The Elder Scrolls Online Announces 2 New Dungeons with Harrowstorm Update

The next update for The Elder Scrolls Online MMORPG will take place on February 24 for PC/Mac and March 10 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Update 25 includes quality of life fixes along with the Harrowstorm DLC that includes 2 new dungeons.

ESO Harrowstorm

In Unhallowed Grave, players will enter an ancient burial site in Bangkoria that was recently invaded by raiders and grave robbers. Once inside, you’ll discover the reason for the recent interest in the site and need to stop them at all cost!

Looking for something a little cooler? In Icereach, players will confront witches performing a deadly ritual and stop the supernatural storm along Skyrim’s northern coast.

Each of these dungeons will include new set items and collectibles to unlock. The free Update 25 will focus on improving framerates for all platforms with changes to the effects manager and addition of multi-threading.


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Next Elder Scrolls Online Chapter Revealed: Greymoor

Today Elder Scrolls Online revealed Greymoor, the next Chapter in the ESO story. It is the Q2 Chapter DLC and will be releasing on May 18th for PC/Mac and June 2 for Xbox One and PS4. It is available for pre-purchase right now and there are 5 editions to pick from that include digital and physical collector’s editions. For those wondering, yes, there is a statue! If you pre-order you’ll also get a bunch of sweet rewards, some of which you will gain access to right away.

Greymoor is actually the second part of a new year-long adventure that begins with the Harrowstorm DLC dungeon pack and including the Q3 and Q4 DLCs. Harrowstorm is set to release in February and kick off the Dark Heart of Skyrim yearlong event.

In the Dark Heart of Skyrim, an ancient evil emerges from the depths to devour the souls of Skyrim. Greymoor will introduce a new zone, Western Skyrim and include a gothic main story quest that ties into the Dark Heart of Skyrim. There is also a new 12-player trial, new world events called Harrowstorms, and a new Antiquities system. Also, there will be a number of quality of life improvements made to the game that includes a rework of the Vampire Skill Line. The rework will be available for free to all ESO players.

The Antiquities System is exactly what you think it is. There are ancient artifacts scattered all over Tamriel, become an Archaeologist and find them. The relics you uncover will include unique collectibles like furnishings and mementos.

Players who are familiar with Skyrim will recognize a number of locations in Western Skyrim including Solitude, Morthal, Labyrinthian, Dragon Bridge, and Blackreach cavern. The cavern won’t be exactly as you remember it from Skyrim however as they have expanded it even further.

If you want to learn more about Greymoor you can find everything you’ve ever wanted to know on the official blog post.

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The Elder Scrolls: Legends – Moons of Elsweyr Exclusive Reveal

It definitely seems like Sparkypants Studios really kicked The Elder Scrolls: Legends into high gear. It wasn’t too long ago that the Alliance War expansion was released and Moons of Elsweyr is right around the corner. Once again, we’ve partnered with the studio to bring you an exclusive card release: Reanimate!

The Elder Scrolls: Legends – Moons of ElsweyrWhile it might seem a bit expensive for its effect, Reanimate could definitely swing a game in favor of control heavy decks. Not only does it unconditionally bring a creature back to life but ‘Summon’ effects will also trigger. This could mean a second Miraak or Kaalgrontiid. Scarier yet, with the right strategy these could even be played a few turns early.

Here’s some additional commentary from Community Manager Christian Van Hoose:

Reanimate is a simple card with a big effect. While nine magicka is an incredibly high cost for an Action, this card’s effect can be worth a lot more – you can have your choice of any creature in your discard pile and summon it to the board immediately. Endurance cards have been able to summon creatures from the discard pile before, but rarely with no restrictions like Reanimate. Players will even be able to “cheat” huge creatures to the board by discarding them from their hand or deck earlier in the game. If you have an Alduin (whose cost starts at 20) in your discard pile by the time you can play Reanimate, it’s not going to matter that you don’t have 20 magicka – you’ll be able to play it right then and there!

