WoW Wednesday: Love Is In The Air!

Love is in the Air once more in the World of Warcraft, and the townsfolk of the world are now spending their days giving and receiving gifts to other amorous citizens. While the war is reaching a fever pitch in the seas, love (and the dastardly actions of the Crown Chemical Co.) are always in the air during this holiday. This week we’ll be giving you the best look at this yearly holiday event, from how to get the most of your achievements to grinding the top toys.

This particular holiday (much like its real-world equivalent) is one that has been created by one of Azeroth’s most dastardly and insidious corporations. The Crown Chemical Co., made up of ejected Forsaken Apothecaries and potentially employed by the Venture Company, work on developing a newer, more horrific plague than anything the Undercity could ever unleash, funding their research through the gift-giving holiday. The Steamwheedle Cartel, concerned about how deeply this new company is cutting into their profits, works from afar to undo Crown Chemical’s efforts. Hiring private investigators, the Cartel works on recruiting heroes throughout the major cities to thwart the Apothecary’s work.

Kwee Q. Peddlefeet and the Crown Chemical Co., ready to spread the love in Orgrimmar.

The biggest draw for players is the elusive Big Love Rocket mount, the rarest holiday mount across any of the events in Warcraft. This can be earned through taking on the terrible triumvirate running the Crown Chemical Co., who have made their residence in the now defunct Shadowfang Keep. Players can queue up for the encounter at any level and defeating the trio will earn players a Heart-Shaped Box daily. This packet can drop toys, cosmetics, the Love Rocket, as well as several pets and accessories. However, only players level 110 and higher can earn the Big Love Rocket.

While several toys are exclusive drops to the Crown Chemical Co. leaders, most can be earned from the seasonal vendors through Love Tokens, which can be earned through daily quests, several holiday-related packages, and by turning in Lovely Charm Bracelets. These items can be collected by slaying level appropriate enemies and collecting Lovely Charms, combining ten of them for a bracelet. These Charms are farmable by the entrepreneurial player, meaning that one could feasibly farm enough for every single toy, cosmetic and mount available through the vendors. This year some of the better locations to farm are the Eye of Azshara dungeon or the Blood Gate in Zuldazar.

On of the main attractions to Love is in the Air is of course the holiday’s meta-achievement, Fool For Love. This achievement is a requirement to the World Event meta What a Long, Strange Trip It’s Been. Each achievement for the Fool for Love requires a bit of a time investment and may take some time to complete; getting a head-start on completing your meta-achievement is highly recommended for most players.

Be Mine requires players to eat the eight separate heart candies that can be found in the Bag of Heart Candies. This item has ten charges, and can be purchased from a seasonal Lovely Merchant for two love tokens.

Charming requires players to craft twelve Lovely Charm Bracelets, made from 120 separate Lovely Charms. In order to do so you must first acquire a Lovely Charm Collector’s Kit from Kwee Q. Peddlefeet, located at the seasonal vendors outside of each faction’s major city auction houses.

Nation of Adoration requires players to use up some of those Lovely Charm Bracelets, and participate in the daily quest series ‘A Gift for the…’ for your faction. Turning in one bracelet to each of your leaders will net you the achievement, as well as a few of their personal opinions on the holidays.

“This is a disgrace! What kind of Orc do you take me for?!”

Dangerous Love requires players to join the Detectives hired by the Steamwheedle cartel and thwart the actions of the Crown Chemical Co. Completing the primary quest-line and then one of the Crushing the Crown daily quests will net this achievement for you.

A Fistful of Love will require you to do a little bit of hunting across Azeroth for certain players. You must use a Handful of Rose Petals on several race/class combinations across both factions. These petals come in groups of five, and can be purchased with five Love Tokens from a Lovely Merchant.

Flirt With Disaster is a faction-specific achievement, requiring players of the Horde and the Alliance to get a little free with some of the faction’s more off-putting members. Players must get absolutely drunk, use one of the seasonal perfumes or colognes, throw a Handful of Rose Petals onto either Jeremiah Payson (in Orgrimmar) or Sraaz (in Ironforge) and then kiss them! Make sure to make it count!

