WoW Wednesday: The Feast of Winter Veil

Snow falls and hearths are lit in the wide World of Warcraft as the holiday season once again dawns on us in the real world. Just as we get together to celebrate the season with our families, the land of Azeroth becomes more festive to herald the coming of Greatfather Winter and the kinship of the heroes of the world. This year Winter Veil comes back bigger and better than ever as a seasonal event in Battle for Azeroth. During the event running through January 2nd, players can sample (and cook) delicious holiday treats, rescue one of Greatfather Winter’s reindeer, tackle special world boss content, and even unwrap your own gifts from the jubilantly jolly geriatric!

Part of the meta-achievement What a Long, Strange Trip It’s Been, the Feast of Winter Veil has its own meta-achievement which combines gift giving, treat making and more in one comprehensive checklist for the event. Read on to figure out how to join in on the festivities and claim your own <Merrymaker> title!

All of the following achievements must be complete during the Feast of Winter Veil. While several other holiday achievements can be completed outside of their timely slots (provided you have the right items that aren’t locked to the time they’re available), most of this event’s achievements cannot.

Greatfather Winter, here to ho-ho-hold onto your presents until the big day!

‘Tis the Season simply requires you to wear 3 pieces of Winter Clothing and eat a slice of Graccus’ Mince Meat Fruitcake. Made up of five different items, the Red and Green Winter Veil sets are really only constructed of three items each. The hats will drop off of select enemies in Heroic Level dungeons and raids, noted by their festive attire.

Chest pieces will most popularly be found on Auction Houses, but they can also be made by Tailors with level 250 Classic Tailoring. The Winter Boots (which come in only one variety) can be made by Leatherworkers with 285 Classic Leatherworking skill. The fruitcake can be dug up in packages rewarded from the quests Treats for Great-Father Winter or You’re a Mean One…

A Frosty Shake simply requires you to get your hands on a Winter Veil Disguise Kit and /dance with people under its effect in Dalaran. Most players can pick up the toy from their mailbox after completing the quest chain that starts with You’re a Mean One… Time to get the whole snow-family on the floor!

Bros. Before Ho Ho Ho’s will see players traveling across Azeroth and giving a little Christmas smooch to various Brothers of the Horde and Alliance, depending on your faction. Clearly this particular achievement shows off a little of that often joked about ‘Horde-Bias’ whereas there are ten Brothers for the Alliance to deliver a holiday package to, the Horde only has 3 spread across various Horde sites in Northrend.

Aside from being a catchy holiday carol, Fa-la-la-Ogri’la is a twist on the classic Burning Crusade daily quest Bomb Them Again! Travel to the Blade’s Edge Mountains, pick up the quest and turn your deadly bomb-delivery mount into a Reindeer with some Fresh Holly or Preserved Holly. If this quest is unavailable to you, you might need to do a short questline to open them up beginning with the quest The Crystals.

Smookywood Pastures commercializes most of the season, and will ask for your help in saving the holiday.

He Knows if You’ve Been Naughty is one that simply requires a little patience, needing you to wait until December 25th. Simply log in, head over to Orgrimmar or Ironforge and open up one of your gifts beneath the Winter Veil tree! Hopefully you’ve been good and don’t end up with a lump of coal. Each year’s special toy has a special Feat of Strength achievement associated with it as well, and many toys can still be collected through alternative means throughout the season. There are also a smattering of other achievements not included in Merrymaker that require these toys, mostly to terrorize other players and be a general Greench! These include Iron Armada, A-Caroling We Will Go, BB King and more.

Let It Snow requires you to use a Handful of Snowflakes on a set list of race-class combinations. Throughout the season there are often charitable players of the opposing faction waiting in neutral major cities to help you out, but you can also pay some punishment on your foes in a battleground or two. If you find yourself short on a Handful of Snowflakes, simply give one of the many Winter Revelers a little /kiss.

On Metzen! is awarded for saving the titular reindeer during the quest You’re a Mean One…, a daily quest requiring you to slay a true Greench and save Winter Veil!

Scrooge is for those who aren’t fans of Winter Veil by smashing snowballs into the faces of some of the biggest revelers in the Horde and Alliance. While Alliance players have the task of sneaking into Thunder Bluff to peg Baine Bloodhoof, Horde players must sneak into the heart of Ironforge itself and pelt Muradin Bronzebeard.

Simply Abominable is another achievement connected to the questline which begins with You’re a Mean One… Slay the Abominable Greench, rescue Metzen and save the stolen treats of Azeroth!

The Winter Veil Gourmet requires you to collect and cook several holiday themed recipes including a Gingerbread Cookie, Winter Veil Egg Nog and Hot Apple Cider. While all of the recipes can be purchased from the Smokywood Pastures vendors in major cities, the Hot Apple Cider recipe requires 300 skill in Classic Cooking, making it a difficult feat for those who’ve not taken the time to maximize their secondary professions.

With a Little Helper From My Friends is the last of the achievements, and can easily be completed in a few Epic Battlegrounds. Stepping into one of the many Winter Wondervolt machines throughout Azeroth, you’ll transform into one of Greatfather Winter’s little helpers! From there you must make 50 cumulative Honorable Kills in Battlegrounds, meaning that if you die and lose the buff you can simply return and visit the machine between matches!

Need to chill out? Step into the zero-gravity Giant Snowball in several major cities!

How do you plan on spending Winter’s Veil this season? Let us know down below!

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List of MMO Winter Events in 2017

Can you believe it’s already December? Where has the year gone!? With that in mind, it’s time to start taking a look at the yearly MMO Winter events. With lots of loot and fun things to do they’re a wonderful distraction from normal gaming. Unless of course, you’re a Grinch.


Aion EU – Solorius Festival – November 29 – January 3

The snow is out and the scent of gingerbread fills the air. The Shugos are in a festive mood which means it’s time for the Lucky Dice game to be rolled out. Every day until December 20th you have the opportunity to win amazing prizes. After Lucky Dice ends Shugo Game begins. Win prizes like Archangel Wings, Kasika’s Shackles, and a Shugo Edition Illusion Godstone Bundle. They will also hold several single day events throughout December along with boosts to crafting, AP, and drops in Nosra/Esterra.


Guild Wars 2 – Wintersday

The exact dates of Wintersday haven’t been released yet but anyone who has played Guild Wars 2 knows what is coming. We know for sure that Toypocalypse will be making a return this year as the devs have said that for the first time you’ll be able to enter it as an organized group. There will also be Snowball Mayhem, Bell Choir Ensemble, the WinterWonderland jumping puzzle, and Tixx’s Infiniarium. Will there be anything new this year? We’ll find out soon.


Wildstar – Winterfest – December 18 – January 1

No details have been revealed about Winterfest yet. But we know when it will take place. Prior to Winterfest, from December 8 – 15 the Residential Renovation Challenge will be taking place. You can also look forward to the Double XP X-Plosion event which will take place from December 29 – January 1.


World of Warcraft – Winter Veil

Things rarely change much in the World of Warcraft winter holiday so it’s pretty easy to know what’s coming. You’ll have the usual seasonal goodies and achievements. There will be quests to complete and snowball fights to take part in. The dates for this event haven’t been announced yet, but they’ll be here before we know it.


Stay tuned for more information on MMO winter events as we receive updates! Have we missed any? Let us know in the comments below.

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