World of Warships is Raising Money to Save Real Life Submarine

World of Warships is raising money to save real life submarine, the USS Batfish. The submarine played an integral role in naval warfare during World War 2. It sank 15 Japanese ships, including 3 Japanese submarines in just 76 hours. That makes it the most successful submarine killing sub in history.

Unfortunately, in May the Muskogee War Memorial Park in Oklahoma experienced terrible, record-breaking floods. This flood nearly claimed the USS Batfish, but there is a campaign to save it. The Friends of the Muskogee War Memorial Park are looking to raise $150,000 to move the submarine to a safer location and get it restored so that people can tour it and even have overnight experiences.

Before the Flood

“To those who do not see it, the Batfish represents a weird roadside attraction dedicated to crazy sailors who wanted to honor their lost friends. To the inquisitive mind with an eye for history, a visitor can learn about the value of service, the impact that the United States Submarine Force had on the war in the pacific,” explained Brent Trout, Executive Director of the Muskogee War Memorial Park. “Simply put, our World War II submarine museums are in danger. Some of them are well funded and in the right place, but others are in jeopardy of being scrapped. Protecting the USS Batfish means saving history and protecting the sacrifice of every sailor who called a submarine home.”

This is where Wargaming and World of Warships comes in. They are running a campaign to Save the Batfish with an in-game package. Players will have the opportunity to donate $10 to restore the historic submarine and in return, they will receive a wonderful in-game token of appreciation that includes eight Dragon Flags and a combat patch similar to the patch worn by those who served on the USS Batfish. 100% of the bundle sales will go to the Muskogee War Memorial Park.

After the Flood

On November 22nd World of Warships will host a charity stream on Twitch where those watching will have the opportunity to learn more about the history of the USS Batfish.

This isn’t the first time Wargaming has done something like this either. Two years ago they raised $300,000 to restore the USS Texas.

If you don’t play World of Warships or you want to donate more than $10 you can do so on the official GoFundMe Campaign for the USS Batfish.


Source: Press Release

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World of Warships Submarines Preview: Hardly Sub-Par

Over the past few years, World of Warships has managed to grow into something special all its own. Hardly a World of Tanks on the high seas, the franchise has managed to create something significant with its naval battles and continues to grow each day with its available ships, online capabilities and strategies. Not to mention it’s performance on console, now that World of Warships Legends has a full release on PlayStation 4.

So what’s the next step for the PC release? How about a new layer of strategy, literally? For years, fans have been asking for submarines to be added to the game. We’re not sure if it’s just the idea of being able to attack destroyers from underwater, or just replicating the notion of being like Sean Connery in The Hunt For Red October (or, like the game’s director tells us, the captain from the legendary film Das Boot, which is well worth checking out), but the team apparently decided they would make this key addition to the game. Soon players will be able to take them for a test run. Wargaming Austin invited us down to take them for a test run.

Since players have been requesting submarines for some time, and considering Warships’ base has grown to 30 million active accounts over the past four years, Wargaming has been paying very close attention to players aspirations for the game. With 300 warships to choose from above the water, the team decided to sink to the depths to see what else it can offer. This new class does change things up a bit, as players can do quite a bit both on the surface and beneath it.

For this new addition, the developers actually had to do a bit of rebuilding with the maps. That’s because, beforehand, they actually had everything set to go on the surface, but not beneath it. So they had to create the depths below on each individual map to make this happen. It makes sense since there was no reason to go beneath the water beforehand, but it’s necessary with submarines as you’ll want to see the destroyers you’re sneaking up on and prepare your attacks accordingly.

Over the course of the next few weeks, submarines will enter beta-testing within the game, across various classes. It will start in three key countries: the United States, Germany and the USSR. You can see the available classes below, as broken down by the publisher:

  •  The United States: the Cachalot (Tier VI), Salmon (Tier VIII) and Balao (Tier X).
  •  Germany: the U-69 (Tier VI), U-190 (Tier VIII) and U-2501 (Tier X).
  •  USSR: the S-1 (Tier VI), L-20 (Tier VIII) and K1 (Tier X).