I Pitied the Fool is another involved travelling quest and can be quite an investment. Either you or another player must use a Love Fool in each of the five zones, and then /pity the fool that spawns. Be certain to be inside the zone listed, meaning that Naxxramas must be done inside the instance. Players cannot use the Sturdy love Fool toy for the achievement.

Sweet Tooth will require players to consume each of the four candies found within a Box of Chocolates. These candies are the Dark Desire, Very Berry Cream, Sweet Surprise and the Buttermilk Delight. Each box costs ten Love Tokens.

Lonely will see players enjoying a Buttermilk Delight with a friend in Dalaran using their Romantic Picnic Basket toy. Once you have the Romantic Picnic buff, you can dine on your candy which can be gathered from a Box of Chocolates.

A romantic picnic, for your and your beloved. Or just some stranger you meet on the street.

My Love is Like a Red, Red Rose can is earned by obtaining either a Bouqet of Red or Ebon Roses during the celebration. Both roses drop off of select Cataclysm and Wrath of the Lich King dungeon bosses.

Shafted will require you to use a Silver Shafted Arrow on ten players who do not have non-combat pets out, burdening them with Kwee Q. Peddlefeet. A stack of ten arrows cost ten Love Tokens.

Last, but certainly not least, The Rocket’s Pink Glare requires players to set off ten Love Rockets in twenty seconds (or less!). This is easy enough to simply hotkey the rockets and spam them away to your achievement. Ten rockets can be purchased from the Lovely Merchants for 10 love tokens.

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Echoes of Eorzea: Valentione’s Day Part Two

Welcome back another lore based edition of Echoes of Eorzea on the eve of one of the most amorous days of the year, Valentione’s Day, or as we better know it, Valentine’s Day! This week we will be following up last week’s article regarding this Final Fantasy XIV seasonal event. Part two of the Valentione’s Day lore will be covering the years of 2015 through to 2018.  As with last week’s article I have included a summary of the history of this seasonal event as this is a fairly important introduction to all of the related quests. Without further ado, we will jump straight in!

valentione's day

History of Valentione’s Day

Valentione’s Day was originally established to pay tribute to Countess Arabelle de Valentione of Ishgard—a remarkable woman who exhibited unparalleled courage in her quest for true love. In the present day, it has become an occasion for people to express feelings of love and gratitude to those most important in their lives. This is commonly done via the exchange of simple chocolate bon-bons crafted specially by the giver.

While in recent years there have been complaints that the true spirit of the day has been grossly perverted—now little more than a marketing ploy conjured up by the Culinarians’ Guild and the Company of Eorzean Kukuru Growers to increase sales of their products—this does not take away from the fact that countless people across the realm use this tradition to bring happiness to others. And isn’t that what the countess would have wanted?

Summary: Countess Arabelle de Valentione of Ishgard was a noblewoman who gave up her place and position to go on an arduous journey in search of love and to spread love to all others. In the years after the countess’s passing, it became traditional for the Ishgardian people to emulate that same passion and bravery by bestowing a token of affection to the one they love. It is said that chocolate is a divine concoction made by the maiden servants of Menphina, goddess of love. Lady Lisette is a direct descendant of Countess Arabelle de Valentione and continues her work to this day.


Valentione’s Day 2015

valentiones dayvalentiones day

Lady Lisette of House Valentione has ventured forth from Ishgard to ensure no tender confession goes unheard, nor any love go unrequited. Adventurers who would hasten cupid’s arrows are encouraged to seek her out and aid in her labors of love.

Quest: Where Did Our Loves Go

In an effort to aid those unable to confess their love in person, Lisette has enlisted Hortefense, who is in charge of the mission to deliver tokens of love. However, there has been an unexpected obstacle which requires the help of an adventurer such as ourselves. The service is meant for those shackled with shyness, yet there have been requests from those who would gladly present their tokens in person, yet do not know the location of their loved ones.

