World of Warcraft Raises Artifact Knowledge This Week

It’s another new week of action for World of Warcraft Legion events; new World Bosses, a new PvP Brawl, another raise to Artifact Knowledge, and a lot more is available for players generally roaming the wastes of Argus and the Broken Isles.

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Artifact Knowledge has risen once more to a maximum of 46, and with that players will now see an increased drop rate of AP. New AP Tokens are available as well, which can be earned from a variety of Argus activities.

On the subject of Argus activities, this week’s Greater Invasion Point World Boss is Pit Lord Vilemus, who drops an item level 930 Fel Relic when slain. If you’re one of those still on the Broken Isles, your World Boss is Drugon the Frotblood, who drops iLevel 860 wrists among other things.

For PvP’ers, this week’s Brawl is Southshore vs. Tarren Mill. Winners of the Brawl will receive 300 Honor and the Soldier’s Esteem item, which will grant 400 AP to the currently equipped Artifact.

The week also brings the Sanguine, Volcanic, and Fortified affixes to Mythic+ dungeons and, of course, the Legion Dungeon Event. You can get a full rundown of what’s happening this week across Azeroth over on Wowhead.

Our Thoughts

May the World Boss Loot Pinatas be kind to your Artifact Power, wherever you may be beating on the ankles of a very large beastie, be it on the Broken Isles or on Argus.

Source: Wowhead

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