Tiers vary depending on skill set, so those that are just getting the hang of them will want to start with something on the lower set, like the Cachalot. As they become more experienced, Warships vets will want to try their luck with the K1 and the U-2501, just to see what they’re capable of. They’re really something, based on our hands-on time with the models in the multiplayer tests.

When it comes to submarines being on the surface, there’s an advantage with conserving oxygen. However, that also makes you visible to not only enemy ships, but also attacking planes from the sky. You’ll want to make sure you’re doing this only when you’ve got minimal enemy presence around you, or you need to regather for a moment while you figure out your next move. Once that’s done, you’ll want to move down to the next level, periscope.

Periscope level does bring your speed down a bit, but that doesn’t sink you too far into the depths where your oxygen depletes too badly. This also gives you the access you need to target enemies and fire torpedoes, using an effective targeting system once you get someone in range. The targeting system does take a little bit of practice, as it’s not as typical as the firing range on a destroyer. However, you’ll see how effective it is once you get used to its range and timing.

Something to keep in mind; the game doesn’t have a mode where you can attack other submarines, at least not yet. For the time being, the beta that will launch over the next few weeks will simply have submarines going up against warships, and vice versa. Wargaming did note that, in the future, there’s the possibility of an update in which it could launch full-blown underwater warfare between ships. For now however, you’ll want to keep warships firmly in your sights. Keep your periscope firmly trained on targets above water, because it won’t do any good trying to fire at anything beneath it.

Now, back to torpedo firing. When you do use a targeting system, you’ll use what’s called an acoustic pulse. This enables you to see what lands within your range, though you’ll set up shots properly so you can hit something. It’ll take time to get this down, so be patient.

One other note about the acoustic pulse is that it makes you very vulnerable. By activating it, some enemy vessels will be able to see you on the map. It’s just for a short while, but it could be just enough time for them to figure out your position, so make sure you’re ready to move.

Speaking of movement, one thing you’ll want to keep in mind with water depth is how it can affect your speed. I talked above about how oxygen can be depleted depending how deep you are underwater and speed is affected as well.

If you’re right above the surface, oxygen doesn’t run out too quickly, and you can move at a pretty moderate speed. However, if you go deeper, the oxygen does start to run out much more quickly, and you’ll be forced to go much slower. If it’s stealth you’re going for this might be a good tactic, but you don’t want to stay underwater for too long, lest you run the risk of damaging your vessel and being forced to surface way too quickly, possibly setting yourself up for a counter-attack from enemies.

Once you get used to a submarine’s movement, it can make quite the team player in World of Warships. Not only are torpedoes effective to destroyers and other ships, but you can use it to “spot” other ships and report to fellow teammates above water. It can be used to “spy” from lower depths, as well as possibly set up damage for someone to come along to finish them off.

Ah, but that does not mean that the other team won’t be ready for you. Remember earlier when I mentioned something about depth charges? The heavier warships in Warships are more than packing for this occasion. If they know that submarines are in the area, they’ll have the option to drop a few of these. If they manage to hit your vessel, they’ll do a significant amount of damage to the hull. By reading “pings” in the water, they can gather a good idea of where to drop, so don’t think it’s going to be peaceful going on the hunt.

Some warships will also have anti-submarine mortars as well. These may not be as damage inducing as depth charges, but they’re highly effective once they have you in their sights. Be prepared to get out of the area quickly if you see one of these set you up.

Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about lighter ships attacking subs. The destroyers seem to be the ones that can do the larger amount of damage. Do keep a look out though. They can even ram submarines if they surface, and that can leave quite a mark, as we learned from one particular skirmish during a match.

You can go fully underwater if you want to creep along the ocean floor and there’s a positive and a negative to this.

The negative is you won’t be able to see your enemies. However, you will be able to use what’s called a hydrophone. With this, you can see which way the nearest enemy ships are going as well as objects and such. From there, you can determine what their trajectory is, and figure out your next move. That could mean sneaking up to the surface and firing a couple of torpedoes, or alerting your fellow teammates to prepare for an attack.