For the 2015 Valentione’s event, we are sent to various locations throughout the Black Shroud, Thanalan and La Noscea where we follow a set of clues as we seek out and find the lost loved ones and in return are presented with chocolate tokens.

Hortefense is so impressed with your success that he entrusts you with his own mission. Some years ago he was gravely wounded in battle and left to die, had he not been saved by a noblewoman of Ishgard. Though searching for her tirelessly ever since he has had no luck. Lisette is familiar with the story and yet cannot recall the names of those involved. We recount Hortefense’s story to one of Lisette’s emissaries who immediately divulges the information we are after. The noblewoman was, of course, Lady Lisette de Valentione herself. Overcome with emotion, Hortefense proposes to Lisette, yet is declined but allowed to stay in her presence as a friend and no more.

Event Items

valentiones day


Valentione’s Day 2016

valentiones day

valentiones day

Word has it that Lady Lisette has come with an entourage of fortune-tellers, who will lay bare the fates of Eorzea’s lovers. Adventurers who would divine the truth of their love are encouraged to seek her out!

Quest: What Is Love

Once again we are reunited with Lisette and her gentleman-in-waiting, Hortefense. Lisette tells us of the fortune tellers that can divine a couple’s affinity for risk, romance, and riches. Although assured that they are accurate, Lisette would like you to act as her ambassador and be seen enjoying the days’ festivities.

valentiones day

To take part in this quest, the player must adorn the Paramour’s earrings and partner up with a fellow player (who is also wearing the earrings). The pair must then visit all three fortune tellers and report back to Lisette.

Follow-up Quest: A Pair of Hearts

Lady Lisette has lost sight of her companion, Hortefense and wishes us to find him quickly. He is reported to have been seen near the fortune tellers with a young lady in tow. After speaking with a fortune teller you are informed that he was indeed there but rushed off to an unknown destination after his reading. In his eagerness to leave, he neglected to take the card of his partner with him which read “Lisette de Valentione”. We return the card to Lisette who had no idea about the plans to have their fortunes read and requests that you help her find her manservant. Eventually, you find a disheartened Hortefense sitting alone in the Anchor Yard. He left the Aftcastle on the verge of tears because the reading was so unfavorable. Lisette bids him return to the Aftcastle to visit the fortune tellers once again, yet Hortefense fears this greatly and wishes you to accompany them. With the correct information received, the fortune teller declares that Lisette and Hortefense are more compatible in love than any couple she has encountered. Overjoyed with this news, Hortefense declares his true and honest feelings for Lisette and asks her to join him in marriage, to which she agrees!

Event Items

valentiones day


Valentione’s Day 2017

valentiones day

valentiones day

‘Tis the season for ardor and affection! Once again Lisette de Valentione and her retinue have made the journey from far-off Ishgard to share the love with adventurers the realm over. Those in search of true love’s kiss should seek Lisette out before the season comes to a close!

Quest: Once More with Feeling

Lisette hopes we are enjoying the festivities of the 2017 Valentione’s Day and the time has come to pass on an honored tradition of House Valentione, though we are warned to use this ‘tradition’ thoughtfully as the effect is rather potent. For further instruction, we are sent along to Hortefense.

Hortefense greets us joyfully and begins to instruct us in the way of a very particular motion. Although our first effort at reproducing his expression is poor, we are encouraged to overcome our timidity and self-doubt and try again.

“Mayhap it was my demonstration that was lacking… Let us try once more. This time, breathe in deep the love in the air and let the passion flow freely from your lips!”

After one more try, we are successful and rewarded with the Dote emote.

Event Items

valentiones day


Valentione’s Day 2018

Brace yourselves and embrace your innermost feelings, for Valentione’s Day is come to Eorzea once more! Whether you are luckless in love or blissfully bonded, Lisette de Valentione and her retinue would see to it that none are without ardor and affection during this most passionate of seasons. And remember: love comes not to those who wait, but those who participate!

