Diablo Netflix Series Accidentally Confirmed by Show Writer

As we reported earlier, there were rumors of a Diablo Netflix series fluttering about. We now have a bit more confirmation of this show’s existence, though that confirmation appears to have been done in error. Woopsie.

diablo netflix series

Andrew Crosby, the screenwriter for the Hellboy remake and rumored leader of the project, tweeted out earlier this week that he was tapped to write and run an animated series based on the IP:

“I guess I can confirm I am indeed in final talks to write and show-run the new Diablo animated series for Activision and Netflix. It’s very exciting and I hope to the High Heavens it all works out.”

Shortly after the tweet was made, Crosby deleted it, presumably because he wasn’t apparently given confirmation to let the cat out of the bag. Holy Mother Internet never forgets, however, and the tweet has since been cached.

It’s important to bear in mind that “final talks” don’t necessarily mean a done deal, though it is heartening to know that the series’ development has come that far along. The timing also seems to sync up with an official reveal of the series at this year’s BlizzCon. In any case, we still recommend a few salt grains to take with this news. Just in case.

Our Thoughts

We sincerely hope that this accidental leak doesn’t jeopardize the Diablo animated series from becoming a reality. In all honesty, we’d be very interested to see just what sort of things Mr. Crosby and his team will put together for the show.

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RUMOR: Netflix Developing a Diablo TV Series

Perhaps this is what the devs meant when they said the forges are burning hot? An admittedly nebulous rumor of a Diablo TV series being developed by Netflix has crossed my notice, so allow me to report in with what is currently known.

diablo tv series

All that we’ve got is the word of an editor-in-chief of the source website, but the anonymous scuttlebutt is that Netflix is interested in making Diablo a series for its platform and has tapped writer Andrew Cosby to develop it.

If the name Andrew Cosby is unfamiliar to you, then allow us to elaborate. Cosby is one of the current writers of the upcoming Hellboy film reboot, as well as a co-founder of comics publisher Boom! Studios. Cosby also has some TV writing credits to his name, writing for the Syfy original series Eureka and the short-lived UPN series Haunted.

Netflix is clearly very eager to continue cranking out its own originals and has seen some success adapting video game properties to television, most notably the animated series Castlevania, which has confirmed a second season. Bearing that in mind, a Diablo series doesn’t seem beyond the pale. Of course, if firmer details arise we’ll be sure to share them.

Our Thoughts

There’s most definitely a lot of story to be had in the Diablo universe that would make for some compelling television. Just as long as the writing team that Cosby puts together doesn’t take the source material too terribly seriously. After all, a lot of the Diablo charm is that it’s the more cheese-flavored form of grimdark fantasy.

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Final Fantasy XIV: Dad of Light’s Ren Osugi Passes Away

We are sad to report that actor Ren Osugi, the eponymous Dad of Light from the Final Fantasy XIV-centered television drama series, has passed away. The veteran actor was reported deceased early this morning as a result of acute heart failure. He was 66.

ren osugi

Born Takashi Osugi in Tokushima prefecture, the actor was a well-known name in Japanese TV, theater and film, often working alongside comedian, actor and director Beat Takeshi. Osugi starred in numerous productions, including 2017’s yakuza film Outrage Coda, the 1998 crime drama Hana-bi, and the action film Dead or Alive. Osugi won a Best Supporting Actor award at the 1999 Yokohama Film Festival for his work.

In the Dad of Light miniseries, Osugi plays a father who is aloof to his son (Yudai Chiba) but finds a common connection when his son gifts him a copy of Final Fantasy XIV and secretly befriends his father’s character to help him through the MMO. The series debuted globally on Netflix last year.

Our Thoughts

We would like to offer our condolences to the Osugi family for their loss. While we’ve only been directly associated with Mr. Osugi through his work on Dad of Light, it’s clear that he has had a long and storied career in Japanese TV and film, and would like to thank him for his performance in the Dad of Light series.

Source: Oricon News via Kotaku

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