EVE Aether Wars Going for a World Record Fight and You’re Invited

You may recall at GDC EVE Aether Wars made headlines when 14,274 people were all logged in to a single instance, multi-region game world. Well now on November 23rd during the EVE London meetup at London’s O2 Arena and all across the internet you will have the chance to take part in a world record attempt. Their aim is to break the record for the largest fight ever in gaming. If you want to be part of this record-breaking event you can pre-register to take part by adding the game to your wishlist on Steam. Yeah, it seems like it is going to be that easy. The record that they’re trying to beat is actually already held by EVE players. That’s the Battle of B-R5RB which had 6,142 players on 23 January 2018.

That isn’t the only news to come out of EVE Vegas so far either. NetEase and CCP have announced that the open beta for EVE Echoes will be in December 2019 for iOS and Android.

“We’re very excited for the first public outing of EVE Echoes, the next revolutionary step in mobile MMO gaming,” said Hilmar V. Petursson, CEO of CCP Games. “I can’t wait to see the reaction from our core PC players, who will no doubt recognize the unparalleled scale and sophisticated gameplay of EVE Online’s virtual world running through the veins of EVE Echoes.”

“CCP Games is a pioneer in space MMOs, and will make its mark on the industry even further by expanding the EVE experience to mobile with EVE Echoes,” said Ethan Wang, Vice President of NetEase, Inc. “Combining CCP’s leadership in game design with our NeoX game engine and leadership in game publishing will no doubt create a spacefaring sandbox MMO for mobile devices unlike anything seen before.”


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EA Has Been Given a Guinness World Record for Most Downvoted Comment on Reddit

EA has been given a Guinness World Record for the most downvoted comment in Reddit history, an event I’m sure they’d prefer the world forgot. It is for the now-infamous comment from an EA community manager responding to complaints about Star Wars Battlefront II’s lootboxes. The comment got 683,000 downvotes. That’s an amazing 600,000 more than the next highest downvote count. It is rather astonishing just how big it got. However, while people were angry with EA for their perceived greed, there was also a lot of brigading going on. Which raises the question of why this incident appeared in the most recent edition of the Guinness Book of World Records.

It was spotted by Reddit user -amsha- in the 2020 Guinness Book of World Records who then posted a picture of it on the Star Wars subreddit. In the 7 hours that the post has been on Reddit it has earned 58.3 thousand upvotes.

The award has sparked conversation and raised quite a few questions in the MMOGames office. Did the Guinness World Records actually send EA a physical award for this? If so, how angry were the higherups who opened that package? Will they be hanging it up somewhere for all to see? But the question that sparked the most debate was if this is even deserving of recognition with a Guinness World Record? The general consensus on that last one is a big no. But also the feeling that the world records generally aren’t what they used to be and that these days they feel more like an attempt to sell books than actually marking anything that’s noteworthy. What do you think? Does EA deserve to be recognized for this? Does putting it down in the book immortalize it for the rest of time? Let us know in the comments.


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GTA V Most Profitable Entertainment of All Time

GTA V is amazingly profitable for Rockstar Entertainment. It initially released on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 in September of 2013 and since then it has brought in $6 billion in revenue. For anyone keeping track at home that’s more money than Avatar, the highest grossing movie of all time which only brought in $2.8 billion. 90 million copies have been sold worldwide which leaves music’s top album, Michael Jackson’s 1982 Thriller in the dust having sold 66 million units.

To get an idea of how well GTA V is doing it was the 6th biggest selling game in the US in 2017 and third biggest in the UK and Europe. On top of that it is still making the charts in 2018, currently sitting at number 8 on the UK gaming charts.

Some of GTA V’s success can be contributed to the fact that since it’s release we’ve had a new generation of consoles come out. Many people who owned it on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 would have bought it a second time for Playstation 4 or Xbox One. Another major contributing factor is the online multiplayer gameplay which has allowed the game to continue having life years after it released.

So, are there any records left for GTA V to break? Actually, yes there are. Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes is estimated to have sold 500 million copies. That’s a whole lot of books. In fact, it has been estimated to be around the same amount as the entire Harry Potter series has sold. Of course, tracking how much money Don Quixote has made is impossible. The book came out in 1605 after all.

It also hasn’t broken Superbowl records yet, the 2015 Superbowl was watched by 111 million people in the United States. This is a number that GTA V is quickly approaching and could easily break.

What all of this means is that GTA V isn’t going to be going anywhere for a very long time.


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