The Elder Scrolls: Legends – Moons of Elsweyr

Moons of Elsweyr will bring more than 75 new cards to The Elder Scrolls: Legends on June 27!

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The Elder Scrolls: Legends Alliance War Exclusive Card Reveal

We’re just a few days away from the release of The Elder Scrolls: Legends – Alliance War, the upcoming expansion to the successful Elder Scrolls card game based on the endless war of the alliances as seen in Elder Scrolls Online. Bethesda has reached out to us with an exclusive opportunity to reveal a card from the Alliance War expansion pack. Alliance War is going to have more than 100 new cards when it releases on April 15th. It is available on PC, iOS, and Android.

So, without any further delay here is a short message from Community Manager for The Elder Scrolls: Legends Christian Van Hoose to explain the Daedric Titan card.

Daedric Titan is a powerful five-cost creature that can hold its own against both Aggro decks and Control decks. Usually, a four-health creature for five magicka would be a bit problematic, as commonly-played removal actions like Lightning Bolt would be able to easily dispatch of it – not the case with Daedric Titan! As long as you have another creature in each lane, the Titan can’t be targeted by your opponent’s actions, so your opponent is going to have to deal with it the hard way: with their creatures. If you can keep it protected, they’ll have to clear out your other creatures before being able to target it. Additionally, the Drain keyword will allow you to gain valuable health against aggressive decks, so even your Aggro opponents will have to find a way to deal with the Titan.


We would like to thank Christian Van Hoose and everyone working on The Elder Scrolls: Legends for giving us the opportunity to reveal this badass looking card. If you haven’t played The Elder Scrolls: Legends yet what are you waiting for? The base game is entirely free to play. If you preorder Alliance War ($49.99) you will receive 50 card packs, an Alliance War Legendary card, plus the exclusive Warmonger title and premium card back which will be available once the expansion goes live.

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MMO Money: Arena of Valor Finds Success At Last

Here we are at the second to the last Tuesday of the year, which means this is our last look at the news from the business side of the games industry. Next week we’ll have an article that looks back at the biggest stories of the year so keep an eye out for that. For now, though we have Blizzard to discuss along with the Zenimax vs Oculus lawsuit, esports, and Arena of Valor’s success on the Nintendo Switch.

HGC Western Clash


Blizzard Kills Heroes of the Storm Esports

There have been a lot of unpopular things going on with Blizzard recently that are leaving lifelong fans wondering what has happened to the beloved brand. Most recently Blizzard took a chainsaw to Heroes of the Storm. They put an end to the competitive esports scene saying that the Heroes Global Championship and Heroes of the Dorm won’t be returning in 2019. This very sudden change has put a lot of people out of jobs. Stars who left college to pursue esports, team managers wondering what to do next, and many others from all aspects of the esports scene.

At the same time, Blizzard says that they will continue developing the game, though the cadence of releases will change. In other words, they will be releasing content less often. Blizzard also moved some developers, though they didn’t say how many, from the Heroes of the Storm development team to other teams. While they aren’t giving up on Heroes of the Storm completely it certainly sounds like this is the beginning of the end for the game, which would be just another unpopular move on Blizzard’s part. That really breaks all of this to one final question….is Blizzard working on a Battle Royale game? Only time will tell, but based on the decisions they’ve been making recently it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch.

Source: Official Site

arena of valor switch


Arena of Valor Downloaded 1 Million Times on Switch

In China, Tencent has seen massive success with Honour of Kings. It’s been at the top of the mobile charts every month in terms of revenue for the entire year. However, when they released it as Arena of Valor in the West it wasn’t a massive success at all. At least that is until it was released on the Nintendo Switch. Since Arena of Valor launched on the Switch at the end of September it has been downloaded 1 million times and the United States was the biggest market. While Arena of Valor hasn’t been performing as well in the West as it has in China it hasn’t all been bad news for the game. In September the MOBA reached the $15 million milestone in player spending between the App Store and Google Play. At that time the game also experienced 49% growth month over month in comparison to August. So even almost a year after launching it was still growing in a big way.

