Turtle Rock is Working on a AAA Competitive FPS Game

Thanks to an ad for a position we now know that Turtle Rock is working on a AAA Competitive FPS game. They’re looking to fill several positions on an unannounced AAA title. The ads also stresses that it is a globally known game franchise. Turtle Rock has worked on more than one globally known franchise since they were founded in 2002. They’ve worked on early Counter-Strike games, Half-Life 2: Deathmatch, Evolve, and the games they’re most famous for is Left 4 Dead.

Other positions they’re looking to fill make reference to other games. The Audio Programmer position states that they’ll be working on the studio’s own original IP as well as supporting announced and unannounced projects. The position also asks for experience with next gen or previous generation consoles. Also, experience working with Unreal Engine 4. The listing for Environment Prop Modeler talks about working on a globally known franchise as well as experience on next-gen platforms. However, they’re also working on a VR title as they’re looking for an Environment Artist that specifically does VR.

So, what can we gather from all of this information? Turtle Rock has several projects going on at the moment. The one everyone is talking about right now is the AAA competitive FPS game from a globally known game franchise. Many people are speculating that this will be a Left 4 Dead game and at the moment that’s a pretty fair thing to assume.

They’re also working on a game that is their own original IP. This may or may not be a VR title, it’s difficult to tell based just on the job listings. If it isn’t the VR game that means that they have a third title they’re working on. That seems like a bit of a stretch though considering the size of the studio. Wikipedia lists them as having approximately 80 employees while Linkedin lists 93. In comparison, ArenaNet, which as far as we know is only working on Guild Wars 2, has 400 employees.


Source: Turtle Rock Careers Page

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