Canceled MMOs of 2019

The end of the year is here and that means it is time to look at the games we lost this year. It wasn’t as bad this year as it was last year but there are still quite a few games to get through. Here are the canceled MMOs of 2019.



Blacklight Retribution

At the end of 2017 Perfect World gave Blacklight Retribution back to its developer Hardsuit Labs and for a brief moment it looked like the game would have another chance at life. Sadly it wasn’t to be and after a couple of years on Steam the game finally shut down.


ROSE Online

Though ROSE Online had been in Maintenance Mode since 2016 it still came as a bit of a surprise when ROSE Online shut down. The game had been live since 2005 and 14 years is a great run for an MMORPG. There was news of a mobile spin-off late last year but sadly there hasn’t been any news about it coming West.



Orcs Must Die! Unchained

After the success of Orcs Must Die! 2 it only made sense that Robot Entertainment would start working on a new game in the series. It was initially released in beta in 2014 and stayed there until April 2017 when it officially launched. In April 2019 the game was sadly shut down and, for those doing the math, it spent more time in beta than it did live. At the time of its shutdown the game had been running at a financial loss for several months.


Survived By

Survived By town

A permadeath bullet hell survival game kind of sounds like you just vomited some words but this is exactly what Survived By was. Sadly the development team decided to stop working on the game after it became clear that they wouldn’t be able to meet their original vision. This was the second Digital Extremes game that has been shutdown after Amazing Eternals in 2017.


Kritika Online

En Masse shut down the Western version of Kritika Online earlier this year and then just a few months later announced they were bringing it back! Yes, you can actually play Kritika Online right now on Steam where it is called Kritika: REBOOT.



QC Games closed its doors, putting an end to their 4v1 game Breach. The game had been inspired by Shadow Realms, a game that had been in development at Bioware and was canned before the public ever saw it. Though we did get a chance to play it. No reason for Breach’s shutdown was given but considering the studio disbanded entirely it isn’t a stretch at all to assume money was an issue.



The Culling

The Culling

Times have been rough for The Culling ever since they decided to immediately start working on a sequel to the game. That sequel was a Battle Royale game, a completely different genre to the first game. To say it was an unpopular move would be an understatement. Just a couple of weeks after the sequel launched they closed it and went back to work on The Culling. They even went so far as to make the game free to play. But by then the damage had been done and their players had left.


Dragon Nest Europe

Dragon Nest Europe

Action MMORPG Dragon Nest shut down in May this year, but the game isn’t gone entirely. It can still be played in most regions of the world, including North America. Unfortunately IPS from outside of North America are blocked so that is little consolation for European players. This isn’t the first time a region of Dragon Nest has shut down though so there may be hope in the future.



ELOA aka Warlords Awakening


ELOA has the rare misfortune of being one of the few games that has been shutdown three times. The first time it was an illegal beta version of the game that was stolen from Webzen who had released it in the east. Webzen contested the game and it was shut down. Then Webzen launched their own version of the game which ran for just a year and was sunsetted due to low population. Then it was brought back again, this time not by Webzen under the name Warlords Awakening. Sadly it only lasted a year too.


Atlas Reactor

Atlas Reactor was Trion’s answer to X-COM and sadly it flew under the radar of most gamers. After Gamigo bought Trion they promised to release content for all their games, including Atlas Reactor but it seems that after consideration they decided to shut the game down instead.



Worlds Adrift

Worlds Adrift

Bossa took a break from their usual games like Pigeon Simulator and I Am Bread to make an MMORPG that had a lot of promise. Sadly, the game didn’t gain enough traction to be commercially viable so the studio decided to shut the game down.



Mavericks: Proving Grounds

Mavericks was one of those games that never actually got released but it had so much hype and potential that people were talking about it like it was going to be one of the great games in the genre. Sadly, the company behind it suffered from financial woes and the project came to an end as the company closed down.




Lazarus the mmo alpha and beta list

Indie MMO Lazarus never made it out of Early Access but it had an amazingly unique premise and those who played it loved it. After 3 years in Early Access the studio decided to sunset the game as they were facing the financial strain of keeping it going.



