Snoop Dogg Has a Mural with Star Trek Online Artwork on It

We know now thanks to a new Netflix show that Snoop Dogg has a mural with Star Trek Online artwork on it hanging at his BLE Compound in Los Angeles. The mural was spotted by Twiiter user @justinhall who tweeted a picture from the show saying “Uh can anyone why it is that @SnoopDogg has a giant mural of Federation starships in his house? Folks I am absolutely stunned.”

The picture is from Episode 1 of the new Netflix series Rhythm + Flow which has been out since October 9th. The mural is actually a massive custom wall graphic that was created by Gamut Media called Star Wars vs Star Trek. Snoop has never been shy about his love for Star Trek, he has previously released music through Star Trak Entertainment and he was an executive producer on Unbelievable!!!!! A parody that had more than 40 former Star Trek actors in it.

Star Trek Online saw the tweet and asked Snoop if he plays STO and has invited him to appear on their Stream. Fans meanwhile have started calling for Captain Snoop to be added to the game, voiced by the man himself of course. So far there has been no reply from him but we’re going to be keeping our eyes peeled and our fingers crossed!

So there we have it, Snoop Dogg is officially a nerd and he’s got the massive mural to prove it. There have also been rumors going around for years that he plays Star Trek Online or at least did at one point in time but we can’t confirm them. What we do know is that his custom mural has Star Trek Online concept art on it and the whole thing looks totally badass.


Source: Twitter, Gamut Media

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Blizzard Boycott Making Waves Online with Hashtag #BoycottBlizzard

Whichever social media platform it is you like you use you’re sure to find #BoycottBlizzard getting a lot of attention at the moment. Posts using the hashtag show players unsubscribing from Blizzard games and uninstalling them as well as sharing memes that are both anti-Blizzard and anti-China.

The boycott comes after Blizzard banned pro Hearthstone player Chung “blitzchung” Ng Wai and taking away all of his tournament money from this season after he showed support for the Hong Kong protests during an interview. They also fired the two casters who were interviewing him at the time.

A picture from Blizzard Headquarters shows part of the statue outside is covered, specifically the parts with the company’s core values that say “Think Globally” and “Every Voice Matters.” Later a group of Blizzard employees gathered at the statue carrying umbrellas, a symbol of the protests in Hong Kong.

One of the teams during the Collegiate Championship held up a sign supporting the Hong Kong protests and calling for a boycott of Blizzard. This little protest has been removed from Blizzard’s archives and so far there haven’t been any repercussions for their actions.

Now, Brian Kibler, a long-time pro caster has quit the Grandmasters in protest of Blizzard’s ban. In a statement made on BMKGaming, he said, “The heavy-handedness of it feels like someone insisted that Blizzard make an example of Blitzchung, not only to discourage others from similar acts in the future but also to appease those upset by the outburst itself. That kind of appeasement is simply not something I can in good conscience be associated with. When I learned about the ruling, I reached out to Blizzard and informed them that I no longer feel comfortable casting the Grandmasters finals at BlizzCon. I will not be a smiling face on camera that tacitly endorses this decision. Unless something changes, I will have no involvement in Grandmasters moving forward.”

In response to Blizzard’s actions, Twitter has been turning Overwatch character Mei into a symbol of the Hong Kong protesters with images like the one seen below.

So far Blizzard hasn’t made any official statements about the boycott but this is unlikely to be the end of the story.


Source: Twitter, Rock Paper Shotgun, BMKGaming via Polygon

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Pokemon Go Team Rocket is Upping Their Game

For the last few months in Pokemon Go Team Rocket has been waiting at Pokestops to start a fight with some of their Shadow Pokemon, but it appears that Team Rocket is about to start upping their game. A series of tweets from the Pokemon Go official account show profiles for three members of Team Rocket; Cliff, Arlo, and Sierra. Nothing else is really known about them at this point but there has been speculation that they’ll appear in the game as bosses.

It has also been theorized that Giovanni himself will make an appearance in the game. He appeared at Pokemon Go Fest in Japan earlier this year photobombing players. He has also now been spotted in a new loading screen that features Cliff, Arlo, and Sierra along with a bunch of Shadow Pokemon on the steps of a building that is at least inspired by the Viridian City Gym from the anime.

It would appear that they’re building up to something big on social media but when that will actually take place we will just have to wait and see. Until then there is still a lot to keep us occupied. Altered Forme Giratina is back in Raid Battles and will be appearing in the first few Wednesday evening raids in October. Another, currently unannounced Pokemon will be there for the last two. This month’s community day event is Trapinch, which is admittedly not all that exciting. But, Halloween is coming and we know from past experience that Pokemon Go will have an event for us to take part in. This in some way makes up for the fact that Flower Eevee is the reward for completing research again this month.


Source: Polygon

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Cliff Bleszinski Might Be Returning to Game Development

Cliff Bleszinski might be returning to game development after having quit the industry late last year via Twitter. Last year a newly-created Twitter account, one of many, expressed irritation that no one was being given refunds for LawBreakers. CliffyB responded to that by saying; “I paid my employees, their 401ks, and their health care – even months after the studio folded. I didn’t take a salary myself for two years. I get you’re sad, but god, this kinda s**t is another reason I am NEVER making another game.” An entirely fair response to be hounded by disgruntled fans while still dealing with the aftermath of his studio shutting down.


