Solak Smashes Faces in RuneScape

According to the press release we’ve received, its been January of 2017 since players of RuneScape have had to deal with a high-level world boss. That seems like plenty of time in-between huge, angry threats, yes? Enter RuneScape’s Solak release today.

solak release

As you can guess, Solak is a whole lot of monster – an immense Guardian of the Lost Grove that is intended as a high-level challenge available to those who have a subscription to RuneScape. It would appear the fight is nothing to sneeze at, as Solak took out 100 players within just an hour of its arrival to the game.

The encounter is offered in duo or group variants and can be accessed from an NPC at the Lost Grove. Those who manage to power their way through the fight will be rewarded new, powerful crossbows and some new pets from the Grove itself.

Some information on Solak can be read here, while a behind-the-scenes video with one of the devs of RuneScape can be seen below.

Our Thoughts

Yeah, it’s pretty obvious that Solak is nothing to mess around with. We assume that by the time this story has gone to print people have begun working their way through the fight, but we do love to see an MMORPG introduce such an evidently daunting challenge.

Source: press release

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