Quest: Lessons in Love

valentiones day

valentiones day

During the 2018 Valentione’s Day celebrations we once again meet up with Lisette who informs us that this year they have joined hands with the Sanctum of the Twelve, the purveyors of eternal love which will apparently create a union in the heavens. She has a special request to make of us in the form of helping Astrid, her trainee (and sister), who seems far too ‘sober’ and rational during these festivities. Lisette asks us to watch over her in secret and help guide her during her given seasonal tasks as part of her training.

valentiones day

Astrid is incredibly worried about failing in her given duty of organizing the new ‘affinity test’ for the celebrations. To make things worse, the Moogles who were assigned to help her have gone missing. She implores us to find them on her behalf.

We meet one Moogle at the Conjurer’s Guild (Sleepy Moogle), one near the Botanist’s Guild (Slack Moogle) and the last is near the Lancers Guild (Slothful Moogle). All, in turn, tell us that her approach is incorrect and there is no romance or fun within her test, therefore they are on strike. Astrid is dismayed at the news and we are asked whether to listen to the Moogles or ignore them, to which I personally chose the ‘listen’ option. However, Hortefense (her brother-in-law) interrupts to tell her that to deal with troublesome Moogles you should consult a Moogle.

valentiones day

With this in mind, we hasten to Kuplu Kumo, the leader of the sanctum choir. Kuplu anticipated this problem and explains that love is not tangible and transcends rational thoughts. During this discussion, Astrid realizes that her test must include more fun but that is not her forte, yet just so happens to be the foremost quality of a Moogle. While Astrid consults with Kuplu, we are sent to round up the missing Moogles (at the Leatherworkers Guild) by threatening to ‘squash their poms’.

By the time we return, the wayward Moogles are working with renewed enthusiasm and Astrid is overjoyed with the results of the new ‘affinity test’, so much so that she wishes for us to be the first to test it.

Completion of this quest unlocks access to the new Seasonal Instance for which you must be partnered with another player (there is a matchmaking system in place for those not able to be in a group of two). Within the instance, there are two separate Trials of the Moon which require cooperation, communication, and patience. The first trial is called ‘Til Mog Do We Part’ which involves making your way through two separate mazes while attached with an affinity beam. The maze has certain obstacles to overcome yet if the beam breaks, your affinity will reduce and if it reaches 0 the instance will end. The second trial is called ‘Cards Beat As One’ and involves a card memorization game where you and your partner must select two cards and try to match them all to complete the trial.

valentiones day

valentiones day

Upon successful completion, everyone is happy and Astrid has now completed her training successfully!

The event also includes the return of the fortune tellers from 2015’s event, which is part of the repeatable quest from Lisette and also requires the player to be in a party of two (there is no matchmaking system in place for this repeatable quest).

Event Items

valentiones day valentione's day


Final Thoughts

As the years pass, I can’t help but notice a few things concerning Final Fantasy XIV events in general, having now summarised around 7 years worth of Heavensturn and Valentione’s Day, and 4 years of Starlight Celebration. Before I clarify, however, I want to reinforce that I absolutely adore seasonal events. They are fun, unique, and better than those of any other MMORPG I have played.

These are the facts though. Over the years, the story introductions on the Lodestone have gone from long, detailed paragraphs to one-line quest introductions. Event rewards fluctuate and began to reduce, although lately, we are seeing a rise in mount rewards, which means (to new or absent players) that to obtain the last year’s event item on the Mogstation the following year, it’s likely to cost a player around £12 rather than the £3 item sets of previous years.

However, having done the 2018 Valentione’s event my concerns have eased significantly, as it’s apparent that a great deal of care and love has gone into this year’s event, even with the inclusion of an event instance, similar to that of All Saint’s Wake. We are incredibly lucky players to have such a dedicated development team.

