World of Warcraft Community Launches a Site All About the MMO’s Secrets

Call it The Secret World of Warcraft, though with none of the mythological horrors and arguably none of the good writing. A new WoW community website has been launched that is dedicated to those who want to find, follow or otherwise keep track of the various pieces of hidden content that is added to the game.

wow community website

The site is called Warcraft Secrets. This new site not only lets you check out a database of the various hidden goodies discovered in WoW’s various patches, but also lets you put together a collection of those same secrets to help you track ones you want to complete.

The Warcraft Secrets website will feature guides for unlocking some of the harder-to-find things like pets and mounts; chronicle a variety of in-game mysteries that are yet to be fully solved; and provide information about unlisted and secret Hunter Pets for those who want to charm ’em all.

In celebration of the site’s launch, Warcraft Secrets is holding a couple of giveaways. One giveaway will draw five winners for a Blizzard Shop mount of their choice, while another on the site’s Discord is giving away premium benefits to a number of other websites such as MMO Champion and Wowhead. Full details on these contests can be read here.

Our Thoughts

We suspect that those who are looking to focus solely on the hidden goodies in World of Warcraft will find this new website extremely valuable. We want to congratulate everyone behind this database for launching this new resource and hope that it provides a useful bit of help to the mystery-solving Warcraft players out there.

Sources: Wowhead, Twitter

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