Update 17 Looks to Bring Tactics to ESO’s Combat

Combat is the sauce of the Elder Scrolls Online chili, but it could do with a bit more spice. Or at least more cohesive flavor. Update 17 combat changes coming with the release of the Dragon Bones DLC will look to do just that with changes intended to improve teamwork, spacing, and the effectiveness and cost of blocking.

update 17 combat changes

One of the first targets of Update 17’s combat revamp will revolve around Ability Synergies. Abilities that have Synergy will now offer a clear visual indicator. This indicator will also communicate the ability’s cooldown time, and abilities that synergize will fire off immediately upon activation.

Spacing is also going to become more important as the damage cap for AoE abilities will be removed. The intention of this change is to prevent large groups from stacking up and forcing them to consider different tactics in large-scale combat while also granting smaller groups a chance to succeed with strategic placement of their own AoE attacks.

In the interest of consistency, blocking attacks will see some adjustment; base Stamina cost of blocking will be lowered while the effectiveness of Block Cost enhancements will be reduced.

Ability interrupts will also apply differently in PvP, with cast-time abilities now showing opponents a red telegraph indicating a chance to interrupt the first cast. However, the next cast of that same ability will be unstoppable. Cast-time abilities will also be seeing a reduction in the movement speed penalty.

Finally, heavy attacks will see some changes – particularly in regards to bosses in the game – as the Off-Balance debuff will no longer be removed once a heavy attack lands. Heavy attacks will also get the same reduced speed penalty that cast-time attacks do and will increase the amount of resources earned from landing on an Off-Balance enemy. That said, bosses will be immune to being Off-Balance for a period of time afterwards.

Our Thoughts

A lot of these adjustments sound reasonable on paper. We particularly like the ideas behind improving Ability Synergy and heavy attacks, but we also figure that people will have…feelings…about the PvP interrupt mechanics and the way block-centric builds work.

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