Update 18 Brings Gifting, Daily Rewards and Combat Tweaks to ESO

Naturally, we’ve been pretty focused on Summerset and some of the things we’ll be seeing there. But what about those who’d rather not buy a new chapter? There’s, of course, ESO Update 18 and some of its offerings, which were outlined in a dev blog today.

eso update 18

ESO will be introducing some daily rewards for players who decide to pop in and see what’s going on. Rewards will include things like gold or Alliance Points currencies, consumables, and even Crown Crates or collectibles on certain milestones. These daily rewards will be different month to month, and if you forget to log in one day you’ll get all the rewards you missed. However, you won’t get previous offerings when the new month begins.

Speaking of goodies, Update 18 will also let players offer Crown Store gifts. Certain items will be giftable, which can be confirmed when you see the “Purchase as Gift” option in the Crown Store. There are a couple of noteworthy restrictions here, though. If you’re an ESO Plus member or have made some Crown Pack purchases before, you’ll be able to send gifts the moment Update 18 releases. If you’re a free player, however, you’ll need to make a purchase in the Crown Store and then wait 30 days to unlock the ability to send gifts.

Finally, Update 18 will make another round of adjustments to ESO’s combat. Two-handed weapons such as staves and two-handed axes will now count for two item set bonuses, making these types of weapons more viable. Adjustments are also being made to tank and healer role abilities to make them more viable, and basic attacks are seeing updates to reinforce the idea that light attacks deal damage and heavy attacks restore resources.

Light and heavy attacks are also getting deeper connections to a character’s magicka and stamina pools, which should lead to an overall increase in damage output for those who like using basic attacks over abilities.

Our Thoughts

These all definitely sound like good changes to us! We’re certainly glad that gifting is a thing (and we will graciously accept digital doggos as gifts), but we’re more intrigued by the stated changes coming to ESO’s combat.

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