For me personally, I have found the 2014 event to be the most heartwarming in terms of the questline story, but the 2018 event is by far the most enjoyable considering it combines both an instance and the fun of the 2015 fortune tellers. I must also add that the artwork over the years for all the seasonal events has been stunningly beautiful (obviously that is an observation based on my personal tastes) and I very much look forward to future events on artistic merit alone. Although the styles have changed throughout the years, they retain an incredible amount of care, quality, and skill within their work.

I wish you a very happy Valentione’s Day to you and your loved ones!

Thank you all for reading this lore-based edition of Echoes of Eorzea! As always, if you have any questions, advice or comments please don’t hesitate to get in contact either through here, Anook or Twitter.

valentiones day

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The Tyrian Chronicle: FriendShip Interview with the Devs

Welcome to another issue of The Tyrian Chronicle. This week we’re talking to two of ArenaNet’s finest on the new Guild Wars 2 FriendShip campaign launching very soon. It’s not all star-crossed lovers hit by a stray shot from the Dreamer, players come together in all sorts of ways.


Shannon: Thank you for talking to us about the campaign. I suppose to introduce yourselves, what is your name and job at ArenaNet. Also because people are always curious, what race and specialization combo you main?

Mike Zadorojny: Mike Zadorojny, Guild Wars 2 Game Director, Asura/Daredevil or Asura/Deadeye depending on the game mode.

Elisabeth Cardy: I’m Elisabeth Cardy, I work on the brand team, and “main” is a tricky question for me – I’ve been spending a lot of time with my Sylvari Firebrand lately.

Guild Wars 2 FriendShip

Shannon: How did the idea for this community spotlight come about? Was love just in the air as we got closer to Valentine’s Day?

Elisabeth Cardy: I think most of us who work here (certainly many of the people I’ve talked to around the studio) have been impacted by relationships that were made or fostered in video games and want to contribute to that culture. For myself, personally, the whole reason I got into video games is that I went to PAX 2010 in advance of the release of Guild Wars 2 to meet up with friends I’d made on the game’s unofficial forums. The ability of games, and MMOs in particular, to bring people together, is something I find fascinating, and something our team really wanted to celebrate. From the ground up, Guild Wars 2 was designed as a game where it’s a good thing to see other people, and that’s resulted in a friendly and connected community.


Shannon: Will the FriendShip microsite be staying up beyond the Valentine’s Day period or indeed longer than February?

Elisabeth Cardy: Yep! We’re excited to see all of the stories that come in throughout the celebration and we have a couple more that we’re going to highlight later on this month too.


Shannon: How do people share their stories to get them on the site? After all, I am sure that there has been more than a few friendships forged in Tyria over the last five years.

Elisabeth Cardy: If players post to the Guild Wars 2 Facebook page using #GW2FriendShips, or use that same hashtag on YouTube, Tumblr, Twitter, or Instagram, their stories will eventually make it to the site. The Friend/Ships page will also feature a submission form for folks who aren’t on those social media platforms.

Shannon: Does the development team get many stories from couples who met in Guild Wars 2? What about in the original Guild Wars?

Mike Zadorojny: We regularly receive fan mail at the office, in-game mail, post on our forums or on Reddit telling us wonderful stories about how friendships or romances have been made because of time spent within Tyria, both Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 versions.

Elisabeth Cardy: We’ll see fans talk about friendships or relationships that started in-game pretty regularity. Just in the last couple weeks before we announced this campaign, there was a sudden surge of wedding and engagement stories appearing on the GW2 subreddit – I thought that was particularly funny since the Friend/Ships celebration was taking up so much of my own attention.


Shannon: Have there been any relationships in ArenaNet that have come about because of GW2? I can think of a Streamer myself.

Elisabeth Cardy: Working on Guild Wars 2 has brought a lot of folks with coinciding interests together, and a bunch of folks at the studio have developed friendships that extend outside of working hours too.


Shannon: Have you made any friends in Guild Wars 2 (outside of the dev team) that have become real-life friends?

Mike Zadorojny: I’ve made a number of friends in Guild Wars 2 that I’ve had the pleasure of meeting when I travel around the world.  It’s always great to finally put a face the names and voices of people you meet and chat over a cup of coffee or a slice of pizza and share stories from the game or see how life has been treating them.

