War Thunder’s Masters of the Sea Update Brings Battleships, Copters and Xbox One F2P

A pretty large update has gone live for the vehicular combat MMO War Thunder. The Masters of the Sea update has pulled its Naval Forces battleships out of beta and into the full game, along with attack helicopters and the official free to play launch of the game on Xbox One.

masters of the sea update

The primary piece of the Masters of the Sea update, of course, is the 85 different battleships from the United States, Germany and Soviet Union. The mode’s arrival to PC and console players also means more updates to the mode can be worked on, as the devs now focus on bringing Great Britain warships to closed beta.

The seas aren’t the only things being mastered with this update, as the United States, Soviet Union and new German helicopters are also making their way to the game proper. These new vehicles are part of combined arms battles.

Finally, this new update marks the official move of the Xbox One version out of pre-release and into full free to play launch for Xbox Live Gold subscribers. The full launch of the game on Xbox One will also allow for cross-play with PC.

There’s quite a bit more in this update overall, so you’ll want to breeze over the patch notes.

Our Thoughts

Yep, that’s a pretty significant chunk of content. We’d love to hear the impressions of those who are playing this new update and your thoughts on the game’s naval battles, attack copters and other matters so feel free to share with us.

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Fractured Space to Enter Maintenance Mode

Edge Case Games has released confirmation that Fractured Space maintenance mode is on the horizon, as the online space combat title just was not drawing in the sort of players to make it worth updating any longer.

fractured space maintenance mode

The game’s upcoming Infection update will be the last piece of new content for Fractured Space. After that Edge Case Games will halt development and look to other projects in order to “cement its future.”

Once Infection goes live, Fractured Space’s servers will remain online and running “for the forseeable future” in order to let fans continue playing. Incidentally, the new update will only cost 1 Credit to purchase and all DLC purchase options will be taken offline.

Platinum will also be automatically exchanged for in-game Credits, with 550 Credits offered for every 1 Platinum players hold in their accounts. The in-game store’s offerings will change to reflect the dissolving currency, with every item in the store now available for purchase with Credits.

“It’s been an amazing and emotional journey,” remarked Edge Case’s CEO James Brooksby. “Edge Case Games would not be anywhere without its incredible players – you have been awesome. We thank you for all your support and some fantastic memories we will hold dear for the rest of our lives.”

Our Thoughts

We can’t really feign surprise here, but it is still a shame that this happened to Fractured Space all the same. Still, we hope that the game’s fans do take some solace in the fact that the server’s lights will keep blinking and wish the folks at Edge Case Games the best of luck in their future projects.

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War Thunder Update 1.81 Brings Attack Choppers Online

We’ve already known they’re coming, but today marks their official arrival. War Thunder Update 1.81 is now live, bringing attack helicopters to the game and a new opportunity for us to not make a reference to that Wagner song, we promise.

war thunder update 1.81

While the attack helicopters are indeed being added to the game, they’re not exactly live in the full release per se. As is the case with the ongoing naval battles feature, attack choppers are accessible in closed testing in combined arms modes. Also as a reminder, accessing this closed testing is a matter of either buying specific packs or completing several in-game tasks.

Update 1.81 isn’t only about choppers, though. The new patch is also providing players of the base game itself, bringing vehicles like the M247 Sergeant York SPAAG for the US; the Leopard A1A1 for Germany; and the T-80B for the Soviet Union. There are also four new locations being included.

Complete information about this new update can be found here and a video showcasing The Valkyries is below. Just remember, we promised not to reference That Song, but the video has no such assurances.

Our Thoughts

We are extremely interested to know just what sort of dynamic adjustments helicopters will bring to combined arms modes of War Thunder, or even if they’ll make an impact considering their general weaknesses. We suppose that’s what closed testing will sort out. Obviously.

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Combat Helicopters are Coming to War Thunder

The sound of rotors whipping the air and Ride of the Valkyries in the background can mean one of two things: you’re watching a scene from Apocalypse Now, or War Thunder combat helicopters are coming. Actually, it means the latter, because writing a gaming news story about Apocalypse Now would be weird.

war thunder combat helicopters

Update 1.81 – AKA The Valkyries – will be the patch that deploys these new weapons of war to the vehicular combat MMO, with a number of whirlybirds available in a separate research tree accessible once you’ve reached Rank V of a corresponding nation’s tank or aircraft.

Several helicopters of ranks V and VI will be available for US and Soviet sides and will be playable in all difficulty modes of combined arms battles. Helicopters carry a wide variety of weapons including unguided missiles, rotary cannons and guided anti-tank missiles. Of course, they also bring a new form of maneuverability to the battlefield, excelling in ground strike operations while also having a bit of vulnerability if they remain too stationary. Future updates are also planned that could bring helicopter-only battles.

Those who are looking forward to piloting these new machines can do so during closed beta testing that becomes available with The Valkyries update. Players either have to complete specific in-game tasks to join in, or they can purchase helicopter packs from the game store. More details can be found on the War Thunder website, while a video of the update is below.

Our Thoughts

Either these will be a versatile and unique new weapon in the battlefields of War Thunder, or they’ll be an absolute nightmare to control and will result in players watching choppers spin themselves into the dirt. In either case, it sounds like a lot of fun.

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Switchblade Tries to Mesh Vehicular Combat and MOBA Gameplay

While the Great MOBA Crash of 2016 has come and gone, that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few dev studios trying to take a unique stab at the sub-genre. For example, we’ve got here a Switchblade early access announcement, which is trying to combine the great tastes of MOBA-like gameplay and vehicular combat at the end of this month.

switchblade early access

Switchblade features 5v5 arena combat where teams battle it out in a futuristic sport with a variety of sci-fi vehicles. Each vehicle type plays a unique role in team composition and fits into one of five roles, be it support or long-range fire or harasser and scout. The objective of gameplay isn’t immediately spelled out, but the protection and destruction of towers on each of the game’s maps appears to be the primary goal.

Switchblade is due to arrive to early access on both Steam and PlayStation 4 on Tuesday, August 28th. Details on what’s available in early access, including play modes and more, can be read here and a trailer showing off the game in action is embedded below.

Our Thoughts

Frankly, we’re going to need a little more information about just how matches work in Switchblade, but we’ve got to admit that the wrinkle of attack vehicles and the pacing of the game certainly seems to bode well for this one. Consider us extremely curious.

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