2018 in Hearthstone is the Year of the Raven

Ravens have a storied mythological history across human civilizations, from being a totem animal for Bran the Blessed of Britain to being the bearers of news for Odin in the form of the ravens Hugin and Munin. Hearthstone’s Year of the Raven, however, is a bit less mystical and mostly about new features, new expansions, and a new Druid hero.

year of the raven

The Year of the Raven will kick off with the launch of the CCG’s first of a planned three expansions in 2018, with each expansion bringing over 130 cards and new single-player content. The new Hearthstone year will also see Whispers of the Old Gods, One Night in Karazhan, and Mean Streets of Gadgetzan card sets become exclusive to Wild format.

Hearthstone will also be introducing the dryad Lunara as a new Druid hero for players to earn. The first daughter of Cenarius can be unlocked by players who win 10 games in the updated Standard format and will bring her own flavor to the game with unique voice emotes like other heroes in the CCG.

Hearthstone will also launch an in-game tournaments feature that will let players create and host their own tournaments from within the game client itself. The new feature will handle matchmaking and checking decks, but more functions are expected to be added later. The in-game tournament builder system itself is due to launch in a beta state sometime in the middle of the year.

More details could be revealed during a special livestream on Twitch this coming Friday, March 2nd at 11am PST, where Ben Brode and Yong Woo will look back at the Year of the Mammoth that was 2017 and take community questions.

Our Thoughts

Another solid year of updates and content for Hearthstone, by the looks of it. Naturally, we’re most curious to know about what the three expansions for 2018 will be about, but we’re also looking forward to the other features and functions in the works. Which updates in the Year of the Raven are you most excited for?

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