Again, this will take up a whole bunch of oxygen, but those who literally go deep with thier strategy, or those who want try something stealthy may want to give it a go to see what it offers. It’s a pretty neat trick, provided you don’t run out of breathing air first.

As far as control set-up goes, submarines handle pretty smoothly in Warships. Steering is about the same, and you can set up a pretty moderate speed on the same level as you could with destroyers and other vessels. The main difference here is that you can utilize the C button to dive and the F button to surface. Keep in mind that like the speed buttons, these are gradual so you won’t rise or drop right away. You’re going to go slow in these situations, so if you’re beneath the water and want to get up to the surface, it’s going to take a few seconds. Likewise if you’re looking to drop on some foes so you’ll need to plan ahead. This isn’t exactly like sinking a stone. A submarine requires some time to sink to the ocean floor in reality and in game.

Wargaming took its time redesigning the particular maps for the upcoming World of Warships beta that will utilize the submarines, and it shows based on the levels that we played thus far. The ocean floors look absolutely beautiful, and blend right in with the overhead action that took place with previous World of Warships sessions. It’s almost like it didn’t miss a beat, and considering all the rebuilding that had to take place, that’s really something. What’s more, the level of design on the submarines themselves, as you can see in the screenshots, is cool as well. Here’s hoping that the team adds some classic models over the next few months, including that Das Boot model that the director was talking about. (We’ll take a yellow one too please because, well, you get it!)

As far as when submarines will be fully integrated into World of Warships, the team expects them to arrive in 2020, once beta testing has successfully been concluded. They expect the game to go through that over the next few weeks, as well as make the rounds at a few trade shows, including this week’s Gamescom event.

Sadly, it doesn’t look like World of Warships: Legends will be getting submarines. The team does have a “never say never” sort of approach to the game, but considering they set up those versions of Warships with more of an arcade style, they’re likely going to stick with above-the-surface action for now. Still, you never know.

Wargaming has something special here. While submarines do require a greater deal of strategy to soak in, and a lot more balance when it comes to survival, it’s pretty cool stuff once you get things figured out. The visual style is great, adding a layer to the game that we never thought that we’d get to see. Fans are sure to love what it has to offer as it goes into beta over the next few weeks and into full launch sometime next year.

World of Warships is available now on PC. We’ll keep you informed once a full beta schedule becomes available.

(Wargaming Austin flew us down and provided accommodations for the hands-on preview. We thank them for their hospitality!)

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Gamescom 2019: Submarines Are Coming to World of Warships

During Gamescom today Wargaming made it clear that Submarines are coming to World of Warships. Closed testing on submarines is set to launch in the next couple of weeks and as usual, players who are participating in the World of Warships Supertest will be the first to try it out.

The first test will include 4 submarines representing the US Navy and the German Kriegsmarine. More details about the submarine models are set to be announced later on during Gamescom.

“World of Warships has continually evolved with new gameplay mechanics, innovative game modes and rich content since its release,” said Artur Plociennik, Executive Producer of World of Warships. “The uniqueness of submarines poses very interesting design challenges for our team, which we hope to be able to turn into novel new gameplay tactics for our players and to make online naval combat more exciting than ever before. We are always looking for new ways to make our audience happy and we’re aiming to fulfill every player’s fantasy of WW2 submarine operations.”

Of course for fans of the game, it has been clear that this has been coming since Halloween last year when Steampunk submarines were added to the game for a bit of limited time fun. Previously, however, Wargaming had said they would never add submarines to World of Warships. But as the demand for them never faded it was really only a matter of time.

As we learn more about the Submarines we will be sure to update this news post.


Source: Press Release

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World of Warships Sets Sail for Consoles

Blowing up one another in tanks on Xbox One and PS4 is pretty darn fun, but it could be wetter. Consider your liquid levels increased, then, as World of Warships console has been officially confirmed with a rough release window and plans for the naval battler to begin its alpha test.

World of Warships: Legends will be the official name of the console edition of the game. In addition to the ship-to-ship battling that the PC version of the game offers, World of Warships: Legends is promising to provide content and features exclusive to console players. What those features are, however, wasn’t detailed in the announcement.

