Dark Eclipse Brings MOBAs into VR This September

It never occurred to me that MOBA gaming and VR would ever go together. Clearly, then, publisher/developer Sunsoft is much more clever than I am with their Dark Eclipse launch announcement, which throws back the curtain on a new way to experience MOBA gaming due near the end of the month.

dark eclipse launch

The new MOBA is reportedly a culmination of 40 years in gaming for Sunsoft and a passion project for the company. It also hopes to be Sunsoft’s re-emergence into the Western gaming markets with its unique take on the genre.

In Dark Eclipse, you control three Leaders from a roster of 15 and command them to destroy your opponent’s base while defending your own. Players steer their Leaders with drag-and-drop controls to guide them along and place Towers that provide buffs, while the scope of VR and the game’s vantage point lets you take in the entire battlefield without having to look at a minimap. The game can be played with a variety of control schemes, supporting both the DualShock 4 controller or PlayStation Move. It can even be played with one controller.

Dark Eclipse will release as a free-to-play game for PlayStation VR on Tuesday, September 25th. Sunsoft plans regular free updates to the game, including new Leaders and balance adjustments post-release. More information about how the game operates can be read on the PlayStation website or you can check out footage from last year’s PSX below.

Our Thoughts

Yep, this definitely has caught us a bit by surprise, but pleasantly so. It will certainly be interesting to know just how much of a market there is for a VR MOBA, but at the same time this is such an innovative spin on the genre we have to believe there will be more than a few people who will be curious to try it out.

Source: press release

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Why Does Ark: Survival Evolved Have So Many Spin-offs?

Back in 2014, the idea of dinosaur survival games was just taking off. There were a few different titles in the works, most of them never made it though. Ark: Survival Evolved was the only success story to come from the dinosaur survival genre. It was quite the success too with several spinoffs. This brings us to the question, why has Ark: Survival Evolved been such a success where others have failed? A question we’re going to dive into as well as taking a look at the other titles in the franchise.


Ark: Survival Evolved

Ark: Survival Evolved started its life out as a little indie game that got a whole lot of attention. In the first week the game was in Steam Early Access it had made $10 million in revenue. It sold 400,000 units in that week and boasted over 60,000 concurrent players at its peak. A very good start for an indie game. What we didn’t learn until recently though was that in December of 2015 Ark: Survival Evolved stopped being an indie game. Chinese publisher Snail Games bought the entire studio, along with the now incredibly successful dinosaur survival game that was still in Early Access. How much money was exchanged hasn’t been made clear and it’s unlikely that it ever will be. But, this explains why Snail Games is the one making the other games in the franchise. The news of the studio’s purchase managed to stay out of the public eye until a lawsuit, which actually delayed the game’s launch, brought it to the forefront in 2017. Throughout Ark: Survival Evolved’s lifetime on Steam concurrent player numbers have remained very high, this is something we can watch on Steam Charts. But it doesn’t tell the game’s whole story. Ark: Survival Evolved is playable on 8 different platforms, which is basically all of them.


Ark Park

In March of 2017, the virtual reality spinoff Ark Park was announced and put into Early Access. It officially launched on March 22nd. Only a few days ago on June 28, the first DLC became available. The game doesn’t seem to have the success that Ark: Survival Evolved has enjoyed, however. Some of this can be put down to the fact that virtual reality never really took off like it was expected to. It’s high price tag of $39.99 certainly didn’t help matters. Perhaps most damning though are the reviews for the game. Instead of putting out a full VR adaptation of the game that is so popular Snail Games opted to pick out the best parts of the game and mash them together in a way that doesn’t quite work. Steam reviews say that the game is more of an experience than a game and there isn’t a whole lot to it. At the game’s peak on Steam, it has only had 70 players at one time since it released. Once again, this isn’t the whole picture as it is available elsewhere. But it does give us a glimpse at how successful, or not, the game is. Oh, and the new DLC has a fire-breathing dragon in it for… some reason.



This all brings us to PixArk, the Minecraft like dinosaur survival game. Compared to Ark Park this game is doing incredibly well on Steam. At its peak, it had 14,000 concurrent players and it’s only been around a few months. Reviews on Steam are mixed, though 63% of them are positive, which again, is up from Ark Park who has 51%.