Bless Online

bless online dragon

Bless Online was once hyped to be the next big thing in MMORPGs but after waiting years and having more than a few issues the game’s release wasn’t quite what anyone expected. Bless Online has shut down but it isn’t the end quite yet. Neowiz is hard at work on a re-imagining of the game called Bless Unleashed.



Fallen Earth

Just a short time after celebrating the 10th anniversary of Fallen Earth the game was shut down. This may not be the end. There’s hope for a reboot in the future and the studio is hard at work on that already. There is no date for this reboot though so for now we have to do without.



Durango Wild Lands

Durango Wild Lands Review Zebraceratops

Nexon’s survival mobile game Durango Wild Lands shut down after just 6 months. Though it should be said that it was in beta testing for 2 years. The fact that the developers released one final patch for the game before it closed made it all the more depressing. It’s likely that Nexon’s ongoing financial issues had a role to play.



Behaviour Interactive announced that DEATHGARDEN, their survival shooter/battle royale game had a decreasing player base and for that reason the game would be shutting down. This is another title that technically never made it out of Early Access, but these days Early Access is more of a soft launch than a beta.


Dragon’s Dogma Online

Dragon’s Dogma Online was one of those games that never actually made it to the West, but that didn’t stop a lot of Westerners from playing it anyway. It was actually a follow-up to the 2012 action RPG Dragon’s Dogma and it was Capcom’s first MMORPG. Dragon’s Dogma ran for 4 years before it was shut down, a pretty good run for a game that was a studio’s first MMORPG and never got a global release.


Maintenance Mode

These games haven’t been shut down yet but for most games once they go into Maintenance Mode their days are numbered. These are the games that were put into Maintenance Mode in 2019.


Ragnarok Online 2

Ragnarok Online 2

Gravity moved the development team that was working on Ragnarok Online 2 onto other projects and ended development on the game, but it is still playable for the time being.


Tree of Life

Tree of Life

Oddone Games developer Young-chae Kim said that Tree of Life had been a project he had dreamed of making his entire life. Ultimately he couldn’t make Tree of Life a better game due to inexperience. So they ended development of the game and started working on other projects.



Battleborn gameplay

Battleborn had the misfortune of being released at the same time as Overwatch while competing for the same audience. Since then the game just hasn’t had the population necessary to keep going. 2K announced that Battleborn is now in Maintenance Mode and they’ve been kind enough to let players know that it will only be around until 2021.


Elder Scrolls: Legends

The Elder Scrolls: Legends

Players of the Elder Scrolls card game Elder Scrolls: Legends had been patiently waiting to hear about new content for their game when it was announced on Reddit that none would be coming. Elder Scrolls: Legends hasn’t shut down just yet, though who knows how much time it has left?


Honorable Mention

Foundry System in Neverwinter and Star Trek Online

Foundry STO

The Foundry System, which allowed gamers in Neverwinter and Star Trek Online to create their own missions, was sadly shut down earlier this year. While this is just one feature in a larger game, it was a beloved feature that meant a lot to players of those games. For that reason we wanted to give the Foundry System an honorable mention.

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Worlds Adrift is Hosting an End of the World Event as the Game Shuts Down Tomorrow

Worlds Adrift is hosting an end of the world event for the last few hours the game remains online tomorrow. Beginning at 7 Pacific Time one final event will be running in the game which can be watched on Twitch if you can’t make it there in person.

The shutdown of this unique spatialOS MMORPG was announced back at the very end of May. In the FAQ about the shutdown they said this about the shutdown; “Making such an ambitious game was always going to be a challenge and we love the game we’ve built together with our community. However, Worlds Adrift has not captured the imagination of as many people as we needed to make it commercially viable.”

Unfortunately, the game was plagued with terrible griefing problems and the addition of PvE servers came a little too late. According to Steam Charts however, the game never really got an audience. Its all time peak number of players was just 2,031 and that happened back in May 2018. There was a little bit of a boost in October when the PvE servers were introduced, but that boost didn’t last.

On the bright side, this isn’t the end of Bossa. In their FAQ they make it clear that the studio will continue and that they always have 3 games in development. One game that we do know is in the works is Pigeon Simulator which will be on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, and yes, it is exactly what you think it is.



