XP bonuses arriving on Saturday. Trove is also making Sunday Loot Day, with increased Magic Find, double the chance to find Flux Artifacts, and a ramped-up Chaos Chest drop rate.

The next update to Trove will also introduce some new culling features for visual effects in order to help players better pick out the spell and attack effects of themselves and enemy targets. Shadow Tower boss fights will cull other players’ effects to allow you to better see the effects of the boss on your character, while PvP will prioritize attack effects of others around you.

Finally, the Dracolyte class will be seeing a number of adjustments with nearly all of them landing on the “buff” side of the scale. Of note, the Dracolyte will see an increase in both diameter and length of the Flamethrower attack; several buffs to Avatar of Flame; and Dragon Idols spawning a guaranteed Dracolyte minion with the Burning Ward gem equipped.

Our Thoughts

Sure, it’s easy to focus on the new zone and new class arriving with Trove – Heroes, but it’s good to know that there are a few other changes coming too. We assume that Dracolyte players will be pretty pleased with the class changes overall!

Source: official site

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Trove Gets Superheroic with Next Expansion Trove – Heroes

It’s no City of Heroes – few things are – but a superhero-themed Trove expansion could be a pretty decent filler until the Legacy Projects are released. Trove – Heroes is bringing comic book heroism to the boxy MMO with a brand new region to explore and an all-new class to play.

trove - heroes

Trove – Heroes takes players to Luminopolis, a section of Neon City replete with high-tech skyscrapers and (of course) a villainous group of robots known as the Amperium. It will be up to players to join the cause of the Resistors to take back Luminopolis and stop this determined villain group.

Luminopolis will introduce new adventures, new NPCs, and giant Mega World Bosses to battle. The expansion will also add the Beacon system, which will introduce shining beacons (duh) to draw players into battles with enormous enemies and the promise of loot for the victorious.

Trove – Heroes will also add the Vanguardian class, a silver age comic-styled Expert Class that offers up a combination of melee and ranged attacks to help players take on Luminopolis’s numerous challenges and look virtuous doing so.

Trove’s next expansion will arrive sometime this Spring and will launch completely free.

Our Thoughts

It’s no secret we love us some comic book-flavored MMO action, so we’re looking forward to seeing more about what Trove – Heroes has in store for us. If nothing else, being able to play voxel Superman sounds like a lot of fun at least!

Source: press release

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Trove Marks 15 Million Worldwide Players

The cute and voxel-y MMO Trove has plenty of charm, but now we can also confirm it has plenty of fans. According to a release from Trion Worlds, the total Trove player numbers across the entire globe now total 15 million players. That’s a lot of Candy Barbarians.

trove player numbers

Trove marks an overall successful and profitable year for Trion Worlds as the boxy MMO has made inroads to China, is en route to PlayStation 4 players in Japan this Spring, and is already available in eight different languages with support for more due soon.

Included in the announcement were a number of interesting (and very numbers-heavy) pieces of trivia that we thought you’d be interested in knowing, especially if you’re a fan of Trove:

  • Players have placed >6,584,382,807 Blocks (almost the amount of kilometers from the Earth to Pluto!)
  • Players have also destroyed 10,234,600,287 Blocks
  • 237,203,112 Quests have been completed
  • 4,520,061 Dragon Mounts have been unlocked (and we’d love to see them all in the air at once)
  • 352,837,481 Clubs have been entered
  • 119,881,221 Piñata Parties were thrown, though no numbers on how much candy was consumed; we’ll guess “a lot”
  • 161,977,123.98 lifetime hours have been accrued across all players, or to put it another way 18,490.54 lifetime years or 184.91 lifetime centuries.

Trove isn’t going to stop there, apparently. The announcement also teased big things for 2018, including an update that will let players “channel their inner hero” and another set to “set to change the Trove universe in an enormous way that no one will expect”. Foreshadowing!

Our Thoughts

A hearty congratulations to Trion Worlds and the folks that are behind Trove for the player milestone. Trove is definitely a charming and fun piece of the MMORPG universe and we’re glad it’s around. But you can’t just close a press release on cliffhanger announcements like that, guys. Not fair.

Source: press release

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