Arena of Valor is Tencent’s first console game, but with results like this, it almost certainly won’t be the last. This is especially true as the company has to try to claw back from the really quite awful year they’ve had.

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Intel and ESL Announce $100m Esports Investment

Blizzard might be taking a step back from the Heroes of the Storm esports scene but in other corners of the esports world, things are looking good. Intel and ESL have announced that they will be continuing their partnership to 2021 and more than $100 million in investments in the industry will be made. The partnership between the two companies is 18 years old, making it the longest standing partnership in all of esports. The deal will help to drive growth in new regions which includes a focus on hosting and large-scale events within some Asia-Pacific countries.

“ESL and Intel have worked side by side on growing esports for nearly two decades,” said Ralf Reichert, ESL founder and co-CEO. “We built a number of cornerstones of this industry together and helped many gamers in becoming legends of the sport. The long-term extended partnership with Intel opens even more opportunities for us to take our efforts to a whole different level on a global scale.”

The Vice President and General Manager of VR, Gaming, and Esports at Intel had this to say, “This joint investment with ESL into the ecosystem means that the esports growth and innovation that we’ve led over the past two decades will continue. This partnership will advance the rapid evolution of esports, and Intel is committed to ushering in this new era with technology solutions that place the gaming community and fans first.”

If you’re wondering how the esports industry is doing, on the whole, we’ll have more on esports in the coming weeks as we take a look back at 2018 from a business point of view. So be sure to keep an eye out for that.

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Zenimax and Oculus Settle Their VR Lawsuit

It might feel like Zenimax and Oculus have been involved in a lawsuit over the Oculus VR system forever. It all started in 2014, which certainly feels like an eternity ago. In 2017, Zenimax was awarded $500 million by a judge, but that was later cut in half upon appeal. That then led to even more appeals, though those have now been dropped. The two companies reached a settlement outside of court through the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals mediation program. The terms of the settlement weren’t disclosed and they likely never will be.

Both sides seem to be quite pleased with the outcome, and Zenimax Chairman and CEO Robert Altman said, “We are pleased that a settlement has been reached and are fully satisfied by the outcome. While we dislike litigation, we will always vigorously defend against any infringement or misappropriation of our intellectual property by third parties.”

A representative for Facebook, who own Oculus said, “We’re pleased to put this behind us and continue building the future of VR.”

It’s nice to see this story finally put to rest.

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The Elder Scrolls Online PvP Battlegrounds Opening To Everybody

Zenimax are changing how you unlock Morrowind with the launch of Summerset and Update 18 coming this summer. At present, you have to buy The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited (the base game) and Morrowind to access all that Tamriel has to offer, but when Summerset launches, this will change.

The Elder Scrolls Online PvP Battlegrounds Opening To Everybody

Some of these changes are already going on and others will be arriving upon the release of Summerset, but as of right now, if you purchase The Elder Scrolls Online, you will get both the base game and Morrowind.

What does that mean for everybody else, however? Well, if you already own Morrowind, nothing. If you own the base game only, you will soon be able to access the PvP Battlegrounds that launched with Morrowind, without needing to purchase anything. The Morrowind zone and story content will be available to buy from the Crown Store, or through pre-purchasing the Summerset Digital Collector’s Edition (for a limited time), and it will also be folded into the ESO Plus membership along with all of ESO’s DLC. You will also be able to purchase the Warden class in the store separate to this. This all happens when Summerset launches.

You can read more about the specifics in the official announcement post.


Our Thoughts

This is a great move. It gets really convoluted when MMORPGs add more and more content that you have to buy separately, so this is a good way to do it. It may annoy some who already bought Morrowind separately, and assumedly, if you only own the base game and want to unlock both Morrowind and the Warden through the Crown Store it will cost a little more, but overall it seems like a decent way to open things up a little more and maybe increase the population of PvP Battlegrounds.