Source: Official Site and Steam Charts

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New Worlds Adrift Update Plays Guitar and Adds PvE

Sailing the skies in an airship of your own design can only be enhanced by the ability to play a jaunty tune. In Worlds Adrift New Foundations, you’ll be able to do precisely that, along with check out a new PvE server and a number of other new features.

worlds adrift new foundations

Yes, this new update will bring the much-requested PvE server online for a more exploration-focused gameplay experience. The new update will also bring the Haven tutorial zone; new items like the treasure-seeking Atlas Compass, the Rhegus Greaves that let you stick to walls and ceilings, and the Epheremus Drifter backpack; the ability to cook food for buffs; and new threats like island turrets and Marauders among various other features.

Oh, and yes, your character can also whip out a guitar and strum a tune.

It’s important to note that this update will also include a character progression wipe according to an alert on the forums. Names, customizations and Alliances will still remain when the update goes live, however.

All of Update 27’s features are coming to Worlds Adrift on Tuesday, October 9th. Maintenance is expected to begin at 10am BST/5am EST tomorrow and last for approximately two hours. You can take a look at the trailer showcasing what this new update brings below.

Our Thoughts

Gotta admit, that was a pretty entertaining trailer. We’re also pretty pleased to see all of the new features coming to Worlds Adrift, particularly in the form of its PvE server and tutorial island. Here’s hoping this new patch will be enjoyable for players of all stripes.

Sources: YouTube, official forums

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Worlds Adrift Confirms Work on a PvE Server

While Worlds Adrift has talked about survival and PvP being one of the sandbox MMO’s core pillars, that pie-in-the-sky thinking and the actual implementation haven’t exactly lined up. To that point, a Worlds Adrift PvE server has been confirmed in an AMA stream held by the devs.

worlds adrift pve server

“We had people who loved the PvP content, and people who loved the PvE content, but it’s very challenging to make everything play nice and everyone be cohesive,” admitted one of the game’s devs. So, in order to open up the game to more types of players, a PvE server was confirmed.

This server will have certain features like player damage turned off, allowing those who want a more tranquil, exploratory experience an option. The devs are also considering having a hybrid server, but are as of yet undecided.

The announcement is a marked about-face for Worlds Adrift, which seemed adamant that PvP was going to be the only way to play. So what changed? According to the devs, the feedback was impossible to ignore and the game’s early access build means that they could more directly respond to that feedback.

Almost immediately at the reveal, the stream’s chat was apparently aflame with opinion. “I know some of you identify as a specific type of player, and you’re concerned about protecting that part of the experience for yourself,” explained one dev. “We’re aware of this as well, please give us feedback and we are listening.”

“The goal of this is not to take the player base and split it up,” said another dev. “The goal is to bring in people who would love the game, and do love the game when they watch a video of it, but when they learn about how hardcore the game can be at times they’re just not interested.”

As of this writing, Worlds Adrift’s roadmap doesn’t offer any hint on when this PvE server is due.

Our Thoughts

Man, it’s almost like actually designing systems that enforce and encourage cooperative play instead of opening a rules-free wasteland and hoping the players figure it out is a better idea. Funny, that.

Source: official site

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Worlds Adrift is Getting a Public Test Server

The weekly update from the folks at Worlds Adrift has offered a couple of intriguing pieces of information for those who aren’t otherwise interested in the air-faring sandbox MMO’s development minutiae. Namely, it confirmed the arrival of a World Adrift PTS for those who are looking forward to testing the title’s features.

worlds adrift pts

The announcement of the PTS was made during a livestream this past Thursday, which revealed that the server will make its way to the sandbox at some point in the end of July. The devs promise that the builds on PTS will feature substantial updates in order to help “find the big weird live bugs that need hotfixes” as well as speed up the dev process of larger updates.

The devs have also teased an upcoming plan that will help what Bossa Studios calls its most active and outspoken community members better collaborate with the studio on “a more streamlined, wholesome and collaborative level.” Whatever this plan is, it has no release date, though it is directly associated with the incoming Alliance system.

More details about how the game’s PTS will be handled are expected to arrive this coming Tuesday, July 24th shortly after Patch 0.2.2.X goes live. Those who have questions about the test server are invited to leave them in the comments section of the announcement.

