Wizard101 Celebrates 10 Years

Ten years of operation is one heck of a milestone for any MMO and Wizard101 has now entered that exclusive club, so naturally it’s time to celebrate! The Wizard101 10th anniversary is looking to do precisely that, bringing players a big swath of gifts and several in-game events.

wizard101 10th anniversary

As is often the case with MMO birthdays, players are the ones getting the goodies as a thank-you for the support. A dedicated page has outlined all of the details, with information on the birthday quest, new Decade Pets to collect, special fish to catch, and 10 unique items for your character to collect among other goings-on.

“As we reflect on the success of the game, the time players have spent in our world and the deep friendships they have formed, we are thrilled to see the community and game continue to grow,” remarked KingsIsle CEO Elie Akilian.

The team is also looking onward from here, with the conclusion of the Empyrea storyline and the start of a three-year story arc on the horizon. For now, most of the special events for the Wizard101 anniversary will be running all through this month.

Our Thoughts

A hearty congratulations to the Wizard101 team for not only making it this far but growing in significant ways, be it mechanically or via the Steam release. There are probably plenty of folks who assume a “kiddie game” like this one wouldn’t have staying power, but it’s clear those naysayers have been wrong for a significant length of time. We’re looking forward to what’s next!

Source: press release

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