Survival of the Fittest

Ark: Survival of the Fittest

You may also remember Survival of the Fittest, which was at one point being advertised as a different thing entirely from Ark: Survival Evolved. It’s an arena game with 72 players on a map. These days it comes packaged with Ark: Survival Evolved, so when you’ve bought one you get the other for free. It does make one wonder how much work it would take to turn Survival of the Fittest into a battle royale game.


This brings us to the question of why we’re getting so many Ark based games. To answer that we have to take a look at Snail Games’ history in the West. To date, their most successful game with Western audiences, not taking Ark into account has been Age of Wushu. This game was published by Webzen in Europe, though it closed down about a year ago. Age of Wushu has never been an incredibly popular title for the west, but it doesn’t seem to do too badly either.

They are also the team behind Black Gold Online. If you don’t remember Black Gold here’s a little bit you should know. It was a Steampunk Fantasy game being imported to us from the East and on paper, it sounded amazing. Steampunk is criminally underused in MMOs. It went into beta in June 2014 and people seemed to like it well enough. But son after everyone started talking about the game the business model that they used in China came to light. This model didn’t have a cash shop and there was no subscription. Instead, all your good loot would get saved and you would have to buy your loot for the last few hours. Also, I remember the idea of pay per minute being discussed for the game as well, but I can’t actually find any information online that supports that.

Snail Games is also the team working on turning Dark and Light into a survival sandbox game. It has been in Early Access for a year now with mixed reviews and a peak concurrent player count on par with PixArk. This game doesn’t show any signs of being close to completion though.


So all of this brings us back to the Ark games. Snail is using what is their most successful IP in the west and, from where I’m sitting it looks like they’re banking on its popularity and name to try to chase current trends. If they did do a battle royale that would really only further support this theory of mine. At the same time, it would also make a lot of sense to do so. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were more Ark games coming soon.

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E3 2018: Heads-on Vive Wireless Adapter

Virtual Reality feels like it’s making less of a splash at E3 every year. While we’re still seeing it on the showroom floor, high costs and little innovation seems to largely keep it in the realm of gimmick with great potential. Some claim that the limitations of being tethered to your computer breaks immersion, but I wasn’t convinced. Even so, when given the opportunity to test out DisplayLink’s Vive Wireless Adapter, I figured I’d give it a fair chance. My demo was short and didn’t induce nausea, but the thought of the potential price for a small convenience might trigger it.

While at #E32018 we got our hands on the co-op mummy puzzle game Strange Brigade. #StrangeBrigade http://www.mmogames.com/gamearticles/e3-2018-hands-on-rebellions-strange-brigade/

To be clear, I own an Oculus Rift myself. It’s less about the specs than the fact that the Rift also has lighter, more intuitive motion controllers. Lucky for me, my demo had me using a fake Gatling gun controller. While cool, it did nothing to help my demo. Ignoring that for a moment, it should also be noted that DisplayLink is looking into using their wireless tech for other headsets, but for now they’re only working on the Vive. Each generation of headset is being made lighter, has better resolution, and even the cables are getting better, though my demo was supposed to be about getting rid of some of those.

Unfortunately, my demo did nothing to really show the power or use of wireless headsets. One of the biggest reasons I don’t embrace VR more isn’t because I’m tethered, but because I lack enough space for moving in VR. Even when I’ve done it, I’ve never had a wire situation except for when I’m taking off or putting a headset on.

htc vive

The game, Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope, was a simple wave shooter with all the enemies coming from the front of the player. The heavy Gatling gun controller combined with the gameplay had few people moving about the demo area. I specifically tried walking around and dodging as to get a feel for VR without wires, but again, I’m not someone who usually has a lot of space or wire issues. I will say that I didn’t notice the extra addition to my headset, which plugs in where the other cables in the back of the headset usually go, so I didn’t have to deal with the usual hassle with wires while putting on or taking off my headset. However, putting the headset on is already a bit of a hassle and a strike against VR any time I know I may have to answer the door or phone. Combined with the fact that movement felt detrimental to my demo, I didn’t walk away feeling like the adapter is a must buy.

