War Child UK Lands Support from Bethesda, Bandai Namco and More

Every year I like to give a nod to the gaming efforts of War Child UK Armistice and this year would certainly be no exception. Particularly since 2018’s gaming partnerships have landed some new large names for the charity’s support.

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New for 2018 is confirmed partnership from Bethesda Softworks, Bandai Namco Europe, IGG and Playstack. There will also be returning support from Wargaming and Gameloft as well. The announcement also stresses that additional partnership opportunities are still available.

What this means for players of games published or developed by these studios is a number of DLC offers that will raise money for War Child’s cause, which works to aid and protect children caught in conflict zones. Specifics on participating titles and just what these in-game offers will be are expected in the coming months, along with word on other events in support of Armistice.

“We’re thrilled with the support we’ve received so far, with some of the best developers and publishers in the world pledging their time and resources,” remarked War Child’s gaming partnerships manager Wayne Emanuel. “The offer to gamers this year is better than ever…while publishers and developers have a great opportunity to connect with their players in a new way – all in support of a great cause.”

Our Thoughts

There are more than a few games run by Bethesda and Bandai that could jive well with the efforts of War Child UK. Games like World of Tanks certainly seem like a shoe-in for Armistice inclusion once more, but we’re curious to know what other titles are signing up and what will be on offer.

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War Child UK Joins with Multiplayer Titles for Armistice Events

We saw War Child UK, a charity that works to protect children in war-torn regions, join forces with a variety of multiplayer games over the course of a few years. This year, the War Child Armistice movement is growing even more, with several different games returning or joining the effort to raise money for the cause.

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Armistice 2017 will be supported by a total of eight different games, including This War of Mine, Verdun, DomiNations, and World of Tanks. A number of in-game events and items are being offered to support the mission, including the return of Armistice peace emblems for purchase in World of Tanks, the return of Verdun’s Christmas Truce DLC, and a period of silence and cease-fire observed by both Verdun and DomiNations on Saturday, November 11th.

To kick things off, there’s an Armistic Steam Bundle on sale, which packages several of the involved games into one box and donates up to 100% of the proceeds to War Child UK. Each involved developer’s title outlines how much of your purchase will be donated in the bundle’s details.

War Child has also put together a new website for the drive, which includes more details about War Child’s mission and a timeline of events and sales being run by sponsors and participants. There’s also a short trailer heralding the coming events that can be seen below.

Our Thoughts

Every time War Child UK holds hands with game titles, a little bit of magic tends to happen. Naturally, we support the Armistice movement being offered by the supporting games and we hope that fans of each of these titles will help to bring a lot of money to a very worthy cause. Our thanks to War Child UK for reaching out to us for this story; here’s hoping our coverage helps spread the word.

Source: press release

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