Elisabeth Cardy: I mentioned that I went to PAX to meet friends from the Guild Wars 2 community before the game even shipped (truthfully, before it even went into beta) – and the number of friends Guild Wars 2 has brought into my life has only grown from there.

Whenever we’re at events like PAX or Gamescom, we try to hold community events to spend time with fans, which means that we often meet the same folks over the course of a few years and start looking forward to those events as a way to reconnect with friendly faces.

Shannon: Will there be anything happening in the game to go along with this special community highlight?

Elisabeth Cardy: The release on February 6 introduced an achievement players can get by visiting Lion’s Arch, which will grant them an endless tonic they can use to show the world how friendly they are.


There you have it. If there’s a special someone out there in Tyria for you and you want to show how friendly you are, be sure to head to Lions Arch after the patch today to get your hands on that tonic.

As for other friendships forged in Tyria, do you have any stories you will be adding to the microsite? Or do you want to spin a tale of love here in the comments? It’s always great to meet other people who have met friends and partners through the internet.

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Echoes of Eorzea: Valentione’s Day Part One

Welcome to another edition of Echoes of Eorzea, which this week will be looking back on the Valentione’s Day lore. In this article, I will be summarising the story, artwork, and rewards of the 2011 to 2014 events, and then follow up with the remaining years of 2015 to 2018 next week.


Valentione’s Day lore

History of Valentione’s Day

Valentione’s Day was originally established to pay tribute to Countess Arabelle de Valentione of Ishgard—a remarkable woman who exhibited unparalleled courage in her quest for true love. In the present day, it has become an occasion for people to express feelings of love and gratitude to those most important in their lives. This is commonly done via the exchange of simple chocolate bon-bons crafted specially by the giver.

While in recent years there have been complaints that the true spirit of the day has been grossly perverted—now little more than a marketing ploy conjured up by the Culinarians’ Guild and the Company of Eorzean Kukuru Growers to increase sales of their products—this does not take away from the fact that countless people across the realm use this tradition to bring happiness to others. And isn’t that what the countess would have wanted?

In short: Countess Arabelle de Valentione of Ishgard was a noblewoman who gave up her place and position to go on an arduous journey in search of love and to spread love to all others. In the years after the countess’s passing, it became traditional for the Ishgardian people to emulate that same passion and bravery by bestowing a token of affection to the one they love. It is said that chocolate is a divine concoction made by the maiden servants of Menphina, goddess of love.

Lady Lisette is a direct descendant of Countess Arabelle de Valentione and continues her work to this day.

Valentione’s Day 2011

valentiones day

valentiones day

House Valentione Coat-of-Arms*


Compared to other Eorzean festivals, Valentione’s Day may seem fairly low key. The celebration is truly about the individual and their ability to muster the courage to conquer their own fears of rejection. For this celebration, the city-states are providing free portions of powdered sugar usually only reserved for the noble classes, and with which Valentione’s Day chocolates are created.

“Each year, there are those who feel inclined to bring attention to the fact that these bells closely resemble those used during other festivals, such as the recent starlight celebration. It is unfortunate that these people must concentrate on the negative when the true meaning behind Valentione’s Day is about expressing gratitude to a fellow friend or companion—something that should not require unnecessary displays of extravagance.”


Quest: Ring the Bells

Bells are located throughout various locations within the major cities of Eorzea. Upon ringing the bell, a Smilebringer NPC will appear and presents us with a pinch of Powdered Sugar.

Event Items

valentiones day

Valentione’s Day 2012

Connecting all lands and peoples in her everlasting embrace, the sea bears to Limsa Lominsa the wisdom and voices of a thousand shores. In today’s edition, The Harbor Herald examines the forthcoming celebration of love and exposes some of the rumors surrounding a particularly special sweet.

valentiones day

valentiones day

“Those who have sojourned in Limsa Lominsa may have come to know one Dympna Tinstyll. An independent exporter of exotics, Dympna is also an avid enthusiast of the culinary arts, and it is for that reason that we are proud to present The Good Salt, a column in which Dympna can share her delectable knowledge with all of Eorzea. Today she writes about a very special chocolate treat said to have the power to make the feelings in our hearts known to those we love.

