Wild West Online Reboot Plans Detailed

Fortune has not been kind to the Wild West Online team according to one of the sandbox MMO’s devs. However, in a bid to change that, a Wild West Online reboot is on the way, revamping the game in a couple of pretty significant ways.

wild west online reboot

First and foremost, the game will be released as a free-to-play title. This re-release is broken up into two pieces: Frontier, which is described as a more building and crafting centered form of the original title’s open world; and Magnificent 5, a battle royale mode where 20 teams of five duke it out, building fortifications to protect themselves and searching for artifacts and loot.

According to the dev post, monetization of Magnificent 5 will focus on a battle pass, which operates similarly to ones in other BR games like Fortnite.

For those who have bought in to the game’s early access, there will be compensation in the form of $15 worth of TN and additional “valuable” in-game items. Additionally, all account details will be transferred over to the rebooted game, including login information and any purchased items.

The rebooted WWO will release an all-new launcher in about a week’s time, with Magnificent 5 coming online first and Frontier arriving at some point in November. Both modes will essentially be in an open beta/soft launch state.

Our Thoughts

It might be too little, too late for Wild West Online, particularly with Red Dead Redemption 2’s apparently sterling critical acclaim and upcoming online component. Still, we do hope the devs and fans of this sandbox title can pull together and create a fun niche game.

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Wild West Online Gets a Full Release on May 10

While the game has arguably taken a bit of a meandering road to get here, it can’t be denied that getting to a Wild West Online release date is an achievement. The devs of the Western-dressed sandbox MMO have announced the end of early access and the arrival of full release will be Thursday, May 10th.

wild west online release date

According to the announcement, Wild West Online will make its way to live with a number of new features which come at the request of the game’s testers. Features include the addition of two rival factions with global faction conflict and territory control; randomly occurring PvP events for rare items and rewards; more PvE content in the form of missions and quests; and expanded non-combat activities like hunting, farming, cooking, and brewing alcohol to name a few.

If all of that sounds like something you’re interested in, you can buy the full game now can snap up a number of rewards such as 10 garment bags full of cosmetics, 10 gun skin bags to dress up your weaponry, the early access version of the MMO, and a 48-hour head start when the game goes live.

A trailer showing off some of the new features in version 0.8 has hitched itself to the announcement horse. You can take a look at that below.

Our Thoughts

Clearly, the devs of Wild West Online have been hard at work and it looks like the fruits of that labor are about to be reaped. We would like to congratulate the team on making it to a firm release date and hope that the game is stable and enjoyable for sandbox MMO fans.

Source: press release

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