Deep Space Nine Cast Tours DS9 in Star Trek Online

A few of the cast members from Deep Space Nine got a tour of the changes coming to DS9 in Star Trek Online. For J.G. Hertzler, Chase Masterson, and Max Grodenchik it was like going home. In the 90s they starred on Deep Space Nine playing General Martok, Leeta, and Rom. All three of their characters have been in Star Trek Online for some time now, including Grand Negus Rom which really just makes you question what happened to Ferenginar?

All of this was of course done to promote Victory is Life, the fourth expansion to Star Trek Online which releases on June 5th. As part of the expansion, Deep Space Nine got a whole new interior, bringing it back to what fans loved from the show. Victory is Life will see players venture into the Gamma Quadrant and a new story will begin. Players will also be able to play Jem’Hadar in an all-new faction being introduced to the game.

Star Trek Online has boasted that they’ll have 10 original cast members from Deep Space Nine in the expansion. Those who have been announced so far are:

Odo – René Auberjonois
Quark – Armin Shimerman
Kirya Nerys – Nana Visitor
General Martok – J.G. Hertzler
Julian Bashir – Alexander Siddig
Garak – Andrew Robinson
Nog – Aron Eisenberg
Weyoun and Brunt – Jeffrey Combs
Leeta – Chase Masterson
Grand Negus Rom – Max Grodenchik
Female Changeling – Salome Jens
Dukan’Rex – Jem’Hadar Baby from DS9

It’s practically a Deep Space Nine reunion! As stated previously Victory is Life will launch next week on June 5th. That’s just enough time to watch all 176 episodes of Deep Space Nine! Assuming you don’t need sleep that is. If you haven’t seen it already be sure to check out the video below for more information on this exciting new chapter in Star Trek Online’s story.

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