World of Tanks: Mercenaries 4.6 Adds New Vehicles, Maps and Features

Registered console players for World of Tanks number 17 million, and while we’re not sure how many that translates into in terms of active players, World of Tanks: Mercenaries 4.6 is giving that number of players some new features and new vehicles to play around in.

world of tanks: mercenaries 4.6

For Artillery players, there’s a new Trajectory camera view that will help you line up your shot. This new view will bring the camera closer to the ground and rotates to follow the shell’s trajectory in relation to the tank’s pivoting point.

The new update will also introduce a highly requested health bar numbers option to both ally and enemy tanks, as well as three different Mercenary vehicles and their respective crews: the Thresher light tank; the heavy Long Reach tank; and the Sharpshooter medium tank. There’s also two new maps and two tier-ten vehicles for the Chinese and British tech trees.

Update 4.6 will arrive to Xbox One and PS4 players on Tuesday, August 28th.

Our Thoughts

Not exactly a barnburner of an update in terms of features, but we suspect a couple of this patch’s quality-of-life updates will be extremely welcome to regular players of this online vehicle battler. In which case, may these new features serve those tankers well.

Source: press release

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