Source: Official Site

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Next Elder Scrolls Online Chapter will be Summerset

It was announced on March 21, 2018, that the next major update to Bethesda’s MMORPG, The Elder Scrolls Online, will take players to Summerset Isle. This new zone is the home of the High Elves and will introduce the Psijic Order, a new main story quest, and jewelry crafting.

ESO Summerset

According to Bethesda, Queen Ayrenn has decreed that the Isle of Summerset is now open to foreigners. However, there might be an ulterior motive involved as a Daedric threat looms overhead that puts all of Tamriel in danger.

Features of The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset include:

  • A New Zone: Summerset Isle, a uniquely beautiful land that’s an even larger addition than last year’s massive Vvardenfell from ESO: Morrowind
  • An Epic Main Story: More of ESO’s award-winning story concludes the Daedric drama that began in 2015’ Orsinium DLC
  • The Psijic Order: For the first time in an Elder Scrolls game, join the mysterious Psijic Order and explore their secretive home city of Artaeum
  • New Skill Line: Master the magic of the mages of the Psijic Order to gain a new combat skill line and wield powers over time itself
  • Jewelry Crafting: ESO’s latest crafting skill allows players to create powerful gear for their characters
  • New Group PvE Challenges: Players can band together to face the challenges of Cloudrest, a new 12-player Trial, new Delves and Bosses, and other content including the Abyssal Geysers

This new content will be made accessible for both veterans and new players through the ESO level-scaling system. ESO: Summerset is scheduled to release on June 5, 2018, for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The base version, digital collector’s edition, and physical collector’s edition are now available for pre-purchase retailing at $29.99, $39.99, and $89.99, respectively.

Our Thoughts:

This is the second major ‘chapter’ for The Elder Scrolls Online and it brings a lot of new content that should get players excited. It also seems like Bethesda listened to the biggest complaint regarding the Morrowind update, which was the price.

Source: Official Site

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Dragon Bones DLC Revealed for The Elder Scrolls Online

ESO Fang Lair Dungeon Guide

Morrowind is Coming to The Elder Scrolls: Legends

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ESO Fang Lair Dungeon Guide

Fang Lair is one of two new dungeons included in Elder Scrolls Online’s latest DLC, Dragon Bones. The dungeon is found in the northeastern part of Bangkorai, but can also be reached through fast travel, traveling to a group member, or the dungeon group finder.

fang lair mobs ESO Fang Lair Dungeon Guide

Plenty of undead mobs and necromancers fill Fang Lair.

The Basics

Like other dungeons in ESO, you can choose to play through Fang Lair in either normal or veteran mode, with a hard mode option in the veteran dungeon. On your first trip to either Fang Lair or the second new dungeon, Scalecaller Peak, you will earn the Renegade Dragon Priest Mask, a collectible hat.

Fang Lair is a Dwarven Ruin where a necromancer is performing a ritual to reanimate a skeletal dragon. Travel through the dungeon and stop these threats before it’s too late.

Casting the Bones

find yisareh

Find the NPC, Yisareh just inside the entrance to Fang Lair to begin the quest.

You can pick up this quest in the dungeon from Yisareh. You can’t miss her as she’s just inside the entrance. She asks for your help with the necromancers who are bringing corpses into the ruins and making other ominous preparations. The way forward is barred to her by magic but with a group, you could probably force your way inside.

If you finish the conversation with Yisareh, she’ll tell you that a necromancer named Lizabet is the one conjuring the magical barrier, but is probably not the one in charge. When you ask about the ruins, she will reveal that the Dwarves were driven from the place by a dragon, but that the monster must be long gone.

Navigating the Dungeon

fang lair map

Follow the path in a clockwise direction through Fang Lair.

Fang Lair is all on a single map level and is easy to navigate. Your group starts in the lower left corner and has to work your way around in a clockwise direction. The mobs are mostly undead and necromancers, and you will have to work your way through groups of them between five main boss fights. Bring your AOE attacks to help make quick work of these enemies and watch out for the Bone Colossus’, as these guys have a particularly deadly attack.

