Future Updates Mapped Out for Defiance 2050

Defiance 2050 is about a month old at the time of this story’s writing. So, naturally, one of the first questions asked of many MMOs is “Where do things go from here?” Enter a Defiance 2050 update roadmap, which provides a bit of insight into future updates planned for the shooter MMO.

defiance 2050 update roadmap

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As you can see in the image above, the roadmap itself provides a brief look at the next three content updates for Defiance 2050:

  • The first will introduce a new enemy type and the hammer-wielding Crusader class.
  • Following that, another new enemy along with new Sieges, missions, a new advancement system, and the turret-deploying Engineer will arrive.
  • Finally the Paradise Lost updates will feature Major Arkfalls and end game-level dungeons and boss fights.

In addition to what’s planned further down the line, a producer’s letter from Matt “Destromathe” Pettit also brought up the fact that the devs are aware of and working on improving stability issues that are affecting the MMO.

Unfortunately, none of the updates in question have any firm release dates, but players can expect them in “the coming months”. Feel free to dig into what’s next with Destromathe on the game’s website.

Our Thoughts

Considering our own thoughts about Defiance 2050, giving this game some honestly new and engaging content will be a welcome sight indeed. We’d love to hear your own thoughts on this action/shooter MMO so feel free to share your impressions in the comments.

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Post-Launch Plans for The Crew 2 Detailed

Even though the game hasn’t even entered its open beta yet, but the devs are already talking The Crew 2 post-launch updates. An announcement and accompanying video is breaking down how much game will be available for those who simply buying into the game at the entry level or those who like the whole Season Pass thing. And, yes, there are a few folks like that. For reals.

the crew 2 post-launch

Let’s talk free first. The devs of The Crew 2 are planning monthly updates that will bring two new vehicles to the game and larger content updates every three months that will introduce new events and features. The first of these larger updates, called Gator Rush, will bring a new Hovercraft vehicle type and promises “wacky races on all kinds of surfaces and playgrounds”. Gator Rush will also introduce five new vehicles and a Legendary tier of performance parts.

For those who want to spend extra money on The Crew 2, there’s the Season Pass. Pass holders will get seven days early access to the free monthly vehicles, three exclusive vehicles on day one, an exclusive house location, exclusive outfits, and a discount on the in-game store. The Crew 2 will be offering a Gold Edition which bundles in this Season Pass along with a three-day head start when the game goes live.

“Continuous expansion and renewal has always been at the core of our vision for the franchise,” said Ahmed Boukhelifa, managing director of developer Ivory Tower. “For players, this means they will always find new activities and things to discover – or re-discover from another perspective.”

The Crew 2 will officially launch on Friday, June 29th on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. As for open beta, we’ll all have to wait until E3 to learn when that kicks off. The aforementioned summary video of planned post-launch updates is below.

Our Thoughts

Alright, well the overall update cadence definitely sounds steady and it seems like the benefits of the Season Pass aren’t quite so game-breaking. What we want to know, though, is just what this in-game store is offering.

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Little Orbit Acquires GamersFirst, Plans an APB Reloaded Overhaul

The last time we wrote anything about APB Reloaded was in 2015, while the last official post out of the game was in July of last year hinting at exciting things afoot. Well, those exciting things appear to be coming together as the GamersFirst portal has been officially acquired by Little Orbit, who has pledged to work on an APB Reloaded overhaul.

apb reloaded overhaul

The acquisition of the GamersFirst portal includes multiple MMO titles and nearly 30 million registered users, but the announcement singled out APB Reloaded and Little Orbit’s commitment to the online multiplayer shooter.

An update plan for the game includes a cleaning of the game’s forums; better and more consistent communication; a complete rework of the game’s banning and anti-cheat measures; and an update roadmap which includes new clothing, vehicles and guns in the near-term and new maps, game modes and matching systems in future updates. APB Reloaded will also be making the move to Unreal Engine 4 for graphical and art updates.

“We’re excited to welcome APB Reloaded into the Little Orbit publishing family and support the passionate community through the growth of GamersFirst.com,” said Little Orbit CEO Matthew Scott. “One of our first onboarding goals is to work closely with the APB Reloaded community to update and support the game.”

Our Thoughts

We were pretty sure that APB Reloaded was about to ride off into the multiplayer sunset, but this new acquisition could reinvigorate things. The question remains: is this too little, too late, or are these updates planned by the company enough to bring APB Reloaded back from the brink?