Our Thoughts

Opening a PTS is certainly one of the more obvious decisions the team at Worlds Adrift could have made, but we’re still glad to see that it’s coming soon and hope it will be of benefit to the devs and players alike. Now that we’ve said our peace there, how about we learn more about this community initiative thing, hm?

Source: official site

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Worlds Adrift Details Work on the Tier Zero Starter Area

As discussed before, there’s an admitted problem in Worlds Adrift with getting people started on the sandbox without some random jegoff wandering in and blowing them away. To counter this, the devs have outlined some preliminary work on Worlds Adrift Tier Zero, which sounds kind of like a 50’s era sci-fi movie.

worlds adrift tier zero

“Tier Zero” – which the devs feel should be a working title and not the final name – will let the freshly-arrived take advantage of several features to help the onboarding process smooth out in a totally inaccessible region with no weapons. This new zone will have several knowledge banks and some trees and metal deposits. While here, new players can learn movement, basic crafting, and use of the most important in-game tools such as the grappling hook. After 20 minutes, players will be automatically moved from Tier Zero to the Wilderness to start the game properly.

Crucially, Tier Zero will not feature any shipbuilding functions. According to the devs, this is because attempts to include it during internal playtests didn’t go so well; players swinging onto a completed ship and stealing its core without a weapon to retaliate was frustrating, and introducing weapons would make Tier Zero not safe anymore. Additionally, changing the way shipbuilding works in Tier Zero to prevent griefing would be too different from shipbuilding in the Wilderness, which would give new players the wrong idea.

The idea to have Tier Zero run locally or in a private instance and then let your character connect to the online world was also considered, but apparently the game is built in such a way that it’s not possible.

In any case, the devs are seeking feedback on how Tier Zero should work or if these ideas are following the right track. There’s also a video from the devs with tips from the community on “gitting gud” which can be seen below.

Our Thoughts

Maybe it’s just me, but anyone who says “git gud” in a not really ironic way immediately gets my distrust. Circling back to Tier Zero, though, this sounds like a reasonable step but also doesn’t seem to really be the most effective way to prepare players for what nonsense seems to await them once they enter the Wilderness. Combined with the messaging of the above video, it’s perhaps easy for some to believe that the devs at Worlds Adrift don’t seem to be taking the problem of introducing new blood terribly seriously.

Sources: official site, YouTube

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Worlds Adrift Acknowledges its Griefing Issues

What constitutes a fair fight? That’s the question the devs of Worlds Adrift have been forced to answer after the game’s early access launch. In a new dev blog and accompanying video, the subject of Worlds Adrift PvP and griefing is addressed, with a nod of acknowledgement that there needs to be a bit of an adjustment.

worlds adrift pvp

While one of the pillars in Worlds Adrift’s design has been survival – and, consequently, was always meant to include sandbox PvP mechanics – the devs realize after collecting feedback from several sources that it’s too easy for the newly-arrived to get executed for the crime of logging on.

“While mid-level PvP is working well, it’s apparent that some players are struggling to reach this point, due to a minority of more advanced players returning to the beginner’s zone for, let’s say, some easy pickings,” reads the post.

“This pretty much exemplifies the difference between PvP and griefing; one is a fair fight between two similarly levelled players. The other, a completely unbalanced slaughter, whereby one player has little to no chance of defending themselves.”

To that point, the devs will be working on ways to make PvP onboarding easier and to allow more players to actually leave the opening biome. While there’s no timeline or details on just when these systems will arrive, the post does explain that they are working to bring them online ASAP and suggests that players take advantage of the resources found in the official forums.

As for that accompanying video, you can watch that below, where co-founder Henrique Olifiers expands on these matters.

Our Thoughts

We agree that a game like Worlds Adrift is pretty much dependent on there being open PvP, but there is most definitely a distinction between fighting and popping off soft targets to stroke your own ego. Here’s hoping the devs get their solutions online soon so that others can experience the game’s apparently well-designed mid and high-level PvP.

