World of Warships Legends Interview: Bringing the Hit Game To the Console Front

At this point, players have gotten a chance to dig into World of Warships on the console front with World of Warships Legends, Wargaming’s free-to-play version with modified controls. While a bit different from its PC brethren, it’s just as exciting, and offers up an abundant amount of content, including an exciting Hunt For Tirpitz campaign.

For those unfamiliar with the game, we decided to dive a little deeper and speak with Player Interactions Manager Filipp Glushakov, who’s also known in the community under the name “Philigula.” 

First, after having the beta in testing for the past few months, Glushakov talked about the feedback that came from it.

World of Warships Legends

“(It’s been) mostly positive,” he explained. “Whatever players have not liked yet, we’ve been pretty quick to fix or offer them something else. We were very tight knit with the community right from the very early alpha, when it was like a hundred people. And the beta was a couple of thousand. And now we have the live server, we have testers, we listen to feedback and collect every day, and I have documents to prove it.” He added a smile at the end.

Next, we discussed the changes that were made to allow World of Warships to run properly on the console front. There were some tweaks when it came to the player count, going down from 12 vs. 12 (the PC standard) to 9 vs. 9; and also some modifications to the controls so that they would operate with an Xbox One or PlayStation 4 DualShock 4 controller. We asked Glushakov how the team went into these changes, and if everything went through as planned, or if more work is intending to be done.

“Most definitely, we did make all the changes to make the game work,” he said. “I guess the scaling back of the teams for the purpose of perfect matchmaking is just what needed to be done simply because we have two platforms (Xbox One and PlayStation 4). And no matter what expectations we had, we needed to account for that, because it is a niche game. Just naval combat. I mean, ask your friends how many of them know about such a thing.

“So, thankfully, our scaling back did not impact anything and we have more folks than we expected.”

Then he got into a rather interesting factor about the game that could really play a factor with a future update. “Plus, we’re thinking about cross play (between the two platforms). That’s going to be helpful, I’m sure.”

World of Warships Legends

For the time being, though, “When you go to match nowadays, one platform at a time, Tier III to Tier VII, you should find one pretty much instantly and with full teams and have all the fun you can or just yellow, I’ve seen them do it a couple of times.”

For those jumping into the game for the first time, Glushakov provided a quick rundown.

“We have 15 maps, over 70 units of warships currently, spread across four nations, and I’m sure there will be one more nation before the end of the year,” he explained. “I can’t quite unveil what that will be (just yet). We’ll have several thematic events, we have campaigns in every update, which are essentially a set of tasks that you go through to complete that can earn you rewards. And you can double, triple those as well. 

The game is free-to-play, but he also talked slightly about Microtransactions. “If you invest a little bit in doubloons – it’s 2500 for a full campaign pass, so to speak, we call it Admiral’s Backing.”

But it’s completely optional. “If you’re willing to invest time, you can be rewarded handsomely for that time. Not only will you gain rewards, but how your skill will grow, how many different ships you will have, different nations and different classes, and so on and so forth. And, finally, Commander roster, yeah. You’re going to have quite a few of those. It’s now at 30.”

And don’t worry, “noobs.” If you’re a newcomer to the World of Warships saga, there’s no danger to giving the game a try. While the higher-up Tiers are best recommended to those that are seasoned with the game, there’s a good starting ground for you to learn what it has to offer, according to Glushakov.

“The rules are pretty simple, but sometimes you can get a little overwhelmed if you try to start it at hard tiers,” he noted. “But if you just follow initial progression of the game, you should be like a fish in water.”

He then talked a little bit about customization. While there aren’t too many full-blown features with this available in Legends just yet, there are things that players will be able to modify that they can have fun with.

Glushakov explained, “You can install upgrades on your ships, which will tweak their performance. When it comes to visuals, we have flags, both historical and we’ll have some flags for fun coming soon. We have different camos, again, something more based on history, and, I believe in the future, we might have something bright and in your face. But, of course you would be able to disable it.”

As for the future, “I dunno about any decals or anything like that, so for now it’s just the flags and the camo.”

So, no pink camos. “No,” laughed Glushakov. “Outside of the realm of possibility, I doubt it.”