Arabelle de Valentione. The legendary Countess of Ishgard who risked all that she had and was in her quest to discover true love, and whose name is now immortalized in the Eorzean holiday of Valentione’s Day. Be my Valentione! Three simple words to communicate that most profound and heartfelt of sentiments—love me as I love you. Yet simplicity is no substitute for courage, and implicit in these words is the confessing of one’s deepest feelings, the laying bare of one’s very heart, and the unshakable fear of rejection. For the shy and timid among my audience, and for all whose faces are quick to take red, allow me to share news of a certain chocolate for which you will no doubt be pining.

Words may be wind, but wind reaches all, and the hushed winds that have reached the Herald tell us that the chocolates are now being prepared at the Bismarck. Some say that the gourmets there have learned something of the divine concoctions made by the maiden servants of Menphina, goddess of love. Still others claim that a rare and valuable spice extracted from Meracydian gold is used in the baking. All that can be said for sure is that a truly unique and amazing recipe has been devised. What is more, it seems the commissioning of the Bismarck to produce these treats came at the hands of none other than the Adventurers’ Guild. Most interesting indeed!

The restoration of the Grand Companies in each of the three nations has served to create rifts between adventurers. Could it be that rivalry and infighting may come to exact a toll on the solidarity and fraternity among them? It seems such misgivings are not altogether absent within the Adventurers’ Guild. It is a splendid thing indeed that the adventurers have come to take a sense of pride in the Grand Companies to which they pledge themselves, be they of the Storm, Serpent, or Flame. Amidst foreboding rumors of the coming of the Seventh Umbral Era, however, Twelve forbid that the needs of the realm’s citizenry go unattended due to bickering and bitterness between factions of adventurers.

Yet there is no malaise what cannot be set right by chocolate! Whether all we have heard is truth or lies, what cannot be denied is the movement that has begun—a movement meant to foster and promote love among adventurers, be it romantic or fraternal. And these chocolates are the key to its success! But do they truly possess the power to communicate one’s love to another as we have heard? Can Valentione’s Day fan the flames of love beyond the barriers put in place by the Grand Companies as the Adventurers’ Guild hopes?
Whatever fate the gods may have in store, one fact is clear—I simply have to try one of those chocolates!”

Dympna Tinstyll, Culinarian Columnist

Quest: Nothing Says Lovin’ like Consecrated Chocolate

For the 2012 Valentione’s day event, matchmaker NPC’s have appeared around the city-states. The player may request help obtaining a partner by speaking with one of the NPC representatives. There are three quests that a pair of players may take part in: Bond of Pure Love, Bond of Dear Love and Glory of Love. The paired players will visit the NPC together and be given a score based on specific requirements and on the final quest, the points are increased by consuming specific chocolates at this stage.

This quest will also reward the highest scoring players with new Lodestone character backgrounds.

Valentione’s Day 2013

During this time the game was unavailable due to the development of A Realm Reborn (ARR) in development.

Valentione’s Day 2014

The season of love is finally upon us—Valentione’s Day has made its return! Word has it that an Ishgardian noble accompanied by several retainers has arrived in Limsa to enliven this joyous occasion, and the Harbor Herald has wasted no time in investigating their plans to spread ardor throughout the realm.

valentiones day

valentiones day

Ardor and Affection
Countess Arabelle de Valentione─who has not heard a minstrel sing of this ethereal beauty? She who forsook a sheltered life at court to traverse vast and unforgiving environs in her lifelong quest for true love?