To note, there’s still no estimated price on the adapter. If it’s anything like the TPC Cast Wireless Adapter, you may be looking at something around $270. You can buy a lightweight, mobile VR experience for less than that, and honestly, most of the good VR experiences are already fairly short and sweet. Wireless VR gaming certainly feels like a luxury peripheral for those able to afford a luxury gaming experience. While there are some VR games I enjoy, I almost feel like it’s easier to recommend someone to check out The Void VR experiences, as the cost is still a bit expensive (depends on when and where you go), but significantly less than a headset. While not wireless, there’s a deeper attention to not only immersion but free-roaming VR. Unless we get adapters that also include virtual smell or games that know how to take advantage of movement without making people sick, even the unobtrusive lightless of the Vive Wireless Adapter doesn’t make a big enough impact for me to recommend it to most readers.

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ARK Park Confirms a Release Date

VR players will soon get closer to the thrill of petting or running in terror from their favorite ARK dinos without any of the actual horrible bodily disfigurement. An ARK Park release date has been officially announced by publisher and developer Snail Games.

ark park release date

The self-described “stunningly realistic dinosaur theme park simulation” will make its way to HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and PSVR players this coming Thursday, March 22nd during the annual Game Developer’s Conference.

In ARK Park, players will get the opportunity to come face to face with their favorite ARK critters…whether that’s welcome contact or not. Gameplay includes the following features:

  • Exploration of primal environments alone or online with friends, including multiplayer Hunting Maps.
  • A Gene Collecting mechanic that will challenge players to find Gene Cubes to unlock crafting blueprints.
  • Dinosaur breeding system that lets you raise a baby dino up to adulthood to eventually become a mount.
  • And a Story Mode that pits solo or teams of players against rampaging dinos attempting to destroy park bases using custom weapons.

ARK Park will be available in either a standard edition or a deluxe edition that includes extra outfits and an exclusive mount. More details can be explored on the ARK Park website and last year’s teaser trailer for the game is available below in case you missed it before.

Our Thoughts

I was a good boy and didn’t make any Jurassic Park references, so I’m going to reward myself with a cookie. But before that, we will admit that a game like ARK Park feels like one of those experiences that VR gaming was meant for…right in line with piloting a plane or fighting with a lightsaber.

Source: press release

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World of Tanks VR Becoming a Reality

You can play World of Tanks on PC, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Playstation 4. There’s a mobile version called World of Tanks Blitz, and coming soon there will be World of Tanks VR. Wargaming has teamed up with the virtual reality venture fun VRTech to form Neurogaming. The company already has 75 employees and their first project World of Tanks VR.

The partnership with VRTech involves two main projects; Cinema VR and Polygon VR. Cinema VR specializes in location-based entertainment that can support up to 4 players. So far there are 36 locations in Russia and last year there were 180,000 players. Polygon VR, on the other hand, is a platform that powers virtual reality gameplay on location. It has motion capture technology, software for broadcasting, and more.

World of Tanks creator Slava Makarov has said this about the project, “with location-based VR, we make the experience more affordable and accessible. Moreover, unlike any other developer, our biggest aim is to change the experience from one-time involvement to a long-term engaging story with co-op and competitive elements.”

There isn’t any word yet on what World of Tanks VR will be like but we’re going to be keeping a close eye on this and their platform.

From the sound of it, we’re going to start seeing VR cafes popping up like you used to see internet cafes. If so, this could be the future for VR which has proven to be a little too pricey for many gamers. Keep an eye out for Cinema VR franchises as it sounds like they’re going to be expanding in the future.

World of Tanks currently has over 140 million players worldwide. They pride themselves on the historical accuracy of their war games. Wargaming is also dedicated to preserving war history in the real world.


Source: VentureBeat

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CES 2018 for Gamers

With so much awesome happening at CES, it can be hard to keep track of it all. Well don’t you worry, we’re highlighting the best from CES 2018 for gamers right here. This page will be updated each day throughout CES to bring new and awesome technology you’ll be buying very soon.




Razer HyperFlux Mouse and Mousepad

A wirelessly charging mousepad. We’ve already seen a few companies come out with this and now it’s Razer’s turn using its new HyperFlux Technology. To start with Razer is offering the Razer Mamba HyperFlux mouse and Razer Firefly HyperFlux mouse pad. Both of them are upgrades to products they already have on the market. The big difference is the original Mamba mouse had a battery whereas the new one does not. The Mamba HyperFlux can be used without the mousepad, simply plug it in with a micro USB. The Razer Mamba HyperFlux mouse and Razer Firefly HyperFlux mouse pad are expected to be available for purchase sometime in the first quarter of 2018, bundled together for $249.99.


