Ship of Heroes Highlights Leveling and Training in New Video

An all-new video was released today in which Ship of Heroes highlights leveling and training. The video takes a level one character and levels them up to three to show what leveling up and training will look like in Ship of Heroes. Leveling in Ship of Heroes will allow a great deal of customization. So much so in fact that two heroes with the same powers can play very differently depending on how they augment their powers.

Along with showing how leveling and training works you get to see a number of other systems in motion. The developers show what happens when the player is saved from the brink of death by leveling up. We also get a glimpse at some long requested impact animations. The character reacts to being hit by ranged attacks.

Coming up next for Ship of Heroes it looks like we may be getting a video of the superspeed travel power in action very soon. We’re also looking forward to an update on the upgrades to the Ship of Heroes character creator.

Speaking of the character creator, a character creator beta is expected this summer. This is just one of many possible events the developers are looking to host this year. They’re hoping to have a large scale combat beta in the fall. Plus there is the possibility of a third beta event at the end of 2019, though of course its too far out to have any details on what that might entail. From the sounds of it between semi-regular videos from Ship of Heroes and once a quarter beta we’ll be getting a lot of Ship of Heroes in our future. Keep an eye out for more news on Ship of Heroes very soon.

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Conqueror’s Blade Shows Off Siege Gameplay

The tactical sandbox MMO-like Conqueror’s Blade asks a lot of its players as they lead their nations to victory, not the least of which being to lay siege to keeps and forts. But how does that play out, exactly? A new Conqueror’s Blade siege gameplay trailer is showing us all how.

conqueror's blade siege gameplay

The video offers a general run through the entire process of laying siege to a fortification, from selecting army unites and siege engines to issuing orders to troops in the middle of battle. The video provides more than a few glimpses at the player character ordering troops into formation, issuing charge orders, or otherwise taking direct control of the fight by entering the fray personally or commandeering siege weapons.

According to producer Peter Lagun, Conqueror’s Blade siege warfare has been put through its paces in early testing. “We saw thousands of players help us stress our technology,” said Lagun. “Players have clashed steel for hours, have found creative tactics in siege warfare and ultimately have shown a great hunger for more.”

You can take in all of the siegecraft gameplay you could want in the embed below.

Our Thoughts

Siege warfare in Conqueror’s Blade certainly looks like it’ll be a busy affair, but we do hope that tactical thinking will win out the day in favor of merely memorizing the shape of maps or battlegrounds and taking advantage of those locations. That’s probably not going to happen, though.

Source: press release

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Secret World Legends Teases Dark Agartha Update

Time travel can be a pretty weird and whacked-out thing, and alternate timeline stories are just a part of that experience. It would appear that Secret World Legends is dipping its toes into that sort of narrative trope with their upcoming Dark Agartha update.

dark agartha update

There’s not much to go on for now, but the game’s official Twitter account and Funcom’s YouTube page offered the same small bit of context to the update’s story with the following blurb:

“A mysterious path in Agartha has opened. Initially discovered by the Lost Conquistador, the question isn’t just where the portal led, but to when”

The tweet also features a video showing off this “when” — a future where the darkness has apparently overtaken the Agartha world tree location. The video shows a player character traveling through this newly infested form of Agartha, which provides a quick look at a couple of battles and even hints at a possible confrontation with a Filth-corrupted Gatekeeper.

The Dark Agartha update is due to arrive on Wednesday, November 14th. You can take a look at the teaser trailer below.

Our Thoughts

For those who don’t play SWL or TSW, perhaps a bit of context is in order: Agartha is the primary social hub, the safest location in the entire game. So with that in mind, seeing it besieged in this way is pretty jarring and exciting. We’re looking very forward to hearing more.

Sources: Twitter, YouTube

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Lost Ark Debuts a Lengthy Open Beta Trailer

We’ve discussed before about just what the in-development MMO Lost Ark has been doing all this time, but a new Lost Ark open beta trailer has provided perhaps an even tighter look at where things stand right now with 13 minutes’ worth of gameplay to showcase.

lost ark open beta trailer

The video covers pretty much everything one would want to know about Lost Ark, from a look at the game’s different classes, to its gathering professions, to PvP and PvE pursuits. There’s even a brief look at some of the game’s social hubs, house building and sailing around the game world. The trailer is in Korean, however, so you’ll have to use your own context clues about what’s being showcased, but honestly it’s not difficult.