However, he did bring up another fun factor. “But players ask me about giving names to their ships…we’re probably not gonna do that either. Because an Iowa is an Iowa is an Iowa.”

World of Warships Legends

World of Warships Legends is available now for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. It’s free-to-play with optional microtransaction purchases.

(Wargaming did fly us down to the event to try the game out and speak to developers. We thank them for their hospitality!)

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World of Warships: Legends Hands-On – Hitting the High Seas

Even though it’s been in beta for a few months now, but Wargaming’s World of Warships: Legends is finally ready to set sail on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 August 12th. This free-to-play naval warfare game is likely to get its fair share of fans for its strategic combat and entertaining multiplayer combat. The team at Wargaming has also done its homework and made the experience work well on console, not just PC. In fact, they are so confident in how it plays, they invited us to their Austin offices to give the game a test drive before its full release.

World of Warships

There are some changes you’ll want to take note of, as the console version is slightly condensed from its PC brethren. Instead of full-on 12-versus-12 battles, it’s more along the lines of 9-versus-9. When asked why the count shrunk, the producers explained how the cut makes the battles a little bit faster, something console owners are certain to appreciate. Based on what we played over the course of our sessions, they’re pretty much on the money.

The battles themselves are based upon tiers. If you’re a newcomer to the game, your best bet is to start in Tier 1 since jumping right into Tier 7 is practically a death warrant if you’re not familiar with how the game works. Start light and get used to the game mechanics and orient yourself with others on a similar skill level. It really works out in the long run, and as you get better, you can work up to the second tier and third tier, and so on.

By setting up the system this way, Wargaming opts to make World of Warships: Legends accessible to newcomers and veterans alike. This type of balance is great all around, and truly gives all players options within the game. It also isn’t overwhelming to limit players from getting discouraged. For those worried there’s no room to progress, don’t be. The main game will feature over 100 levels, so you’ll have more than enough room to play around, in a very ambitious set-up.

World of Warships: Legends offers a control system that works really well on the console front. For example, you can change your viewpoint fairly easily, instead of awkwardly rolling around the mouse wheel from point to point. The left shoulder button automatically brings up your binoculars, so you can target far away opponents with pinpoint accuracy. This is great if you want to do some distant aiming, or if you just need to see what enemies are lurking outside your range to prepare for an attack or choose to take an alternative route to your destination.

World of Warships

Speed is also a vital part of the game, as you don’t necessarily want to go speeding into battle, unless you like getting blown to bits. You choose the game’s speed through a scale. You can go all ahead full, come to a complete stop, find something in-between (1/4 to 3/4) or even go in reverse, just in case you come into collision with an island or another ship. The controls are rather intuitive for a game such as this, and we found ourselves manning the ship simply.

That said, do keep in mind that you’re controlling a battleship and not necessarily a speeding car so you’ll need to judge your turns properly. You can lean the analog stick to get your turns in, but it’ll take a little time for the ships to react, particularly the bigger battleships in your armada. The bigger the ship, the more trajectory you’ll need to get the turns going. However, you can still aim around your ship with ease, using your guns and torpedoes to target enemies. So don’t worry if someone’s outside your range at the moment, they’ll get there soon enough.

Speaking of weapons, each battleship features a fair share of great ones that you can unleash on opponents. Perhaps the most effective are your deck guns, since they can provide both consistent and accurate fire on ships that are either incoming or at a distance. Some are a little stronger than others, so it helps to try and point for critical parts of the ship when you can. Getting multiple shots on a ship can pay off, as they’ll eventually make their way to Davy Jones’ locker, should you do enough damage.

Torpedoes, however, are a little trickier. You can line up your shots with a meter that shows what kind of range they have. If they land, they’re destruction is highly effective, but keep in mind these aren’t the same as guns, and they require a little more patience. Maybe stick with your guns when you can, because they’ll be the best in battle. If you’re going for a tactical approach, however, load up with torpedoes.