Source: official site

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Worlds Adrift Plans a Launch Event Featuring a Literal Skyship

Consider the fact that Worlds Adrift is a sandbox MMO that’s all about making your own aerial craft to explore and fight in and perhaps this Worlds Adrift launch event isn’t quite so insane-sounding: Bossa Studios has built a literal skyship platform, filled it with PC stations that lets players play the game, and plans to suspend that platform just over a hundred feet in the air.

worlds adrift launch event

The batty launch event will be taking place in London above the Chelsea College of Arts in what’s described as “the most literal understanding of the term ‘launch event’ ever”. The skyship in question will include twenty gaming stations in an effort to let guests experience Worlds Adrift in a way that captures the game’s sense of aerial-based awe.

The skyship launch event will run for several sessions over the course of the day on May 17th from 12pm to 6pm BST and will be broadcast on the Bossa Studios Twitch channel.

Additionally, the devs are giving away eight pairs of tickets to an exclusive, private launch event of the skyship at 7:30pm BST on the 16th. Interested (and very brave) individuals merely have to retweet this tweet before 12pm BST on Friday, May 11th for a chance to win. It should be noted that the tickets in question do not include any airfare or accommodations.

Our Thoughts

This definitely counts as one of the most WTF moments in MMO launch history…which, we suppose, is pretty much the point of this particular event. That said, we hope anyone attending this launch event has a safe and good time. We’re going to try to calm down from the mental image of playing a PC game from 150 feet in the air.

Source: official site

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Worlds Adrift Hosts a Player-Built Dungeon Speed Run Challenge

Give the tools to the players and they’ll surprise you with their ingenuity, so much so that you can build an entire event around their creativity. That’s basically what’s happening in a new Worlds Adrift community event that’s challenging players to face a dark and foreboding gauntlet and run through it as fast as possible.

worlds adrift community event

The event was spawned by an island created by Synovus, described as “basically a God when it comes to the Island Creator, with a seemingly unnatural gift for creating ridiculously intriguing and stupidly playable locations.” In this particular creation, he’s put together an obstacle course that features dim lighting, platforms, turrets, and other hazards. The challenge: get from one gold circle to the other in the shortest amount of time.

There are a few rules for this community-led challenge: namely, time starts the moment your character moves from the starting gold platform and stops only when you’re standing stock-still on the gold platform at the end. Players can try their luck as many times as they like and are asked to post video of their runs on the forums.

So what do you get for running this gauntlet? Beyond bragging rights, the top three finishers will also net themselves some exclusive Worlds Adrift merchandise. Additionally, anyone who puts together their own speed run gauntlet island can win some merch too, with the prize offered to whomever becomes the dev team’s favorite submission and the one whose island gets the most downloads.

Specific details for this community event can be read here and a video of Synovus’ best time on his own dastardly creation can be watched below.

Our Thoughts

Okay, that is incredibly clever. We continue to be impressed by the ways Worlds Adrift players make this game their own. Now, how about we get a legitimate skate park? Or paintball course? Or tavern? At this point, the sky appears to be the limit.

Source: official site

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Worlds Adrift Announces an Early Access Launch Date

During a presentation at this year’s London Games Festival that recounted the progression of the studio’s first sandbox MMO, Bossa Studios confirmed a Worlds Adrift early access launch date, bringing a long development cycle to a new chapter and granting fans their opportunity to play in the (almost) fully-realized world of floating islands.

worlds adrift early access launch

Thursday, May 17th will be the release of the early access version of Worlds Adrift, which up to this point has been available only to those who were willing to buy into one of three Founder’s Packs. According to the press release, buying into early access will set you back $24.99 – $10 cheaper than the lowest Founder’s Pack tier.

According to a statement from Bossa Studios CEO Henrique Olifiers, development of Worlds Adrift has been entirely player-driven. “When we went into Closed Beta in May last year, we couldn’t have envisioned the sheer amount of quality feedback we would receive from our inspiring community,” said Olifiers. “At times, this completely shifted our production’s scope, and as a result, helped us truly hone Worlds Adrift’s vision, and has got it to this unique place.”

Naturally, a trailer for the early access release came along with the announcement, which you can watch below.

Our Thoughts

We would like to wish Bossa Studios a hearty congratulations on making it through to an early access release date. Clearly, the community of Worlds Adrift is extremely creative and very obviously eager to see this sandbox MMO grow, so here’s hoping the early access launch continues to draw in similarly motivated players and grows even further.

Source: press release

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