According to MMO Culture, Lost Ark is working on first stabilizing the game in Korea before pursuing a larger release, and even then China will be the first territory to see the game outside of Korea assuming the country’s ongoing games freeze thaws out by then. For now, you can take in the complete look in the embed below.

Our Thoughts

That is some pretty spiffing MMOARPG gameplay, to be sure! Lost Ark certainly ticks many of the right boxes for a Korean action MMO, including flashy classes and interesting locations and set pieces. We’re hoping to hear more on whether this game will be coming further West, but as our writer noted, that likely won’t be a development we’ll see until sometime in 2019. Maybe.

Source: MMO Culture

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Ship of Heroes Debuts its Day/Night Cycle Video

There’s been a lot of work on the immersion side of Ship of Heroes, and the debut of the Ship of Heroes day/night cycle video is giving followers of the developing MMO another new look at how life on the titular spacecraft feels for both the citizenry and its superpowered protectors.

ship of heroes day/night cycle video

The video in question has had time sped up for demonstration purposes, but the game’s regular cycle will happen every three hours in real time. The video features the signature character Meltdown checking out Apotheosis City during the daytime and nighttime, with the intent of showing off all the fancy lighting and NPC interactions.

According to the presser we’ve received, this marks the final major hurdle the devs have had to clear before starting work on the game’s login test. It also lauds the team’s development philosophy of building a core and then iterating on top of it. In other words, it’s the same Apotheosis City as shown before, only better.

You can judge for yourself just how much better and take a peek at the nightlife of the Ship of Heroes in the video below. There’s also an associated dev blog if you prefer words over moving images.

While it’s great to see the game’s world coming to life (or as close of an approximation to life as to allow one to suspend their disbelief), we’re more intrigued by the word that this is the last roadblock in the way to the MMO’s greater testing. Here’s hoping to learn more firm details on that front very soon.

Source: press email

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Housemarque Releases its First Dev Diary for Stormdivers

In what appears to be the first in a series of videos, judging by the number next to its title, a new Stormdivers dev diary video has been posted online with a peek behind the scenes of the studio’s thought processes about the game and what its looking to bring to battle royale.

The video in question features head of self-publishing Mikael Haveri, who talks about what it ws that drew the studio to create Stormdivers. “We were looking at games like Dark Souls; how these games redefine genres and make it very clear from the beginning that the only way to be successful is to own your skills,” said Haveri. This mindset, of course, blends well with the battle royale genre.

The video admits that the team took in several pieces of inspiration from games releasing during the time of Stormdivers’ initial development, which ultimately formed a “Housemarque monster” that was fine-tuned over the past two years. That said, Haveri also does admit that Stormdivers is not quite ready for broader public release but will be soon.

Haveri closes with the promise that Stormdivers will be “ruthless and skill-based” and feature dynamic weather events that will fundamentally change the way fights play out. He also promised that Housemarque has “alot of arcade tricks in our bag” – a callback to the studio’s arcade-centric stable of titles.

You can get the full video in the embed below.

Our Thoughts

Jump-cut editing notwithstanding, this does seem like a generally earnest look into how Stormdivers came to be. We are interested in seeing more meat form on these bones, however, as we’re still not sure what truly makes this one rise up above the battle royale din.

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Sea of Thieves Reassesses its Update Cadence

It would seem that once a week was more trouble than it was worth. In the latest Sea of Thieves developer update video, executive producer Joe Neate confirmed that weekly updates to the pirating sandbox will be scaled back in the interest of improving overall quality of content.

sea of thieves developer update

According to Neate, while the weekly update cadence had some benefits, they were more often than not introducing more bugs into the game, which ultimately led to more downtime and more work. Additionally, the update pace didn’t provide meaningful content.

As a result, they’re scaling things back, with updates to the game only arriving with major content updates, Bilge Rat Adventures, or major quality of life updates or bug fixes .”We want to move away from [weekly updates] and really focus on only updating the game when we’re actually going to be delivering significant player value to people,” explained Neate.

That said, today’s planned update which has brought the new Cargo Run mission type for the Merchant’s Alliance faction has gone live. Unlike regular Merchant’s Alliance missions where you have to find the items yourself, these missions have you taking up already collected valuables and dropping them off to a specific location. These valuables are unique, with items like rum or fine silks, and also have their own unique requirements like keeping rum bottles from breaking or keeping silks dry.

The developer update video also talked about changes to the Pioneers testing program, the upcoming Festival of the Damned event, and other matters. You can check out the video below and learn more about Cargo Runs here.