Virtual Reality


HTC Vive Pro

In the market for a high-end VR headset? You may want to hold out until later this year when the HTC Vive Pro is released. It has a 2880 x 1600 dual OLED display, which does fall short of the 4k rumors but it’s 78% better than the HTC Vive. It’s also taking VR to 615ppi which is a 74% increase in pixel density. It’s also had improvements with microphones, front-facing cameras, and the head strap has been redesigned to make it easier to resize. There is no release date for the HTC Vive Pro yet, there also isn’t a price. But all fingers are crossed that this will mean a price reduction for the older HTC Vive.


HTC Vive Goes Wireless

You’ll be able to take your HTC Vive and HTC Vive Pro away from your PC very soon. This summer you’ll be able to get the Vive Wireless Adaptor. How much it’ll cost you hasn’t been announced yet.


Merge Mini – A VR Headset for Kids

VR headsets aren’t really built with kids in mind. Merge is changing that with the Merge Mini, a headset designed specifically with 10-year-olds in mind. It’s made from super durable materials and designed to fit on smaller faces. Lens adjustment buttons have been moved to make it easier for small hands to reach and the spacing is suited for kids. The Merge Mini is due to hit the market this summer with a very reasonable $30 price tag.


Merge Blaster

The VR headset for kids isn’t the only thing Merge brought to CES 2018, they’re also showing off the Merge Blaster. It’s exactly what you might think. A simple gun-shaped controller. Put your phone in the slot and start playing shooters with a toy gun in your hands. Merge is releasing this sometime this summer but there isn’t a price for it yet.


Other Tech


Nvidia Big Format Gaming Displays

Nvidia has some interesting new technology for monitors that are also TVs. The Nvidia BFGD has a 120Hz variable refresh rate, G-Sync, 4k resolution, and minimum brightness of 1000 nits. All of that in a massive 65-inch display. Right now it looks like Acer, Asus, and HP will be the first ones to release BFGDs though we don’t know when or how much they’ll cost. They will have an Nvidia Shield built in though.


MSI Curved Monitors

MSI has brought two curved monitors to CES this year. They’re both 27 inches and have a 1800R curve. They have a 144Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time. They have 2 HDMI ports, one DisplayPort, one USB-B, and 2 USB-A ports. Sadly no USB-C ports. What’s the difference between the two monitors? One has a 1080p display while the other has a 1440p “WQHD” display. They also have some cool bits that light up.


MSI Z370 Godlike Gaming Motherboard

Before you ask, yes, that’s what they’re actually calling it. This motherboard has been named a CES 2018 Innovations Award Honoree and it is a beast designed with gamers in mind. It’s got Intel’s 8th generation CPU technology, a built-in switch with wireless extender, it’s VR Ready and so much more. Oh, and it also has pretty lights you can customize your rig with.



The Verge, Trusted Reviews, Andriod Central, CNET, Digital Trends

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CCP Games Shutters VR Dev Studios

It turns out the gambit on virtual reality development isn’t paying off for CCP. A press release confirms that additional CCP Games VR development is being shut down, with a report stating that a large number of employees have been laid off as a result.

ccp games vr

CEO Hilmar Veigar Pétursson has stated in a press release that focus will shift away from additional VR development and back to PC and mobile gaming. “We will continue to support our VR games but will not be making material VR investments until we see market conditions that justify further investments beyond what we have already made,” said Pétursson in a statement.

As a result of the move, approximately 100 employees are being laid off and satellite offices in Newcastle, UK and Atlanta, Georgia are being closed.

As far as EVE: Valkyrie goes, a post on the game’s forums goes into additional details for the game’s future, stating that ownership of the Newcastle studio is being handed over and that the multiplayer first-person spaceship battler “is not going away”.

“The development team at the Newcastle studio will remain intact and complete work on the upcoming Winter Update,” reads the post. “This is not the end of EVE: Valkyrie, not by a long shot. It’s just the beginning of a new chapter.”

Our Thoughts

We first want to wish those who have been affected by this decision the very best and hope those employees that have been laid off will find new opportunities soon. That said, it would seem that the writing was on the wall with Valkyrie’s decision to drop VR exclusivity. Perhaps someday virtual reality gaming will get a greater foothold, but there seems to be too many roadblocks for that to happen.

