Secret World Legends Community Mourns the Loss of MadLyric

Players deeply involved in the TSW and, by extension, the Secret World Legends community are very likely familiar with the name of Maddie, AKA MadLyric. Unfortunately, that community is now mourning her as she passed away yesterday due to medical complications.


Maddie was a leader of the League of Monster Slayers cabal for approximately five years and a fan of both TSW and SWL for about as long, if not longer. She was in hospital care for a couple of weeks and succumbed to complications stemming from a Lupus infection this past Tuesday, July 17th.

The community of SWL will be holding a vigil for MadLyric this coming Friday, July 20th at the Rooted Grove in Agartha from 2pm to 6pm EDT. Players are encouraged to wear purple in honor of Maddie and can put in requests for songs and message to be read on-air by The Cape Radio’s DJ Nexus via this thread.

Another member of the SWL community has also announced that a GoFundMe to benefit Maddie’s family and pay for her funeral will be opened soon. Fans who would like to donate to that cause are encouraged to keep their eyes peeled to this Twitter account

“She will forever be remembered for her kind soul and beautiful spirit,” reads the post announcing the event. “There was never a time I can recall where she wouldn’t put herself before others. I am sure Maddie is looking down upon us right now, watching out for each and every one of us as she always did.”

Our Thoughts

We would like to offer our condolences to the family of Maddie and to those in the greater SWL/TSW community that are touched by her passing. Clearly, she made an impact on perhaps more people than even she knew and we hope those in attendance of her in-game memorial will celebrate her life as she would have liked.

Sources: official forums, Twitter

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