No matter which way you go, the tactical battles across the many maps featured in World of Warships: Legends are impressive. They take a good while to go through, and feature a number of variants from all-out domination battles to point capture battles against invading enemies. They really challenge you at every corner. Fortunately you have the ability to properly prepare your team, so you can cover the points as needed while still riding the waves tall; if you’re not blown out of the water, that is.

The console versions of Legends also  comes with exclusive content as well. A new campaign mode, Tirpitz, will be introduced at some point. It hasn’t been given a breakdown quite yet, but more than likely, you’ll find yourself in a few legendary battles as you try and rewrite history in your favor. Based on the set-up with Legends and its many commanders (and ships!), you’ll have a lot to call upon when making history.

World of Warships

For that matter, the legendary battleship Yamato, which was known for making its own share of history in its day, will come to the game as well. A lot of players may not be familiar but we think it’s worth looking up. Once it hits the water it would be wise to unlock it and add it to your arsenal since, from what we read, it can do a great deal of damage.

The game will also feature a number of customization options that will allow you to add distinctive touches to make the ship your own. Not to say you’ll have various paint options available (no, you can’t paint the mother pink), but there are other items such as flags that will be customizable. Remember, these are optional purchases. The game won’t require you to overload your wallet  to have a good time blasting enemies out of the water, but it doesn’t hurt to have a little more in your arsenal, right, Wargaming devotees?

On top of that, there’s quite a load of content coming to the game in the months ahead. Wargaming has already hinted that World of Warships: Legends will receive a number of new nations and commanders to choose from, along with additional maps, and possibly even more modes. For the time being, there’s more than enough to choose from for the game’s launch, but it’s nice to have content to look forward to.

The game will also receive visual updates over the course of the next few months, with 4K support, but for the time being, Legends certainly doesn’t look like a slouch. Wargaming’s visual representation of naval combat is off the charts thus far, with accurate recreations of warships, beautiful water effects, and all the explosive action you could hope for. The frame rate looks pretty steady, but keep in mind it’s still in beta. How it’ll perform once everything goes live is still up in the air, but if it’s anything like how World of Tanks has done, Wargaming should have nothing to worry about.

World of Warships

While Tanks continues to be the company’s prized franchise, it’s nice to see forward movement with Warships in the spotlight. Not everyone thinks that naval combat is accessible on the console front, but the publisher hopes to change that with Legends. It feels great so far, and the battles we got into were a lot of fun, win or lose. On top of that, the abundant amount of content coming to the game, customization options and upcoming legendary goodies, will keep players busy for some time. This is one battle that we’ll probably never get tired of.

(Big thanks to Wargaming for having us down to their headquarters to check out the game! Catch Legends in beta now for on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 before it’s launch on August 12. Also available for PC!)

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World of Warships Sets Sail for Consoles

Blowing up one another in tanks on Xbox One and PS4 is pretty darn fun, but it could be wetter. Consider your liquid levels increased, then, as World of Warships console has been officially confirmed with a rough release window and plans for the naval battler to begin its alpha test.

World of Warships: Legends will be the official name of the console edition of the game. In addition to the ship-to-ship battling that the PC version of the game offers, World of Warships: Legends is promising to provide content and features exclusive to console players. What those features are, however, wasn’t detailed in the announcement.

An FAQ posted on the game’s forums does stress that World of Warships: Legends isn’t just a straight port of the PC version. “We’re creating a native console experience pretty much from scratch while sourcing content and resources from the PC version, which is of course, our main inspiration,” reads part of the FAQ. “This does streamline our development process quite a bit, since we can focus on delivering the best naval combat gameplay available within the console realm.”

The devs plan to start off alpha testing in July of this year. Console fans who are eager to try things out and (ideally) provide their feedback can sign up to be selected at the game’s new dedicated website. Fans can also find out more details about the game, including ships, progression, and map types, in the aforementioned FAQ there as well.

World of Warships: Legends is due to arrive sometime in 2019, with more information planned to be revealed at this year’s Gamescom event.

Our Thoughts

So our first thoughts turn to the need to command multiple weapons batteries and steer a battleship using a gamepad. That said, a game like Dreadnought seems to have sorted that same issue out reliably well and so we suspect the World of Warships devs should be able to handle the matter as well. We’re looking forward to finding out more!

Source: press release

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