An FAQ posted on the game’s forums does stress that World of Warships: Legends isn’t just a straight port of the PC version. “We’re creating a native console experience pretty much from scratch while sourcing content and resources from the PC version, which is of course, our main inspiration,” reads part of the FAQ. “This does streamline our development process quite a bit, since we can focus on delivering the best naval combat gameplay available within the console realm.”

The devs plan to start off alpha testing in July of this year. Console fans who are eager to try things out and (ideally) provide their feedback can sign up to be selected at the game’s new dedicated website. Fans can also find out more details about the game, including ships, progression, and map types, in the aforementioned FAQ there as well.

World of Warships: Legends is due to arrive sometime in 2019, with more information planned to be revealed at this year’s Gamescom event.

Our Thoughts

So our first thoughts turn to the need to command multiple weapons batteries and steer a battleship using a gamepad. That said, a game like Dreadnought seems to have sorted that same issue out reliably well and so we suspect the World of Warships devs should be able to handle the matter as well. We’re looking forward to finding out more!

Source: press release

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World of Warships Heads into Space for April Fool’s

The oceans of Earth are pretty vast, but fighting in them can feel pretty same-y. Just a bunch of boring ol’ water. Now, fighting in the ocean of stars that makes up outer space? That’s a bit more interesting, which is pretty much the line of thinking for the upcoming limited-time World of Warships Space Mode.

world of warships space mode

Starting Thursday, March 29th and running until Wednesday, April 11th, the ship-to-ship combat of World of Warships will be taking to deep space in an all-new mode featuring brand new, sci-fi reimaginings of modern-day battleships. Players will get to command nine unique Tier X ships like the drone deploying Hellcarrier, the turbolaser equipped Norma, and the stealthy rocket firing FlyFire to name a few.

“We always strive to keep the game focused on history, but at the same time we are very open to bringing interesting collaborations and events into the game to entertain our players,” says executive producer Artur Plociennik. “We have to set the bar high for ourselves and then check with the community whether it’s high enough—which is why we’re letting them give us their feedback for this new mode.”

The new Space Mode will be available to players who are level 12 and have access to a Tier VI or higher ship. More information about the mode can be found on this web page and a developer diary talking about the mode can be seen below.

Our Thoughts

Hmm…we wonder what a game like Dreadnought thinks about all of this..? But honestly, the fact that the World of Warships devs seem to be open to having a little fun with their Very Serious War Game is great to see. Let’s hope that World of Warships players are just as open to the idea!

Source: press release

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2018 MMO Recommendations

Are you looking for 2018 MMO recommendations? Maybe you want to leave a recommendation for your favorite game. Whichever the case this is the place to find exactly what you’re looking for. We have all of the hottest MMOs currently on the market and we’re leaving it up to the public to leave a vote on the one they recommend.


What does it take to get on the recommendation list?

  1. The game must be live or out of closed beta testing. This means it’s available for anyone from the public to buy or download.
  2. Maps must allow at least 6 players at a time AND
  3. Allow for the potential of playing with hundreds or thousands of different people through matching or other methods.

This means you’ll find MOBAs, Shooters, and MMORPGs alongside each other. And why not? The definition of MMO is constantly evolving. We will be releasing more recommendation polls like this that are specifically for different genres in the coming weeks, but right now we’re interested in taking a broader look at online gaming.

2018 MMO Recommendations, Black Desert Online, World of Warcraft, SWTOR

If you’re interested in learning more about the games on this list, click their names, just above the button to vote to go to their MMOGames game profile page. There you can see a short paragraph about it and see all the most recent content from MMOGames including news, reviews, and more.

This poll will be running until the end of the year so you can keep recommending great games as the year goes on. At the end of the year, we’ll take a look at what your 2018 MMO recommendations are and what they did throughout the year.

Don’t see your favorite game on the list? Leave a comment with your recommendation and we’ll make sure it gets added! New games will be added as they’re released.

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World of Warships Blitz Sets Sail in January

Wargaming is pleased to announce that they will be releasing the mobile version of World of Warships, titled of course World of Warships Blitz early in 2018. The game will be available in the Google Play Store and on the Apple App Store starting on January 18th.

