Shadow’s Kiss Kickstarter Enters Final Days

The Shadow’s Kiss Kickstarter campaign enters its final days this weekend having raised more than 250% of their original pledge goal. While in other news, Clockwork Throne, the indie developer behind the in-development vampire MMO, seems to be a bit of a killer work environment.

Okay not literally, they’ve put out a fun little mockumentary series wherein the game’s devs get into the spirit of things towards the end of their Kickstarter campaign. From the words of the press release: “Several designer spots are now open, and one of their character artists is now only able to work nights.” You can check out the mockumentary on the dedicated page.

As for the Shadow’s Kiss Kickstarter, midnight of December 4th is the endpoint, and we’re not far off now. They have unlocked Crafting and the Ritual Magic system, along with a few other goodies, and are just a small amount off unlocking Music & Voice. So if this game is something you’re thinking about looking into, get backing over the next couple of days!

“We’re honored and a bit overwhelmed by the support from the community,” said Thomas Sitch, President of Clockwork Throne. “This Kickstarter is going to allow us to finally bring the world a vampire-themed MMO, with gothic story elements, horror, and the ‘coolness factor’ of being a vampire set on ruling the night.”

Check the Kickstarter page here for more information.


Our Thoughts

Oh, the campy fun Clockwork Throne are having with this! Yes, it’s a little cringy but hey, all the best things are, right? We also extend our congratulations to them on their Kickstarter success, those unlocked stretch goals are always satisfying to see and we’re pretty excited to see how Shadow’s Kiss turns out. It’s super nice to see something a little bit different in development.

Source: Press Release

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