Sources: PC Gamer, EVE Valkyrie forums

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The MMO Alpha and Beta List: October 13, 2017

It has been another quiet week as we approach the Halloween season. But there are a couple of things to report, including some new games on the MMO Alpha and Beta list.

The biggest news is that the early access for Wild West Online is being delayed.

Ubisoft has a VR shooter that is now in closed beta called Space Junkies. Also, CCG Runewards is having an iOS-specific closed beta.

Finally, thanks to our friends over at MassivelyOP, we learned about indie space game Prosperous Universe which is currently in closed alpha.


And that’s everything new this week. Hopefully, next week is a little bit more exciting. As always you can find all the games mentioned above and much more in the lists below.


Pre-Alpha & Alpha

The MMO Alpha and Beta List

Arcfall Official Site MMO Survival
Ark Park Official Site Dinosaur VR Launch Dec
Ashes of Creation Official Site Fantasy Sandbox MMORPG Alpha Dec 15
Bless Online Official Site MMORPG Korea Alpha
Breakaway Official Site Sport Brawler
Camelot Unchained Official Site Fantasy MMORPG
Children of Ur Official Site Glitch-revival
Closers Official Site Anime Action RPG September
Copia Official Site Strategy Card Game
Dogma: Eternal Night Official Site Gothic Horror MMO
Dragon of Legends Official Site Online aRPG
Dual Universe Official Site Sci-Fi MMORPG Pre-Alpha
Eco Official Site Global Survival Game
Empyrion Official Site MMORPG
Exidium Corp Official Site Sci-Fi Sandbox
Fangold Official Site Digital TCG
Forsaken Legends Official Site MMORPG
Legends of Aria Official Site Sandbox MMORPG
Lineage Eternal Official Site Action MMORPG Delayed
Little War Online Official Site 2D MMORPG
New Dawn Official Site Survival Sandbox
Preta: Vendetta Rising Official Site Hack and Slash MORPG
Project Genom Official Site Sci-Fi Shooter
Project Gorgon Official Site Fantasy MMORPG
 Prosperous Universe Official Site Space
Pumpkin Online Official Site Non-Combat Game
Rebel Horizons Official Site Sci-Fi MMO
Sacrament Official Site Indie MMORPG
SamuTale Official Site Sandbox MMO
Sea of Thieves Official Site Pirate Adventure MMO Technical Alpha
Skara – The Blade Remains Official Site MOBA(ish)
Tale of Toast Official Site Indie PvP
Untitled Tactical Shooter Official Site Tactical Shooter From Automaton Games
Valiance Online Official Site Superhero MMORPG
Wild Buster Official Site Sci-fi Hack’n’Slash
Wild West Online Official Site Wild West Sandbox MMORPG
Zombie Barricades Official Site 3rd Person RPG


Early Access



Abatron Official Site RTS FPS
Age of Heroes VR Official Site MMORPG inspired VR
Arena: Cyber Evolution Official Site Sports MOBA
Battalion 1944 Official Site WW2 Multiplayer Shooter
Battlerite Official Site Team Arena Brawler
Boundless Official Site Voxel Sandbox MMO
Blast Out Official Site PvP Brawler AKA RUiN
Citadel: Forged With Fire Official Site Fantasy Sandbox MMORPG
Conan Exiles Official Site Open World Survival Launch Q1 2018
Crowfall Official Site Strategy MMORPG
Dark and Light Official Site Dark Survival MMORPG
Days of War Official Site WWII Shooter
DayZ Official Site Zombie Survival
Descent: Underground Official Site Multiplayer Sci-Fi Shooter
Divided We Fall Official Site Team Strategy Game
Gloria Victis Official Site Sandbox MMORPG
Golden Rush Official Site 4-Team MOBA
Grav Official Site Sci-Fi Sandbox MMO
H1Z1: Just Survive Official Site Zombie Survival
H1Z1: King of the Kill Official Site Battle Royale Survival
Heavy Gear Assault Official Site MMO-ish PvP Arena
Hellion Official Site Multiplayer Space Survival
Hyper Universe Official Site Side Scroll MOBA
Islet Online Official Site Sandbox MMORPG
JCB Pioneer: Mars Official Site Survival Sandbox
Jeklynn Heights Official Site Match-Based Multiplayer
Kings and Heroes Official Site Co-Op Action RPG
Labyrinth Official Site CCG RPG
Line of Defense Official Site MMOFPS
Linkrealms Official Site Sandbox MMORPG
Naval Action Official Site Naval Sandbox MMO
Novus Inceptio Official Site Sandbox Survival MMO
Of Kings and Men Official Site Multiplayer Strategy
One Tower Official Site Micro MOBA
Osiris: New Dawn Official Site Space Survival Adventure
Out of Reach Official Site Survival Sandbox
Overpower Official Site MOBA-Style MMOFPS
Pathfinder Online Official Site Sandbox MMORPG
PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Official Site Battle Royale Survival
Quake Champions Official Site Shooter
Riding Out Official Site Horse MMO
Rokh Official Site Sci-Fi Survival
Saga of Lucimia Official Site Sandbox MMORPG
Savage Lands Official Site Multiplayer Survival
Shroud of the Avatar Official Site Fantasy MMORPG
Star Citizen Official Site Spaceship Simulator
Tannenberg Official Site WW1 Shooter Nov 16
The Black Death Official Site Medieval Survival MMO
The Exiled Official Site PvP Sandbox
The Isle Official Site Dinosaur Survival
The Culling Official Site Battle Royale Shooter
Throne of Lies Official Site Social Deduction
Tiger Knight Empire At War Official Site PvP Strategy
TUG Official Site Sandbox Survival
Utherous Official Site Fantasy Sandbox MMORPG
Valnir Rok Official Site Norse Sandbox
VRobot Official Site Robot Smash VR
Wild Terra Official Site Sandbox MMORPG
Win That War! Official Site MMORTS


