Combat Ducks are Deploying to World of Tanks Blitz

When you think about the great weapons of war, ducks don’t usually come to mind. Wargaming would like to change that in a new limited-time World of Tanks Blitz mode where players get to control some very combative ducks in bubble-spitting, shark torpedo-firing assault. And yes, those are all real things you can do.

world of tanks blitz mode

World of Ducks is pretty much what it sounds like on the completely insane surface – a game mode in World of Tanks Blitz where players control giant rubber duckies as they spit bubbles and fire sharks at one another. The mode will also feature a new beach map for those pining for Summer’s arrival.

The new World of Ducks mode will kick off on Friday, March 30th and will run until Thursday, April 5th. More information, including a dressing down from senior drill instructor Commander Duckman, can be found on the official site and a trailer showcasing the mode is below.

Our Thoughts

…ducks. Well, with April Fool’s just around the corner, we should probably expect MMOs and multiplayer games to tap into their weird side. There’s really not much more to say other than we hope that players of World of Tanks Blitz enjoy the new duck-filled game mode. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to get myself a drink in celebration of my successful resistance to using all of the duck-based puns.

Source: press release

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