You will see scattered round balls on the ground – these release poison spores if you stand near them for too long. If you keep moving through the dungeon quickly, they won’t bother you much. Also – keep an eye out for chests, like in any dungeon.


This ball will release poison if you stand near it for too long.

The First Boss – Lizabet

Your first encounter with a boss is actually one of the easiest. Lizabet appears, taunts the group, and then summons some mobs to attack the party. You won’t even engage her directly – simply dispatch the mobs she summons and you can move on. There isn’t any particular strategy needed here.

The Second Boss – Cadaverous Bear

This is one of the more challenging fights in Fang Lair. When you arrive at this area, you will see a collection of animal statues. These come to life and you’ll have to fight them, but the Cadaverous Bear is the main boss that has to be killed. It’s essential to understand the mechanics of this fight, though, or you won’t make it through.

cadaverous bosses

Starting position of the bosses. The wolves keep respawning from their position on the far left.

Each of the monsters here has a different attack. The group of three wolves will run up to players and then explode. They respawn quickly and keep coming back throughout the fight so keep moving to avoid this damage or be ready to shield yourself and block their attack. The senche has a special attack where it will pin one player and cause damage. This attack has to be interrupted by another player, so keep an eye out for the message that pops up on the bottom of your screen to inform you of this.

The guar will spout poison fields, so just watch out for AOE and again, keep moving. Both the senche and the guar will respawn after a little time, so your main focus should be on the bear. However, have your tank taunt the mobs to all stay near the bear and use your AOE attacks to kill the senche and guar while DPSing the bear. If you defeat all the bear’s minions, his shield will come up until they respawn. Once you defeat the bear, the fight is over.

cadaverous bear

Focus on the Cadaverous Bear, but use AOE attacks to damage the bear’s minions.

If you’re having trouble getting through this fight, focus on the senche first then take out the bear. Keep moving and kiting to avoid the wolves’ explosive attacks.

The Third Boss – Caluurion

Caluurion AOE

Stay alert and avoid Caluurion’s AOE attacks.

Caluurion is another necromancer boss, but your strategy here is fairly simple. He stays in the center of the room on top of a small hill. From there, Caluurion throws out a lot of AOE attacks, so pay particular attention not to get caught in overlapping circles from his attacks. Otherwise, at certain levels of health, he will activate one of several relics found on the periphery of the room. A message will show up on the bottom of your screen to inform you of this. Run to the correct relic and kill it as quickly as possible. While the relic is active, Caluurion is more resistant to damage.

Caluurion relic

When a relic is active, kill it as quickly as possible.

When you are attacking a relic, each one will generate different defenses (shock, poison, etc.). If a red ring forms around you, make sure not to overlap with a group member or you will accumulate extra damage. Once the relic is down, return to Caluurion. Alternatively, if your group has high DPS you may be able to ignore the totems and just take down Caluurion directly.

The Fourth Boss – Ulfnor

This boss is a mostly straight-forward fight. The only tricky part here is that he is accompanied by a ghost who will chain a random player. When you are chained, you won’t be able to free yourself or do anything. The ghost pulls you closer, and if you end up next to her, then Ulfnor runs up and one-shot kills you. Your group members will need to kill the ghost before she pulls you in if you want to avoid certain death.


I’m chained by the ghost here and can’t do anything until my group frees me.

When fighting Ulfnor directly, watch out for his heavy attacks. He also uses a lot of fire – both a series of small circle AOEs that radiate out from him, as well as a collection of fireballs that shoot out and then bounce around the battlefield.

The Fifth Boss – Thurvokun

When you finally arrive at the end of Fang Lair, you’ll discover that the necromancer Orryn the Black has managed to resurrect the dragon, Thurvokun. Your main fight here will be with Thurvokun, but Orryn triggers other aspects of the battle.

Thurvokun fight

The dragon produces a large poison field (green).