Players will be able to pick between Japan, USA, Germany, or the USSR. Each with four distinct classes to pick from. Battle will take place in 7v7 matches where you can play with friends or random players. You’ll also be able to play single player missions and unlock new ships.

World of Warships Blitz will take advantage of Wargaming’s unified ID. This means you’ll be able to swap devices and keep your progress no matter which one you’re on. The game will also allow cross-platform play. So don’t worry if your friend has an iPhone and you’ve got a Samsung device, you’ll still be able to blow enemies out of the water together.

Pre-registration for both iOS and Android has already begun. As a thank you for pre-registering you’ll get the Aurora Premium Ship when the game launches. The game requires iOS 8 or later and Andriod 4.4 or higher to play. For more system requirements and more information about the ships in World of Warships Blitz head over to the official website.

World of Warships Blitz is the second mobile game from Wargaming, the first was World of Tanks Blitz which launched back in 2014. Does this mean that sometime in the future we might see a mobile version of World of Warplanes? The world can only hope. This release goes along with one of the predictions from the MMOGames writing team about trends to expect in 2018. Find out what else we’re predicting for the year to come in our 2018 predictions for online gaming. If you’re curious about what the MMO mobile scene currently looks like take a look at our Reader’s Choice awards where you can vote for the best mobile game of 2017.


Source: Press Release, Official Site

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How Not to Release a New Premium Ship: The World of Warships Graf Zeppelin

Stormy seas wrecked the PR department of Wargaming around this year’s Gamescom. The premature release of a new Premium Tier 8 carrier, the German Graf Zeppelin, has caused a ruckus among the World of Warships community. Now known as “Grafgate”, the affair was a perfect blend of classic clusterfuck ingredients including hasty decisions, an outraged mob, and beloved pillars of the community getting sacked. So what happened?

Wargaming gamescom 2017

Wargaming meets gothic architecture. And Kölsch. Image by Wargaming.

Sailing to Gamescom

The release of the Graf Zeppelin was scheduled to coincide with Gamescom. Which makes sense, with the ship being German and all. However, in a mildly bemusing simile to the Graf’s actual history, things moved too quickly and the first playtests of the ship indicated it wasn’t quite ready yet. Feedback was mixed, but the overall opinion of testers was that it was in a very strong position, fielding three torpedo bomber squadrons that gave it immense striking power. Though the Kriegsmarine would likely not have redesigned a ship because it was deemed “too powerful”, these are different times and Wargaming decided to redesign the Graf Spee, possibly to avoid another ‘FochGate’. In one sentence, FochGate saw an overpowered tank released in World of Tanks, which prompted community contributor SirFoch to give a very bad review of it, for which Wargaming revoked their cooperation with him, which resulted in community outrage.

Back to ships. They replaced the torpedo bomber squads with dive bombers resulting in much lower overall striking power. Forsaking buffs in other departments like, say, fighter power, the ship was now pretty much useless and not worth its spit, much less the 50$+ Wargaming intended to ask for it in the store. However, Gamescom loomed and Wargaming went ahead and tossed Graf Zeppelin into the water, hoping it would learn to swim on its own. It sank spectacularly.

Graf Zeppelin release

Visual representation of the release of the Graf Zeppelin.

Oh, the Humanity…

With the Graf Zeppelin being about as useful as a real Zeppelin in a naval battle of World War II, community unrest grew. At first Wargaming took a defensive stance with an ‘adapt your playstyle’ rhetoric, but the avalanche of negative feedback soon spiraled out of control. Even a premium damage control consumable couldn’t put out the fires that burned through the forums at this point, spreading to Reddit.

Backed against the proverbial wall, Wargaming once again lashed out against one of their community contributors, iChase of iChasegaming, stripping his community contributor status. This tactic of fighting fire with kerosene resulted pretty much as was expected, further inciting the community. What had iChase done to draw their ire? Apart from using some moderately strong language and recommending everyone not to buy the new premium ship, he instigated that the person responsible for the premature release should be fired from their position. You can find the full video here.