Well, he has taken to Twitter again, letting the world know he has a game he can’t get out of his head.

He then went on in a second tweet to add, “AND IT’S NOT A FUCKING BATTLE ROYALE.”

So, there we have it. CliffyB has a game idea and from the sound of it he might start making it a reality. Reactions to his tweet have largely been positive with many of his fans eager to see him make another game.

Personally, I’m not all that surprised and never thought it would last when he announced he was leaving last year. Not for any other reason than the fact that he’s an ideas man and once he starts getting ideas there’s just no stopping him and he’s clearly very passionate about making games.

We can’t wait to see what he’s got cooking, though in all likelihood we won’t hear about it again for a couple of years. This is how development works.


Source: Twitter

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Bernie Sanders Supports Game Developer Unions on Twitter

There has been a lot of talk in recent months about the troubles that game developers are facing in the industry that are leading many to burn out and sometimes leave completely. Now we have more fuel to the fire as presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders supports game developer unions on Twitter.


In a tweet yesterday Sanders said, “The video game industry made $43 billion in revenue last year. The workers responsible for that profit deserve to collectively bargain as part of a union. I’m glad to see unions like @IATSE and the broader @GameWorkers movement organizing such workers.” Included with the tweet was a recent article on Time magazine that highlights just some of the issues the industry is currently facing that should be required reading for all gamers.

For those outside of the United States, this may seem like it is coming out of nowhere, but in fact, this is a very well timed tweet from Senator Sanders. As we approach the 2020 Presidential Election the candidates, of which there are 39 at the moment, are all doing their best to stand out by declaring where they stand on various issues. Admittedly, no one expected gaming to be an issue that a Presidential candidate would take a stance on. But, with nearly 70% of Americans playing video games, it really shouldn’t be a surprise that this is a topic that is attracting attention in the political world. In comparison, 47% of America attends church services, and 68% of houses have dogs.

Will we see more presidential hopefuls discussing gaming this election season? It is actually quite likely, especially with the lootbox issue still unresolved. Still, getting out there and being the first was a good move for Sanders, though totally unexpected.



Source: Twitter

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ESO Community Manager’s Twitter Account Hacked

Those who follow The Elder Scrolls Online likely also follow a number of ESO community manager Twitter accounts. One such account, owned by Gina Bruno, was apparently hacked by an extremely bored individual, who then began to post extremely spurious tweets on her behalf.

eso community manager twitter

Bruno’s Twitter account erupted last night in a series of racially charged tweets and at least one extremely NSFW image. Among the tweets – and one that caught the attention of the game’s playerbase – was one claiming that Bruno was leaving Bethesda as a result of being sexually assaulted.

Bruno immediately responded to a thread highlighting the accusation in the game’s forums, confirming that her account had been compromised. “Hi everyone, thank you for the concern. I just want to say this is not true,” wrote Bruno. “I’m working with Twitter to regain ownership, but in the meantime, anything being posted in the past hour or so is not me.”

Normally we provide source links, but in this case we’ll be leaving at least Bruno’s current Twitter link out of the list. If you must click through, be warned that there are extremely upsetting things to be found that are NSFW. Or not safe for play. Or life. Or anyone with higher brain functions.

Our Thoughts

We appreciate Ms. Bruno’s response to this matter and hope that her Twitter is cleared in short order. Some people just don’t have anything better to do with their lives, we guess.

Source: official forums

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Anthem Executive Producer Fields Several Questions

Something of an AMA happened on Twitter. Anthem’s executive producer took a laundry list of Anthem fan questions, providing a bit more insight into just what features the multiplayer shooter will include along with a few other tidbits.

anthem fan questions

Mark Darrah took it upon himself to take several answers from fans on his personal Twitter account regarding the upcoming looter-shooter, providing a number of insights with his answers:

  • Everyone will start off with the Ranger Javelin, but will soon unlock the others through regular quests.
  • Regardless of what Javelin you’ll pilot, you should see drops for others, though there is a confirmed “bias” towards the one you’re currently wearing.
  • Additionally, the starting experience will likely only offer loot drops for the Ranger until you unlock the other Javelins.
  • On the subject of drops, the level of found loot is tied to character level, letting players swap Javelins more easily if they wish.
  • While inside your Javelin, you cannot switch your loadout. You will have an inventory, however.
  • Plans for activities like raids and strikes a la Destiny are in the works.
  • There will be a reward system for those who explore the game’s open world.
  • Trading items among players will not be in at launch in the interest of balance, which seems to indicate that it will arrive later.
  • Character creation is, of course, a thing. Alternate races, however, are not; everyone is a human.
  • Freelancers will have skill points to improve their abilities. And there will be a respec system of some sort.
  • There will not be cross-platform play at launch.
  • There will be matchmaking for all game modes, including at the end game.

The Q&A session appears to be ongoing, so be sure to keep an eye on Mr. Darrah’s Twitter account if you’re looking to get more details. He appears to be willing and ready to answer questions. Even the sillier ones.

Our Thoughts

Overall, a pretty good set of answers. We certainly appreciate Mr. Darrah taking the time to field so many questions, which is likely blowing up his Twitter account. Here’s hoping for more insights into Anthem soon and that the line of questions he’s receiving don’t kill too many brain cells.

Source: Twitter

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