Our Thoughts

While having regular updates would have been nice, if they’re more trouble than they’re worth then we can appreciate the decision to move away from that plan. Ideally, there’s enough things for players in Sea of Thieves to do now that there won’t bee too many complaints. Ideally.

Sources: YouTube, official site

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Crafting and Winter Take Up Crowfall’s October ACE Q&A

As sure as the seasons turn, a fresh month has brought along a fresh Q&A video from Crowfall‘s lead devs. In the October ACE Q&A session, design lead Thomas Blair and creative director J. Todd Coleman talk economy, parcels, the gameplay beats of winter and more.

october ace q&a

The video opens with a question about why crafting materials are available from vendors. In short, the devs wanted to balance time spent on the low end between harvesting and PvP, as there was too much time spent harvesting materials to get back into the fight. That said, the cost of materials are a bit too cheap, so that is due for adjustment.

The next question talked about the parcel token system, which essentially is a way to gauge how many buildings of a certain size can go on a single parcel. As of right now with patch 5.7, it’s an incomplete feature; parcels will be able to be upgraded to allow more buildings, but that system has not been built yet.

The devs also take a moment to talk about the gameplay beats tied to the four seasons that run through a Campaign. As of right now, since fall and winter aren’t in play yet, most of the gameplay focuses on a lot of harvesting and crafting with an admitted lack of purpose to PvP. Ideally, once fall and winter come online, players will see increased combat. The plan is spring and summer will have more plentiful resources and so teams will focus mainly on crafting weapons and armor to fuel the late-game war effort.

The Q&A video also offers word on nerfing the Assassin, getting more cutting grit, and other matters. You can take it all in below.

Our Thoughts

Once a full Campaign and all of its related seasons come, things in testing for Crowfall should be significantly more interesting, especially for the wider majority of folks who want a more complete game experience. We’ll hopefully not have too long to wait, but considering the pace of this particular MMO’s development, that wait won’t be too tough.

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Warhammer: Chaosbane Tells its Story in a New Trailer

ARPG Warhammer: Chaosbane, as its title suggests, is not a tale of soft blankets and warm mugs of spiced milk tea. We can all confirm our suspicions of as much with the new Warhammer: Chaosbane story trailer released by the devs that helps to set its grim scene.

warhammer: chaosbane story trailer

Warhammer: Chaosbane takes place in a time just before the Old World’s Great War against the forces of Chaos, picking up just after the Empire of Man took down the Chaos leader The Everchosen. As one would expect, though, the forces of Chaos aren’t so completely destroyed.

In Warhammer: Chaosbane, up to four players can take up arms either in couch co-op or online play. According to the press release, party synergy will play a significant role in the game, while the Bloodlust mechanic will provide a boost of power to help turn the tide.

The game is due to arrive to PC and consoles at some point in 2019. For now, you can get the general gist of the ARPG’s tone in the video below. If you prefer a more nuts-and-bolts look at the game, be sure to check out their YouTube channel for a developer hands-on piece with the game as it stands now.

Our Thoughts

The setting of Warhammer certainly lends itself to the explosive horde-smashing gameplay of an ARPG, but we’d like to see if there’s more than a good backdrop to make this ARPG stand out. Then again, sometimes a good setting is all you need if the “classic” ARPG gameplay is nailed down extremely well. In either case, we’ll certainly keep this in our peripheral vision.

Source: press release

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Ship of Heroes Demonstrates Civilians and Cars in Video Form

While seeing pictures and words about civilians and cars is one thing, seeing it in full motion is completely another. That’s what’s on offer with the most recent Ship of Heroes developer update video.

ship of heroes developer update video

The video mentions once again that this new NPC activity is all about immersion to give players of Ship of Heroes a sense of a living world. The video takes place during sometime about midday, but players will see NPC activity change depending on what time it is, with fewer cars on the road during early morning hours given as an example.

The video also shows off some of the distinct behaviors of pedestrian NPCs, such as a citizen standing on a platform and giving a speech to a small group of others. The video also points out that NPC outfits are designed with different professions in mind.

As mentioned previously, a video showing off the game’s day/night cycle is next up, along with the login test, a raid test, and an upgrade to Unreal Engine. For now, you can watch Apotheosis Citizens mill about in the embed below.

Our Thoughts

This sort of thing is one of those features that you don’t really notice is missing until you see footage before and after. These new NPC movements really do bring a sense of a lived-in world to Ship of Heroes. As always, we’re continuing to look forward to what else the devs of this MMORPG have lined up next.

Source: YouTube

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