Vindictus Adds its Twelfth Hero Miri the Last Draker

We’re not entirely clear what a Draker is, but if the new Vindictus hero is anything to go by, they were probably pretty badass. The action MMO has released its twelfth playable hero Miri the Last Draker, along with a selection of gameplay improvements and giveaways heralding her arrival.

new vindictus hero

Wielding an intimidating Dragonspine lance-like weapon and the ability to channel the power of ancient dragons, Miri features a selection of potent attacks that see her breathe fire, dash past danger, crash into danger weapon-first, or even cover herself in the ancestral armor and wings of a Dragon Knight.

Miri’s arrival will also bring a couple of noteworthy improvements to Vindictus on the whole. Players can now purchase buffs from guild campfires that can help in battle and increase drop rates, while Totems (AKA spellbooks) are now available for Lann, Karok, Kai, Vella, Hurk, Lynn and Delia.

Vindictus is also offering some gifts to players both in celebration of Miri’s arrival as well as the holiday season. Every Saturday and Sunday between December 9th and January 7th, players can get in-game items, cash items and a Santa outfit, while players can earn double XP for the first three weekends after today’s launch of Miri.

On the subject of Miri, you can see her do her Draker thing in the trailer below.

Our Thoughts

If the Dragonknight in ESO is anything to go by, then Miri is likely going to be a pretty interesting addition to Vindictus. We have to wonder how she’s able to effectively wield her weapon, but then again we’re not going to be ones who argue with someone who can cover themselves in draconic armor and dragon’s wings.

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