MapleStory 2 Western Launch Confirmed

Remember back in March when there were indicators that a MapleStory 2 Western launch was coming? Well, the MapleFest event this past weekend has come and gone, and sure enough, MapleStory 2 has not only confirmed its arrival to our end of the globe, but has even started putting together the first closed beta.

maplestory 2 western launch

The so-called “new dimension of Maple”, which refers to the game’s leap from 2D to 3D, features many of the same systems and experiences familiar to previous MapleStory fans. Players will get to pick a variety of classes, explore an all-new, colorful cubist world, and fully customize their avatar and a section of the game’s world. There’s even a variety of non-combat activities available for those who’d rather not fight adorable monsters all the time.

MapleStory 2’s closed beta is set to kick off on Wednesday, May 9th and runs until Wednesday, May 16th. Sign-ups are available now to those who register with Nexon, but will only stay open until Sunday, May 6th. As for the game’s full release, that currently has no date.

In the meantime, the game is holding a special event known as the Road Trip to Closed Beta. Fans can perform a variety of activities including sharing a trailer and following the game on social media, with more activities such as a personality quiz and forum introductions arriving later. The first 10,000 fans who successfully complete all of the tasks in the Road Trip will automatically be invited into the closed beta, while cumulative completion of activities across the board will unlock a variety of unique in-game items for all who join in.

A new English language trailer showing off MapleStory 2 in action can be seen below.

Our Thoughts

Finally! After all of the assumptions and rumblings and possible movement, we’ve got the first hard dates for a full-blown Western arrival of the new MapleStory MMO. We’re certain that lots of existing “Maplers” are ready to leap in and, to be honest, we might be too – this game looks too cute for words.

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