Source: press release

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Blade & Soul Shows Off Updates to Unreal Engine 4

Admittedly, Blade & Soul is an already very pretty game presentation-wise, but that’s not quite good enough for the devs, apparently. NCSoft has decided on a Blade & Soul Unreal Engine 4 upgrade and has shown off some before-and-after shots to showcase the difference.

blade & soul unreal engine 4

Naturally, the update from UE3 to UE4 will introduce some more dramatic graphical effects to make the Earthen Realm pop, with physically based rendering (or PBR) being put to heavy use. These efforts are part of a video showcase known as a “Vision Preview” which also offered some intriguing looks at Mushin the Divine Fist, hints at more community-focused gathering and fishing, and some concept art of the mysterious Divine Realm.

The only thing this Vision Preview didn’t offer is a timeline for when these updates arrive, so these upgrades could take a span of months or years to go live in Korea and perhaps longer still for a Western release.

On the subject of Blade & Soul updates, the Western version of the MMO has unleashed the Eternal Night update, which brings with it the first part of the Nightfall Sanctuary raid, the Heroic Sandstone Temple six-player dungeon, and a bunch of different items and in-game events.

Information on what’s currently available to Blade & Soul players can be found on the official site, while the Vision Preview video can be seen below.

Our Thoughts

Seriously, we didn’t really find Blade & Soul to be lacking in the graphics department, but seeing these upgrades really do look like a night and day difference. About the only thing that sucks about these updates is the presumed length of time it will take, but we can be patient in the meantime and look forward to new content updates until then.

Sources: press release, MMO Culture

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Deadeye Revamps Outlined by Guild Wars 2

I play a Guardian and find the stealth classes in Guild Wars 2 really obtuse, so I can’t speak to how the Deadeye profession feels. That said, if I had to guess from a post made to the game’s forums about some incoming Deadeye adjustments, then it’s even more weird feeling than regular Thieves – something that the devs are keen to correct.

deadeye adjustments

The news comes from Robert Gee of the systems team, who outlined that the profession’s tweaks are meant to reduce the complexity of Malice, make the rifle weapon more adaptable and less bland, and to improve the synergies of traits.

On point the first, Malice will now be earned on dealing damage with initiative skills as opposed to building over time. Standard hits will grant one point of malice and critical hits will grant two points, but there will be no way to earn more than two points of Malice on any skill, even those that hit repeatedly.

As for spending Malice, that is changing too. Any stealth attack will spend the Malice points gained to confer bonus effects based on the amount of Malice consumed. Skills that focus on damage will grant bonus damage; skills that apply conditions apply bonus condition effects; and a skill like Malicious Tactical Strike will offer endurance gain. As a result of these changes, Death’s Judgement will also become a stealth attack.

With that change, the devs have decided to mix up Deadeye rifle skills to prevent things from feeling stale. Sniper’s Cover will now replace Death’s Judgement and turn into a defensive skill that creates a defensive barrier while kneeling that can combo with other thief abilities, while Kneel and the Silent Scope trait will soon allow for more flexible kneeling and stealth. Finally, Deadeye Traits are all being looked at in order to alleviate what the post refers to as “conflicting goals.”

You can get the complete details in the forums.

Our Thoughts

That is a lot to take in for someone on the outside looking in, but even as an outside observer, it sounds like the Deadeye profession is on its way to improving its mechanics and features for the better. Any Deadeye mains out there have thoughts on these proposed changes? Feel free to share them with us in the comments.

Source: official site

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TERA Details Planned May Updates for Consoles

TERA’s console release, for all intents and purposes, appears to have been a rousing success and so the devs are going to be stepping on the gas this month. A lineup of TERA May updates has been shared by the devs, with content updates and an event planned for every week for Xbox One and PS4 players.

tera may updates

Starting today, May 1st, console players will get to take on the new challenge of Lillith’s Keep hard mode, a level 65 dungeon meant for those with item level 417 or better. Today also brings the first Item Pass delivery for those who bought the item this April, which is full of mounts, costumes and other goodies.

After that, May 8th will see the Corsairs’ Stronghold PvP battleground open for level 65 players. This PvP instance pits two teams of 20 against one another in a best-of-three siege battle where one team must attack a keep and another team must defend it.

Finally, on May 22nd, another hard mode dungeon will open up to console players in the form of Runious Manor hard, and between May 18th and May 27th everyone can enjoy double XP on every monster killed, either in dungeons or in the open world.

Console TERA fans can read up on what’s next on the game’s official site

Our Thoughts

The benefit of having TERA’a console version launched behind the PC version is that there are certainly a lot of updates for players to look forward to. Do you think these next content updates are enough to hold your interest in TERA on console, or do you think more unique updates are required?

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Creator Jake Song Returns to ArcheAge

The original ArcheAge creator Jake Song has made his way back to the sandbox MMORPG and he’s got some plans. The announcement was shared on the game’s page today, including an interview video where Song talks about what’s next as well as his feelings on the game.

archeage creator jake song

In the video, Song reveals his return to ArcheAge as the game’s executive producer early this year. Under his leadership, several new update plans are heading to the game. For instance, ArcheAge is going to ramp up its update cadence to once a month instead of every 3-6 months, even if that means those monthly updates are smaller in scale.