Closed Beta

Space Junkies

Dauntless Official Site Co-op Action RPG Open Beta in 2018
Durango Official Site Mobile Dinosaur Survival Launches Q4 2017
Escape From Tarkov Official Site Military MMO
Fairy Tale: Hero’s Journey Official Site Online RPG
Fringe Wars Official Site Space MOBA Spring 2018
Lost Ark Official Site Diablo-esque Action Game Korea Only
Luna Online Official Site Anime MMORPG SE Asia Beta
Moonlight Blade Official Site MMORPG
OrbusVR Official Site VR MMORPG
PigBang Official Site Mobile MOBA
Pocket Legends Adventures Official Site Mobile MMORPG Sign Ups Open
Royal Blood Official Site Mobile MMORPG
 Runewards Official Site CCG iOS Beta
Shadowgun Legends Official Site Destiny-like Mobile
Shattered Skies Official Site Survival Shooter
Shot Online Golf Official Site Golf the MMO
Soul Master Official Site RTS/RPG Blend
 Space Junkies Official Site VR Shooter By Ubisoft
Switchblade Official Site 5v5 Vehicle Arena PC & PS4
The Amazing Eternals Official Site FPS-Deckbuilding Strategy Formerly Called Keystone
Total War: ARENA Official Site RTS Battle
Worlds Adrift Official Site Sandbox MMO


Open Beta



Battlesplash Official Site Water Shooter
Ever, Jane Official Site Jane Austen MMORPG
INSIDIA Official Site Strategy PvP
MU Legend Official Site Action MMORPG Nov 7
Paladins Official Site Team-Based Shooter
Paragon Official Site MOBA
Supernova Official Site Sci-fi MOBA
Transformers Online Official Site Overwatch a-like Chinese Beta



star citizen like eve online

Star Citizen

Citadel of Sorcery Open Donation MMORPG
City of Titans Kickstarter Superhero MMORPG Coming Soon
Exile Online Gofundme Dystopia Cyberpunk In Development
Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Open Donation Fantasy MMORPG
Sacrament Patreon Indie MMORPG
Shadow’s Kiss Patreon Vampire Adult MMORPG
Star Citizen Open Donation Space Simulator MMO
Valiance Online Open Donation Superhero MMORPG Ongoing


Announced But Unplayable

Chronicles of Elyria Official Site Sandbox MMORPG
City of Titans Official Site Superhero MMORPG Pre-Alpha 2017
Ironsight Official Site FPS Early 2018
Maguss Official Site Magic Location Based ARG
Harry Potter meets Pokemon Go
Pantropy Official Site MMOFPS Kickstarter in Nov
Seed Official Site Survival
Ship of Heroes Official Site Superhero MMORPG
Alpha Dec 2017, Beta Dec 2018
Untitled Funcom Conan Game Turn-based Strategy
Vermintide 2 Official Site Warhammer Shooter

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