To start with, have your tank keep Thurvokun in the middle of the room. Throw your attacks at him and avoid his large poison AOE and ice attack that radiates from his tail. As his health decreases, crystals at the periphery of the room will become active and spawn additional mobs. Destroy the crystals quickly – there are four of them. Be careful if your group is doing massive damage to Thurvokun – you can inadvertently trigger multiple crystals at once and get overwhelmed by mobs.

The most deadly aspect of this boss fight happens next. Orryn will summon a line of ghosts that will run across the room. If they touch you, you will die. In order to avoid this, look for the friendly NPC who has been following you through the entire dungeon. He will create a yellow glowing barrier. Hide behind the barrier to stay safe from the ghosts. The wave of ghosts will keep repeating itself. If you’re using a voice chat option, have someone call out when the ghosts appear to make sure everyone has time to shelter behind the barrier.

Thurvokun fight

He throws skulls at you too.

Once Thurvokun is down to zero health, guess what? Orryn will resurrect him and he’ll be back at around 50% of his health. He’ll continue his attacks while more mobs spawn from where the crystals had once been. Thurvokun will scream and cause fear. Break free from this, but pay attention. After the fear attack, the dragon will shoot poison balls that can kill with one shot. To avoid this damage, look for a gold circle on the floor. Run through the circle (one per player) and you’ll be safe.

Hard Mode

If this all hasn’t been enough of a challenge for you, try it again on Hard Mode. More mobs will spawn and Thurvokun will have more health. The crystals will spawn a bone colossus. Kill the crystal quickly, or a second colossus will join you. The wave of ghosts will change so that it no longer covers the entire width of the hall. However, you won’t get the glowing yellow shield so you’ll have to find the gap between the ghosts and make sure you get through that part.


On completion of the battle, make sure you speak with Yisareh again to finish the quest and earn a skill point. You’ll also win the Fang Lair Vanquisher achievement and the Thurvokun trophy.

quest complete

Speak to Yisareh for some well-earned rewards.

As you’ve made your way through Fang Lair you will certainly have picked up some of the new set items. If you’re working on a particular build, here are the stats on the four sets:

Thurvokun Set (monster set)

  • 1 item: Adds XXXX maximum health
  • 2 items: When a nearby enemy damages you, summon a growing pool of desecrated bile for 8 seconds. Enemies in the bile receive XXX Disease Damage every 1 second and are afflicted with Minor Main and Minor Defile, reducing their damage done and healing received by 15%. This effect can occur every 8 seconds.

Caluurion’s Legacy Set (light armor)

  • 2 items: Adds XXX Spell Critical
  • 3 items: Adds XXX Spell Damage
  • 4 items: Adds XXX Spell Critical
  • 5 items: When you deal Critical Damage with a single target Magicka ability, you launch a Fire, Ice, Shock, or Disease ball at your target that deals XXXXX damage and applies a status effect. This effect can occur once every 10 seconds.

Trappings of Invigoration Set (medium armor)

  • 2 items: Adds XXX Stamina Recovery
  • 3 items: Adds XXXX Maximum Stamina
  • 4 items: Adds XXX Stamina Recovery
  • 5 items: When you cast an ability while under 33% Stamina, you restore XXXX Stamina. This effect can occur once every 1 minute.

Ulfnor’s Favor Set (heavy armor)

  • 2 items: Adds XXXX Maximum Health
  • 3 items: Adds XXX Magicka Recovery
  • 3 items: Adds XXX Stamina Recovery
  • 4 items: Adds 4% Healing Taken
  • 5 items: Increases the Magicka or Stamina your Heavy Attacks restore by 30%

You may notice that the Ulfnor’s Favor set lists two separate bonuses for 3 items. I suspect this may be a bug, but since I play a lightly armored DPS sorcerer, I haven’t tried out this set.

Overall, the Fang Lair dungeon seems to be more popular than the other new content – Scalecaller Peak. The boss battles are doable but challenging, depending on the abilities of the group you go in with.

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Coming Soon: ESO Update 17 and Dragon Bones DLC

The new year is bringing new updates to The Elder Scrolls Online with update 17 and the Dragon Bones DLC coming this February.

