SpatialOS Unveils a Dev Kit for Unity

The SpatialOS platform, which provides cloud services to a number of online worlds like Worlds Adrift and Fractured, is branching out once again. A new SpatialOS Unity dev kit has been introduced, allowing game developers the ability to make their own large-scale online titles with the Unity engine.

spatialos unity dev kit

The new dev kit offers the same features for managing and hosting large online play spaces for games, but also comes with modular game features to create a variety of online games and performance improvements to SpatialOS overall. There’s even an open source FPS Starter Project module that lets Unity developers create an online shooter that can handle as many as 200 players at once right out of the box.

“Fast iteration means you can focus on what’s most important – finding the fun in your game,” remarks Improbable’s global marketing head Paul Thomas. “Improbable’s focus with the SpatialOS GDK (game developer kit) for Unity is allowing developers to create unique content faster than ever.”

Those who are interested in finding out more about SpatialOS for Unity can get the details and download here.

Our Thoughts

Well, this most definitely opens things up! There are quite a few game dev studios out there that prefer to work in Unity, so offering them the chance to make their own MMOs and large-scale online games is extremely exciting to us to say the least!

Source: press release

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