Eras have come and passed, yet still, today does her tale instill would-be lovers the realm over with the courage to lay bare their hearts before their beloved, accompanied more often than not by a gift of sweet confections. So was born the tradition of Valentione’s Day. In the trying years since the Calamity, however, merely ensuring survival and daily livelihood in the face of threats from the beastkin and Garlemald has proven a toilsome task for a great many Eorzeans, leaving precious little time for romantic pursuits.

And yet, who can deny that having a special someone in one’s thoughts might lend an even greater sense of purpose and resolve on the battlefield? Not this starry-eyed scribe, that much is certain.

And so it is with open arms and high hopes that we welcome the Lady Lisette de Valentione, direct descendant of the Countess Arabelle, to our fair Limsa, that her presence might serve to kindle flames of romance across the land, warming the hearts of all those who yearn for the sweet embrace of their one true love. – Yumah Molkot

Quest: The Puissance of Love

During the event, Ser Larsonient will be seeking passionate adventurers willing to lend their strength to House Valentione’s cause.

For the 2014 Valentione’s event we meet with Larsonient, a knight of House Valentione, who requests that we halt our adventures for a time in order to pursue the greater quest of love by seeking out Lisette de Valentione. Lisette is the descendant of Countess Arabelle de Valentione and seeks to share the joy of love with those less fortunate in that particular area (while adoring fans beg her for chocolate). Lisette imparts on you the blessings of her ancestors and sends you to seek out those with a heart in need and sends us to O’kalkaya.

O’kalkaya tells us that her captain has been behaving strangely lately and wishes us to investigate. It transpires that Captain Rhoswen of the Sirens has asked Lyngsath of the Bismark to ‘whip up something to make some sparks’. The assumption is that she is requesting fire-sand. However, a spy from the Krakens (who are enemies of the Sirens) hears the discussion and runs back to tell his captain everything. We hasten to follow and meet with Carvallain who informs us that Captain Rhoswen has requested a duel at the Anchor Yard and, as we are impartial to the situation, Carvallain requests that we ensure all matters are conducted fairly.

The captain of the Sirens does not show up at first but then arrives late and a lengthy bout of heated banter ensues. Then all of the sudden an aroma fills the air and Carvallain is certain that Rhoswen is trying to distract him with the smell of chocolate. Tempers flare and more heated words are exchanged before Captain Rhoswen exclaims that ‘she doesn’t know what she was thinking’ and returns to the Sirens.

It appears that what you witnessed was a confession of love gone horribly wrong. O’kalkaya is grateful to see you return, yet upon realizing the true intention of the challenge, she offers a small gift of chocolate to ensure our silence on the matter.

Following this, you are sent to aid Nemoh who has been patiently awaiting the return of her lost love Gwayne since the Calamity. A person matching Gwayne’s description has been spotted in Gridania but Nemoh is not brave enough to investigate and sends you in her stead. Although you encounter several lookalikes, none prove to be the lost love, though one of the men gives you information regarding the location of the real Gwayne at E-Tatt’s Spire. The true Gwayne claims to have lost his memory due to a battle wound and departs. Nemoh refuses to believe this sad truth and lashes out at her childhood friend Gylbart. She then entrusts you with a box of chocolates to help stir Gwayne’s memories of her. Gylbart has done investigations of his own and reveals to you that Gwayne is notorious for stealing the hearts of maidens in order to swindle goods and gold from them. To spare her from the cruel truth, Gylbart requests that we keep the chocolates and promises to stay by Nemoh’s side as a friend to watch over her.

Finally, we are sent to a maiden of Ul’dah, Yellow Moon, who wishes to return the affections of her many admirers, however, she does not possess nearly enough ingredients to make the chocolate she requires. We are sent out three times to procure ingredients for Yellow Moon from her admirers, returning each time with a strange assortment. She is confused by the array of ingredients donated, yet prepares the chocolate all the same. Coincidentally, many males have been stricken down by a vile poison. She thanks us and presents us with some chocolate of our own before we make a very swift exit (before we are potentially arrested).

Lisette commends your service on House Valentione’s behalf, her ancestral senses telling her that your deeds have provided no small degree of solace to those lost in love.

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