Dragon Bones follows the pattern of previous DLC in that it adds new dungeons, new motifs, and new achievements to the game. The content is included for players with an ESO Plus membership or can be purchased in the Crown Store, as per usual. The new dungeons will include Fang Lair and Scalecaller Peak.


Features for Everyone

A few new features that will be available to all players with ESO Update 17 include a new outfit system and housing storage capabilities. Some changes to combat will be coming as well, and it should be easier to identify and activate synergies when fighting amongst other players. For those who love PvP combat, two new battlegrounds will be opening: Mor Khazgur and Deeping Drome. Update 17 also brings new level up and skills advisor features.


Find a Fashionable Outfit

ESO outfit station

Dye stations are now outfit stations in Update 17.

Outfits will let you customize your look in ESO like never before. You can try out the new system by visiting any former Dye Station (now an Outfit Station). Each character has one outfit slot unlocked as a default, with extras available for purchase in the Crown Store. Outfit slots are not shared between characters. When you create an outfit, you produce a skin using any of your known styles. After the update takes effect, log in with each of your characters at least once to allow all known motifs to be available to every character.

You can also dye an outfit just like you would a costume, and this will be available to all players, not just those with ESO Plus. This does not change any of the traits of the actual items, just their appearance. Once you have picked out an outfit and/or dyed it, you will need to pay gold to finalize it. Of course, you can still dye your regular armor and costumes at the Outfit Station like before, too.

outfit station

The new outfit station is fairly intuitive.

The exact cost for outfits will depend on the size of the item, the rarity of the style, and if it is being dyed or not. Prices will range from somewhere in the hundreds to thousands of gold. If you don’t want to spend gold directly, you will be able to purchase Outfit Change Tokens in the Crown Store. These are single-use, so make sure you are certain about your choices.

One of the more hotly anticipated aspects to Update 17 is that you will now be able to change the appearance of your weapons. This system works the same as the rest of the outfits; pick a style from your known motifs and even dye it, if you wish. You will have some flexibility between weapon types. It looks like you can choose styles from similar weapons, so as an example, a sword can be made to look like an axe or a dagger (all one-handed), but not a bow.


Housing Storage

housing chest

One of the collectible chests for housing storage.

After this update you will be able to store items in your house in special collectible containers. These can be purchased in the Crown Store and come in various sizes, the chests available on the public test server had either 30 or 60 slots for your gear. They are easy to use, too, just access the housing editor with F5 and place the chest in your house.

Once you leave the housing editor you can interact with the chest like any other container, just remember that any materials that you leave in these containers will not be accessible to you when crafting.


Level Up and Skills Advisors

level up advisor

The Level-Up Advisor provides tips on the left side of your screen.

This new system will help players advance by suggesting skills for a particular play style or build whenever leveling up. Every time you reach a new level, you’ll now earn rewards of gold, mats, and/or consumables. You can even receive mounts or crown crates at certain milestones. Make sure to select the build you would like to aim for by clicking the settings icon on the upper right of the left panel.

skills advisor

The new Skills Advisor helps guide your advancement for the desired build.


New Battlegrounds

If you love PvP play, be sure to check out the two new Battlegrounds coming in the Dragon Bones DLC. Mor Khazgur is an orc stronghold found originally in The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim. If you have purchased Morrowind, then you’ll be able to visit Deeping Drome to do battle in the dark caverns of a Dwarven ruin.


New Dungeons

Fang Lair

The entrance to Fang Lair looks ominous.

Two new dungeons are coming in the Dragon Bones DLC, available in both normal and veteran modes. As soon as you visit one of the dungeons you will earn the Renegade Dragon Priest Mask, a collectible hat.

Scalecaller Peak is the burial site of a Dragon Priest, and some crazed cultists are using the place to try to unleash a plague upon Tamriel. Fang Lair is a Dwarven Ruin where a necromancer is performing a ritual to reanimate a skeletal dragon. Travel to the dungeons and stop these threats before its too late. Fang Lair is in the northeastern part of Bangkorai, and Scalecaller Peak is in northern Stormhaven.

