Overwatch Launches the Year of the Dog

Gung hay fat choy! It’s the Overwatch Year of the Dog event, the annual Lunar New Year celebration which brings another round of skins, emotes and highlight intros both old and new, and the return of Capture the Flag with an all-new map set in a new location.

overwatch year of the dog

Much of what’s new will likely not be of much surprise if you’ve watched Kaplan’s earlier developer video, but I’ll go ahead and run it all down anyway because it’s a new thing in Overwatch and I’m required to.

Capture the Flag has made its return this year, and with it is a brand-new map set in Thailand called Ayutthaya. CTF is also available in a new Competitive variant with all the bells and whistles a competitive player demands including CP, leaderboards, placement matches and the like.

The game of CTF itself has also been adjusted, with flag pickup being now instant, flags unable to be picked up for five seconds after being dropped, and certain invulnerability or movement skills causing you to drop the flag. In the event of a tie, there will be a sudden death where the flags move closer to the center of the map and the first to score a capture wins.

Of course, it’s all about the skins, emotes and intros, and the Year of the Dog has plenty of those as well. Be sure you head to the event’s website and login to see what you’ve unlocked and what’s new, or just watch the trailer below for another look. You’ve got from now until March 5th to snap ’em all up.

Our Thoughts

We’re sure there were more than a few people who have been eagerly awaiting the return of the Lunar New Year event to Overwatch, so we hope everyone playing has a good time. May the winds of RNG fortune blow in your favor, and try not to take competitive capture the flag too seriously, huh? It’s just…it’s a limited thing, guys. Seriously.

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