Song also brought up the potential for Returned and Faeries to become playable races; the addition of new zones to Auroria, Epherium, and Delphinad; and changes to the game’s trade system, which will first arrive to the game’s Korean version in April. You can watch the complete video below for all the details.

Our Thoughts

It looks like ArcheAge is in for some interesting new directions. We certainly hope the game’s apparently much-maligned trade system does see effective adjustment and that Mr. Song’s plans make the MMO an overall better game.

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Fortnite Shelves the Guided Missile as Part of Balancing Plans

It was certainly one of the more entertaining weapons added to Fortnite Battle Royale, but in a competitive game with a win condition, fun apparently must come secondary to fairness, and so the Fortnite guided rocket weapon has been put “into the vault” as part of several Fortnite Battle Royale balance tweaks detailed by the devs.

fortnite guided rocket

In a brief posting shared to the Fortnite subreddit, Epic Games said that the guided missile weapon has been pulled from the game and placed on a shelf while the devs consider what to do with it in the future. “We’ve gotten a lot of feedback around the Guided Missile, in particular concerns over fairness and strength of the weapon,” remarks the post.

Other tweaks planned for Fortnite BR include a rollback of a fix in v3.5 that was meant to assist in peeking issues but instead ended up causing players to destroy their own structures, and a small number of adjustments to recently introduced weapon equip times.

Our Thoughts

Okay, we get it. The ability for players to suddenly get higher and nearly unreachable vantage points by surfing on a rocket is pretty broken and unfair for some. But dammit, we still loved watching how creative players got with the guided missile weapon. We definitely hope that it makes its way into the game. Maybe introduce a rocket-surfing racing league?

Source: Fortnite subreddit

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RuneScape Provides a Peek at Summer Updates

I don’t know what the weather’s like for you, but where I am it’s cold and rainy and more Winter than Spring. So let’s all warm up just a bit with some RuneScape Summer updates, shall we? The devs have decided to bring the sunshine with plans for content to the MMORPG such as new dungeons and player-owned farms among others.

runescape summer updates

The new dungeon content in question is being dubbed Elite Dungeons. These new dungeon experiences are intended to make dungeon delves feel like experiences, with danger around every corner. To that point, players can certainly attempt these encounters solo but could expect a genuine challenge, so arriving with a group of up to three should be considered. If you’re the sort who would rather take in the story of a dungeon, Elite Dungeons will have a Story Mode with lowered difficulty.

The first of these new Elite Dungeons is due to land in June with the Temple of Aminishi, while a second one is set to arrive later on in the year and possibly more in the future.

Another planned update will bring the oft-requested player-owned farm to RuneScape, granting the more pastoral-minded their chance to run their own livestock business. Players will get to breed, nurture, and sell livestock initially, while updates to the player farm are planned that include unlocking new features of their farm and adding new rewards like magic beans.

The post also offered a nod to the upcoming Solak fight arriving in May, word on Master Skillcape perks, and updates to mining and smithing set to be discussed in the Summer months. More information about what’s in the pipe for RuneScape can be seen during a livestream on Tuesday, April 17th or can be read at the game’s site.

Our Thoughts

We suspect the next few months in RuneScape will be pretty busy by all accounts. If you’re a regular RuneScape player, we’d love to know which updates you’re most looking forward to or if there’s something you feel the devs missed, so be sure to sound off in the comments below.

Source: official site

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Quests, Hunts and Land Deeds Due to Wild West Online

The coming weeks should be full of new Wild West Online content if the latest forum post by the devs is any indication. The devs are working on several features for the sandbox title in response to player feedback, including the addition of quests, hunting grounds and more.

wild west online content

Quests are coming to the frontier of WWO in one of two flavors: recurring simple missions from town NPCs that reward crafting materials or blueprints, and farms missions that will require “significant efforts” to complete but will also guarantee some hefty rewards like garment bags, hideout cabin tokens, gun engraving kits, and rare gun skins.

Players will also get to take part in supply chain gameplay, where they’ll answer requests for materials from a supply request board, craft them, and then deliver them to NPCs in town. Supply missions are customized based on each player’s level and known blueprints and will reset daily.

WWO will also be adding hunting grounds for players to hunt bear and deer, redesigning town capture mechanics to make them more complex and less likely to be completed by a single individual, and introducing the first version of player land ownership.

None of these updates have been given any hard calendar dates for arrival, but the devs are working these features through this week for arrival to the game ASAP.

Our Thoughts

Sounds like the folks behind WWO have their heads down and are working hard, but we’re curious to know if any players of this game are pleased with the rate of content and updates to the sandbox. If you’ve got impressions, feel free to share them with us below.

Source: official forums

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