Though iChase took this development with grace in a new video, the community responded with overwhelming support for him. Accusations of Wargaming silencing people who talk bad about shiny premium ships were the natural conclusion.

Thumbnail image for iChase’s review of the Graf Zeppelin.

Repair Party Engaged

Wargaming eventually admitted they were in the wrong. Both for releasing the Graf Zeppelin as it was, and for ceding their cooperation with iChase, offering an apology in an official update. To address the former, Wargaming gave players the opportunity to get a refund for their ships no matter how many battles they had played, as well as consolidation prizes to encourage them to stick with it anyway. Giving options to leave everyone happy.

To address the latter, they had reached out to iChase in a Skype call and talked to him there, apologizing and offering to reinstate him as a community contributor, which he has declined for the time being. Nevertheless, it’s a positive sign that the devs were willing to make amends, rather than push forward and insist on their ways. All in all, a happy ending, though people are a bit wary as Wargaming seem a little trigger happy on revoking community contributor status. However, now’s a good time to take a closer look at the arguments and draw conclusions.

Damage Assessment

So what to make of all this? Broadly speaking, there are two sides involved in this skirmish; Wargaming and the World of Warships community, iChase in particular.

Wargaming’s actions in releasing the Graf Zeppelin when they did is understandable. Events like Gamescom create a lot of hype in the gaming community at large, and it’s the time where new premium items would sell especially well. On the other hand, the backlash from the community for a failed premium item was swift and severe, as would be expected when one pays the price of a full AAA title for a single virtual item in a F2P game, only to find out it is garbage.

In hindsight, a pre-order with lucrative bundles “only available during Gamescom” might have been the wiser move. Oh, and while it’s hard to admit, a swift update along the lines of, “We wanted it to be ready for Gamescom but realized it was not,” might look like admitting incompetence on the surface, but actually speaks of game designers taking sensible decisions and valuing community feedback. Lashing out and making an example of iChase, somewhat shortly after the SirFoch incident, certainly was poor form at best and could’ve likely been avoided by either talking to him ahead of time, maybe issuing a warning, or just letting the responsible parties cool off over the weekend.

Graf Zeppelin specs

Stats in-game may differ.


In the other corner, iChase certainly took a more measured approach than SirFoch, and though he did not quite manage to keep his language in his initial review PG-13, he largely stayed on top of things. Which compounded the issue for WG, as it made it look more like they were reprimanding him for telling people not to buy their new digital toy. However, it’s important to note that iChase did speak up and suggest that someone should be fired over this, and as it was not live but a well-edited video, it wasn’t a spur of the moment remark. Or at least, he had plenty of opportunity to prevent it from appearing on YouTube. But he didn’t.

Is this too strong a remark? Many would argue that it is not. However, if we imagined the situation not on the internet but in an office for a moment, someone demanding someone else be fired is a very serious accusation which you shouldn’t throw against anyone unless in grave circumstances. The question over whether community contributor status makes you a ‘colleague’, a ‘favorite customer’ or anything in between is up for debate, but he was not ‘just another forum goer’. iChase has since released a new video in which he acknowledged Wargaming’s apology and said he did not mean that anybody really should lose their livelihood and Wargaming should know him better than that. However, as everywhere else on the internet, it’s easy to get things ‘into the wrong throat’, as the Germans say. Or they rub you the wrong way, as others would put it.

How Now Grau Cow?

Graf Zeppelin ingame

Not as flammable as a real Zeppelin. Still very incindiary.

In hindsight, which is a comfortable 20/20, the whole situation is a prime example of things happening too quickly and tempers boiling over, though I’d like to reiterate that iChase’s language was nowhere near as strong as SirFoch’s was a couple months back. Some people, like fellow community contributor Flamu, have pointed out that Wargaming should have learned from the last time. On the other hand, it seems that a rather thin skin was maintained indeed. It seems unprofessional by Wargaming. However, as the lines between employee and customer blur, it seems like a natural development. At any rate, the situation seems to be largely resolved. Whether or not iChase picks up the mantle of community contributor again in the future remains to be seen, but I wish him the best of luck whatever he chooses to do. Though I’ll add that my money personally is on him accepting reinstatement in less than a year.

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