Scalecaller Peak

Scalecaller Peak can be found in Stormhaven.

The Elder Scrolls Online Update 17 will be available in February.


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The Elder Scrolls Online: A Look at the Clockwork City

The Elder Scrolls Online has been kind in offering us lore that we never thought we’d get to see, and this brand new foray into the Clockwork City is no different. For those of you who don’t know, the Clockwork City is a miniature metropolis located deep beneath Ebonheart, unknown to most of those living in Tamriel. The city was created by Sotha Sil as his ideal image of Tamriel, though after losing Sunder and Keening at Red Mountain, he retreated into his creation and lost touch with the outside world. Your journey through the Clockwork City will be highly eventful, whether you want to explore the rich environment and take in the extensive lore or you wish to take on some of the world bosses. Either way, this is one DLC that’s going to blow your mind as you explore a miniaturized version of Tamriel.


A Quick Walkthrough

I was fortunate enough to get an early walkthrough of the Clockwork City DLC with Rich, the creative director, and Greg, the lead content designer. It’s safe to say I got more than I bargained for. The first thing they told me was that the Clockwork City was a sort of milestone, as it is the final DLC of 2017 so people, please, try to make the most of it while you can. Secondly, as we already mentioned, the game takes place in a miniaturized version of Tamriel, so when you first enter this new area you’re going to want to look up at the clockwork machinery. They put a lot of work into this and it really shows.

Clockwork City

Progressing further into the city you’ll find the denizens who live here, most of which are a combination of flesh and machine. There are also clockwork beings who maintain the city and don’t worry, you get their wardrobe outfit if you progress far enough into the main questline.

A World Re-Imagined

The most important thing to note is that the entirety of the world has been re-imagined. It might be the spitting image of Tamriel (as Sotha Sil sees it), but some concessions had to be made due to a drastic contrast in resources between this and mainland Morrowind. Trees, for example, exist in the Clockwork City but you’ll see them as more of a metal construct, which is there for show more than anything else. As a result, many aspects of the city reflect the lack of paper. A metal bookshelf with sliding plates greeted me as I walked through a building, along with other reminders that while this is a fully functional city, it is devoid of many of the luxuries that we’ve seen throughout this game and those that came before it. One example would be the choice of food; residents in the Clockwork City have access to only a nutrient paste which probably doesn’t taste great, though we’re never going to know because games aren’t quite that advanced yet. Still, you can visit one of the dispensers and try it for yourself – if you dare.


Raids, Equipment and More

The Clockwork City has something for everyone from new raids to world bosses, and of course plenty of equipment for you to pick up on your way through. Though we avoided some of the larger bosses on our way through the city, we did stop by the new trial and took down the Imperfect, much to the surprise of my hosts who thought it was impossible with a three-man team. This brings me to another very important point – One Tamriel.

The ‘One Tamriel’ update allows players of any level to join in on the fun, whether they’re going solo or joining up with a group. The level scaling allows everyone to feel useful in a group which means that yes, you guessed it, the Clockwork City is open to everyone. You don’t have to be max level to enjoy it, just jump right in and start grinding, or diving into the lore. Whatever one strikes your fancy.

Beyond the Content

During our walkthrough I was informed that there is much more to the update than just content – they’re also bringing in some vast improvements to the client. These performance improvements were evident throughout the playthrough as we transitioned through several areas and I noticed that the loading speed on the PTS was considerably faster than anything I’d experienced on the live server. Other improvements include:

  • Animation Memory
  • Rendering
  • Scene Graph (list of objects to be rendered)
  • Improved Framerate
  • New Battleground

As the last DLC for 2017, the Clockwork City has brought quite a bit to the table for new and old players alike. All players will be able to get the DLC from the in-game store starting now, and premium players will automatically have access to the entire DLC. It’s a whole new tiny world to explore!

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